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Hi All, I made here a list of some main points to discuss. Feel free to add:

On 18.4.2016 at 5:52 PM, Arcurus said:

For me these things must be fixed:


1. Clearly communicate that only having a demurrage coin is not enough for us.

2. We want to make experiments with alternative issuing like universal income / freipay etc.



1. block time issue

2. regular reliable coin issuing

3. updated wallets and updated websites


Community wise:

1. make regular meetings

2. meet more in person / per chat

3. Use an uniform logo / the Freicoin bird!

5. Update all links to the current forum


That are the main points. Once this is done there are also the following points:

How to go further with the foundation?


1. Introduce Trust Levels for orgs / projects for the coin issuing

2. Make near instant payouts if the org /project donations for this month are below the trust level

3. Make the voting for the trust levels p2p best on chain with allowing small messages

4. Once the voting is proofed and welled tested, make the hole coin issuing / foundation p2p


For discussion:

1. Allow also enterprises to register for coin matching at the foundation.

How could that look like? For each coin an ¨ethical¨ enterprise gets they get 10% matching (limited the same way with trust levels)

Enterprises must then make transparent for what they use the coins and what products they sold / offered.

For example an could give 10% reduction if someone buy organic food with freicoin

Or an exchange could let Freicoin trade with zero or even negative fees if some put in liquidity

2. Introduce stake voting for distributing coins (pro / con)



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Hi all,

here a short summary of the irc meeting:

Maaku, Arcurus, Jtimon, pigeons


1. Meeting Time:

suggestion is to meet at 14 utc or 22 utc. (better timing in East Asia)

Maaku would prefer 14 utc over 22 utc

@Bick would 14 utc be better for you?


2. Management of

maaku:  I would be very happy if someone from the alliance took over management of / and associated PR duties
maaku:  and not because of offloading work, but rather this is I think an important part of decentralization
maaku:  although very few people understand this distinction, it is important for both personal security and the future of the project

so volunteers welcome

3. Donation Matching:

maaku has to first redo the donation matching script


4. Slow Block time issue / Merge mining / new chain

maaku: 2-3 months is the development time for a reasonably good merged mining code

maaku: alternative would be to carbon copy what namecoin does

maaku: i'm only really comfortable doing that if we're expecting to drop the chain in the near future

jtimon: an alternative pow (I guess sha3 or MM scrypt) would be worse for our lack of miners problem I think pigeons: its hard to get miners when there is no pool or p2pool also

jtimon: pos or ripple-like consensus aren't p2p secure options IMO

maaku: I guess one thing I want clarity on is what the long-term plan is for the freicoin chain

maaku: There's some really ugly warts that we want to remove, like refheights in the transaction format, adding native assets, etc.


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Sorry I missed I had a Physical Education program that morning so I couldn't stay up late.


1. 14 UTC is much better. I have made the change.
2. I would like to help with the sites as far as being their to promote and dispense information (PR/Marketing) /
3. Any time frame for new donation matching script?
4. I do not see a 'best' option or what is being suggested as a 'best' option for changing FRC to solve the slow blocks.

Can the devs come to a consensus and propose 2 competing ideas of equal merit before the next meeting?
Also sorry if I am naive on this but can the algorithm that adjusts difficulty be beefed up or account for huge 100x or 1000x bumps in mining?
Or is it better simply to get off SHA256 and away from anything that can massively impact difficulty in this way?

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what would be great to know if we want to go more into direction of merge mining / or better difficulty alogorithm. or in direction of other pow / something else.

Because then we know if the alliance could invest into miners to help to secure the coin.

Bicks idea with outlining two different strategies is great!

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Small update:

maaku:  If I could have the peer.DAT files from people with long running peers that'd be really good

maaku: also if anyone wants to setup a DNS seed, that'd also be nice

it could be as simple as putting an A record on a domain you own, although there are better programs that actively scan the network for reliable peers and pretend to resolve the domain to a randomly selected set of peers
we have an AWS instance that is running some basic infrastructure stuff for freicoin foundaiton. i'll see about putting a dns seed on it

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Also we talked little bit about lowering the block time.

The current problem is if we lower the block time, miners who are more centralized would have more profit.

For example with 600 Seconds block time and 6 seconds block propagation, centralized miners would get 1% more.

In Freicoin we could address these issue through the Freimining project. In short we could give some extra coins from the coin issuing to mine in p2p pools.

There are also more technical solutions out there that are currently developed in the Bitcoin world, but they are not yet ready.


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