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    The current block height is 160755. By my calculation that's 3,085 blocks (about 3 weeks) until the initial issuance of 100M freicoins is fully played out. That is also when the coinbase blocks stop including foundation outputs. Time to organize a celebration?
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    Hey guys, I updated the seed nodes and added Vircurex exchange rate like fedde asked me to. Download is here: https://github.com/FreicoinAlliance/freicoin-wallet/releases/tag/v0.2.1
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    By this point I assume that everyone here has heard about the new venture capital funded startup that is making waves in the Bitcoin space with its public unveiling and the release of the sidechains whitepaper. You may have also noticed that beyond being co-authors of the paper, Jorge and myself are co-founders of this new company. I’ll avoid mentioning it by name because I want to speak to the Freicoin community here, not people finding this thread through Google. Why are Jorge and myself proponents of sidechains? Why have we joined up with an ostensibly bitcoin-focused company? What does this mean for Freicoin? I hope to answer these questions. The promise of sidechains is simple: by pegging asset value across chains, users are given the freedom to apply functionality of one chain (e.g. privacy offered by monero, or p2p markets provided by freimarkets) to assets originating on another (e.g. bitcoin or freicoin). Want to send your coins anonymously? Send them to a chain that supports ring signatures or zerocash protocol. Want to participate on a peer-to-peer marketplace? Send your coins to a chain that supports native asset extensions, such as freicoin with the freimarkets extensions. Sidechain is a new word for a rather old concept -- we had an early semi-trusted version of it in our first freimarkets proposal. Certainly the concept pre-dates bitcoin itself, as payment network gateways fulfill a similar role in the legacy financial system. However the trustless setup invented in whole by Greg Maxwell and independently in pieces by numerous others allows the gateway role to be fulfilled without trusting anything other than correct operation of a mechanical system. No longer is there a service in the middle able to steal funds or operate on fractional reserve, or the systemic risk which arises from such behavior being commonplace. So, sidechains are exciting because they allow permissionless innovation. The two-way peg allows innovation in the space of block chain applications without fragmenting the marketplace with a new free-floating p2p currency for each project. The return peg is, in a way, the last major change that need ever happen to bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, the one change to rule them all. Some people have over-hyped sidechains as “the death of altcoins.” I don’t like this language, but if sidechains harold the death of any coins, it is clone coins which have no differentiating characteristics from bitcoin. There is no longer any reason for native currencies to exist on namecoin, monero, zerocash, or other such “feature chains.” But worry not: freicoin is different species of currency which behaves different from bitcoin: the fixed inflationary or demurrage currency. Because such a currency is fundamentally compatible with bitcoin and able to exist side-by-side, freicoin holders need not fear that their niche will someday be displaced by bitcoin. Rather than be threatened by sidechain technology, freicoin stands to benefit greatly. Freicoin need no longer be isolated in its own ecosystem, or limited by its poor adoption. By introducing desired features, in particular issued assets, privacy enhancing technology, and larger dynamic block sizes, the freicoin block chain could very likely see an influx of users bringing their bitcoins to our chain to do business. Open for business is the motto of the new freicoin block chain containing two-way pegged assets such as bitcoin. Jorge and myself are particularly motivated to work on sidechain technology because it makes deployment of block chain technology innovation easier. Freicoin, freimarkets, and republicoin: these are all innovative applications of cryptocurrency technology which could not or would not ever be deployed to the main bitcoin block chain. But they can become accessible to the bitcoin ecosystem by means of the freicoin block chain, if and when freicoin is given sidechain features. Not only does this bring new users, but freicoin users also stand to benefit from greater integration. By having more services track and support the freicoin block chain, it becomes easier for these services to support freicoin as a transactional currency. Instead of bringing freicoin to the market, we bring the markets home to freicoin. In summary, by fixing longstanding issues in the bitcoin ecosystem, freicoin stands to gain