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    There’s been a new release posted to the official freicoin website: v0.8.6.1-4. This release introduces the new integer-math-only demurrage calculation code as a soft-fork change to the consensus rules — the approximations in the integer math can make the result differ from the previous multi-precision floating point implementation by as much as 1 kria per input, although this error is biased in the direction that makes it soft-fork compatible with the old code. It does mean however that after activation any non-upgraded wallet code creating zero-fee transactions under the old rules is likely to create an invalid transaction. So upgrading (or paying fee) is mandatory! This new release includes activation logic to switch over to this new integer math code path in the consensus rules once there is supermajority support by the miners, OR at block height 229376, which is about 6 weeks away. Please be sure to upgrade by then! You can download official freicoin binaries and source code here: http://freico.in/download/
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    [FreiExchange] - News and Updates

    I spoke with the Manna coin guys a while ago, will check back on the contact to see if we can get it listed.
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    I've noticed from my logs that people have upgraded. I don't see any blocks being mined with the soft-fork version bit being set. If anyone is running their own mining that doesn't pass through the block template's version number (many don't), be sure to set the nVersion to 0x30000000 / 805306368. Or if it is version bits aware, that is the same as signaling bit #28.
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    Coin supply

    Its been a while since my last post. There are now 225 registered users..
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    [FreiExchange] - News and Updates

    MANNA added https://freiexchange.com/market/MANNA/BTC
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    Well both are necessary--it's important to indicate whether it is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. released based off the specified bitcoin release. It is also important to indicate the sequential ordering of freicoin releases, which the old numbering scheme lacked. You can look to the last number, which will always be increasing, as the freicoin build number. Yes, these recent releases are very much a part of the effort to switch to newer bitcoin versions. The reason for these truncation soft-forks are to minimize the size of the freicoin patch against bitcoin and the required dependencies, in order to make it easier to rebase the code against more recent bitcoin versions. Since 0.8 the bitcoin source code has changed considerably between major releases making the rebasing otherwise a quite time consuming effort.
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    Freicoin Mining Calculator

    nice. Maybe it would be good to list by default only outgoing foundation transactions.
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    [FreiExchange] - News and Updates

    I can put a small text as standard to push add to add currency pairs..;-)
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    New release: v0.8.6.1-4 (soft-fork!)

    Installed it! And we no longer have the .exe 64 bit not working problems!
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    [FreiExchange] - News and Updates

    New Version (MANNA, SKR, XCN, HUM included now). Somehow i can't add files anymore, Fedde do you know why? File can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JyPE5b2KnrZ7qHZainBkYV7LkFYUug5w
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    Manna is added
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    The sybil attacks!

    Great news! I am active in the Humaniq telegram group and they are working on the authentication of people via an android/ios app. They will use the front camera to track emotions that you have to perform when asked. With this system it is possible to identify persons without having any additional information. To prevent that somebody use two accounts to receive two basic income. The identification data could be saved and compared when a new account is verified. Although the Humaniq app doesn't support a functionality like that, the technology is not far from roll out. Plus they will have an api for other platforms/merchants to interact. This could be a great leap forward i think.. I will stay on it and report. Rik