new users and strengthen its position. And unlike other potential sidechains, freicoin has a perpetual mining subsidy through its native demurrage currency that gives our block chain mining incentives that are known to work, providing security buffer other sidechains would be lacking. Even if these new users primarily transact in bitcoin, this remains a tremendously good thing for holders of freicoin currency. That’s the vision. But to get from here to there requires quite a bit of work, much more than is possible to be done by a few volunteers. By founding a company around sidechains and getting funded, we have been able to secure the resources necessary to make sure that not only sidechain technology gets implemented and deployed, but also all the cool extensions to bitcoin (e.g. freimarkets) that inspired us to propose sidechains in the first place. Our employment contracts were specifically constructed such that the company has no claim to the intellectual property underlying freicoin, the freicoin code base, the freicoin branding, or anything else about the freicoin project, now or going into the future. Furthermore we have a specific moonlighting exception that allows us to continue contributing to freicoin moving forwards, including merging into freicoin of open-sourced code written for the company’s own products. And while I cannot be specific about what the company is working on right now, needless to say Jorge and I were brought in because of our work on freimarkets and other extensions of the bitcoin protocol we originally proposed to be implemented on the freicoin block chain. As such open source technology matures within the company, we will be regularly merging such features that are desired by the freicoin community into the freicoin reference client. I'm drafting another post detailing what I foresee as a potential freicoin development roadmap, including both ideas for rebranding and hard fork features that might make it in 2015. In the mean time, I'd be happy to entertain any questions about sidechains and their impact to freicoin. Additionally, barring any technical glitches I'll be participating in the Freicoin Alliance meeting as well.
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    Hi Freicoiners, here is an crosspost from the Freicoin Forum: http://freicoin.freeforums.org/freicoin-alliance-t804-20.html#p8294 I think that this review is a great opportunity to learn how we are perceived from the outside and what we can do better, especially now when we are starting the Freicoin Alliance. This review is now a little bit old, but I think the most points are still the same. And yea, some parts are really funny, just to mention the Freicoin "mystical" marketing expert, so take it with fun and enjoy! We should really read this and learn out of this how we are perceived! In the following I commented it a little bit self ironically (some parts was too funny to resit :roll: ), I think to lough about the own errors is the best way to learn! Don't forget we are all human! And humans make errors all the time! That's the reaon to be humans, otherwise the evolution would be boring! Here are some real targets to work on... how about we focus on these areas? This is a review from 2013 and nothing much has changed. ------ Review "Freicoin is a crypto-currency descendant from Bitcoin which has integrated a unique system to discourage saving or hording coins called demurrage. Demurrage is basically the cost associated with holding currency. With a commodity such as gold the demurrage would be the cost of storing and securing the gold. In Freicoin’s case, the developers have deliberately instituted a demurrage fee into the protocol which automatically deducts and destroys coins held in your wallet over time. Sometimes referred to as ‘rotting coins’, it was included in the protocol to encourage spending and to discourage hording or saving. 5% of the total FRC supply is destroyed each year while miners continually refresh the supply with new coins through the mining process." Ok, on that we should work. Bringing at least 50% of the demurrage to common good projects would sound much more nice, then people perhaps understand that Freicoin "could" be more then only demurrage... "The Freicoin developers have some very specific economic and political leanings and appear to be reaching out to specific social interest groups. They appear to have some type of loose association with the Occupy Wall Street movement and actually mention this group several times on their web page. The Freicoin web page goes into great detail arguing that interest has been the cause of inequality, poverty and the regular boom and bust cycles throughout history. The Freicoin community is mostly concentrated at their own forum (link) but also has a number of posts on Bitcointalk.org. Most of the discussion appears to be oriented to practical aspects of the use and development of the alt-coin and seems to have minimal political and socioeconomic diatribes." Lol, "Most of the discussion appears to be oriented to practical aspects of the use and development of the alt-coin", I think they are mainly talking about my posts here If they understood what this "development", for example of supporting non profits, or an decentralized coin rebublic would mean, then they would see, that this could have a big political and socioeconomic impact. Imagine only 5% of all the money supply yearly goes to non profits, in what a word we would live in, not to talk about the an possible impact of an World Citicens Divident or Economy where ethical businesses are supported... uiuiuiuiui "Community Support – The community support of Freicoin can be considered part of a real-life movement. The main priority for this coin’s developers and community is to convey their opinions about the current monetary system, they could almost be considered as an organization. The drawback of this isolation is the lack of appeal to gain further value. The developers remain very active, but again have a very small core audience. In this case, some of their rhetoric may not appear friendly to some. None the less, Freicoin has support from merchants and services; But, future acceptance may not be so kind to this coin." Lol, thats to much "convey their opinions about the current monetary system" who of you was that? Yea But Gesell said "some of their rhetoric may not appear friendly to some" Hey come on who was that? Was that I? Please remind me if I am too "not friendly" or so :twisted: "Exchange Presence - Freicoin is currently listed on 3 exchanges: Cryptsy, Bter and Vircurex. Cryptsy retails the largest volume for Frei, but still pales in comparison to most alternative coins. Due to the lack of volume, future exchange support remains unlikely." Thats true, if we dont build up a community, an don't proof that Freicoin is just a money with demurrage, than no Exchange will help us, because nobody wants to exchange something. As always said, for we the most interesting part in Freicoin is what we could all do good with the demurrage. If we do good with it, and are a little bit more welcoming, then perhaps also more people will use Freicoin. Technical Advancements - Demurrage remains the most appealing and the only technical feature for Freicoin. Due to this anti-interest, Freicoin has implemented a system where wealth becomes more equal (in a sense) through the destruction and replenishing of coins. An interesting concept, very few alternative coins seek to replicate this idea. Doogy Doge has it, ok its more inflation then demurrage, but the result seems to be the same... Ok Jorge I give up I said nearly not exactly the same For the protocol: In a way demurrage is a little bit more fair collected then to simply inflate (as long as it is not given out in an fair way, for example as Citizens Dividend or something like that), and has also another psychological impact. I just remember that guy that post in Joes lost coin Topic, that someone is all the time stealing his coins... :roll: Coins Source’s Outlook - Ultimately, this coin remains somewhat shrouded in a mystery. After roughly two years of being on the markets, it has seen success. The major curiousity is the developer, or the lead marketing expert behind the coin, who seems more interested in intellectual talk instead of supporting the coin. Efforts to make this coin are virtually non-existent, and the lack of marketing efforts reflect on Freicoin’s current decline. Thats the best, I cannot hold anymore. I allways wondered who is this mystical "marketing expert" behind Freicoin. Is it Jorge or me :roll: Or is it Joe? No no way or? <-- UPDATE Yea it must be JOE!!! Jo the mystical market expert, now I know! I got you JOE! Community Support: 2 Stars (2 / 5) Hey come one, we have not been that unfriendly, i would give a 4, ok if we count that our Forum is very very hidden on Freicoin.org, I would give a 1, so perhaps 2 is ok... Exchange Presence: 1 Stars (1 / 5) Hmm 3 good exchanges, I would give at least a 2 Technical Advancements: 1 Stars (1 / 3) @Maaku come show them some geek stuff and bring out Republicoin (Republicoin in short: decentralized voting system to distribute the demurrage in an fair p2p way) Coins Source’s Score: 2 Stars (2 / 5) Whats that? Frei’s Score | 1.7 /5 Not that bad, ok that was one year ago,perhaps we get now 1.2??? Hey we could do a lot better then that or? At least 1.20000042 we should manage or? Come on get out on the street, join the Freicoin Alliance and hey stop discussing economy* and start coding! All the good, Arcurus * Discussing economy you can do on places which are devoted to that, like for example the main economy lecture hall called "easy credit lecture hall" in the University Nürnberg,near my home city near the big easy Credit food ball stadium former called Franken Stadium and no, that's no joke! I wish it would be!
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    Viking Shop!

    For all you savages and earthly ladies out there, I offer you these traditional Viking goods from Land of Giants, the country of thousand lakes; Finland * * * * * * * * * New / 2018 [item] Chillie sauce Fatalii Jigsaw x Carolina Reaper [Description] If ye dont know these strains and expect a nice little kick for ya' cookinn's, dont order these [Comments] Wanna punish ya'sself? Or maybe torture your friend? This schitt be good for that. Either eat this schitt or apply to ya'h ballz. [special Notes] Don't order this unless ye know what ye be doing... Or, if you wish, I can dilute the sauce for ya if ye wish.. request herbs / ingredients to do it with and I'll see what I can do! (currently available local "organic" herbs: dandelion flower, dandelion root, basil, lemon balm, hemp (finola)... ugh... just check herbs grown in Finland and ask me if I have it ;)) * * * * * * * * * Old: [item] Vihta / Vasta [Description] Hand made Birch vihta. Consists of branches from Betula pendula and Betula pubescens species. Made during this past summer, under the instruction of an oldschool viking spirited geezer The leaves are firmly attached to branches, so should be good for couple of sauna sessions for one brute Collected from forests of Etelä-Savo, where nearest "big" city is 35 km away. [Comments] What is a vihta you ask? Well, as already tipped in the description, its something used in sauna Vihta is a collection of dozens of birch branches, with leaves still attached, tied together.. kinda like a collection of flowers This stick bouquet though, is used during sauna sessions to whack yourself all over the body, while shouting PERKELE!!! ... The yelling part is optional though, but proper vikings put their soul into it, hehehe If you dont know what sauna is... you're missing out on some good enjoyment! Educate yourself on wikipedia: Finnish Sauna Using a vihta in sauna can boost your blood circulation and clean your skin. Birch leaves also have beneficial properties and are used in traditional healing and aroma therapy. [special Notes] A little bit of a sales pitch here, but the viking spirited geezer who showed and instructed me how to make these vihtas properly, suffered some health issues and is currently in hospital care. I will dedicate the funds from the sale of these vihtas towards his care If you havent had a sauna session with a vihta, I would really appreciate if you'd try once with one of these ^^ [Quantity available] *ugh*... ? [Min. order] 1 vihta [Price] Half a bottle of spirits, maybe? * * * * * * * * *
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    UPDATE: Project is finished optional targets still available. here you can find the new Freiexplorer with demurrage display: much [email protected] http://freicoin.info/chain/Freicoin Bounty not paid out yet. thx @Bicknellski @Fabrizio @fedde for pledging the coins. Hi all, for creating an open source Blockexplorer we set up a Cooperative Bounty (Budget) of 24 Freihours (120.000 Freicoins). If you want to work on this, please post here or message me or fedde for more details. Features of the Blockexplorer - Should display Freicoins Blockchain like for example https://coinplorer.com/FRC - Should display demurrage correcly - open source Optional: - good to have: real time blockexplorer like: blockexplorer.com - display of donations done to registred Freicoinprojects: from http://foundation.freicoin.org/#/donations - good would be a fork of an existing github project, so that changes are transparent and updates are easy to make and both projects can benefit Bet regards, Arcurus Arcurus: 10 Freihours (50.000 Freicoins) given to Alliance Darin M. Bicknell: - 2 Freihours (10,000 FRC) given to Alliance Fede: 10 Freihours (50.000 FRC) given to Alliance Fab: 2 Freihours (10.000 FRC) pledged 120.000 FRC bounty paid to 1EHMesZiLPqZvU2mVZGeYBaQvSPRUKA8yW Transaction ID: fb8a98fc3db932f518034f305fb86043cbc62252af57a3d8755f678aa0815f62
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    Electrum back online

    Hi guys I just put the electrum server back online again. So the https://github.com/FreicoinAlliance/electrum-frc/releases should work again. Cheers!
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    Hallo Freicoiners, thx to @fedde we have now a new running Freicoin exchange! Have fun! https://freiexchange.com/ This topic is devoted to Freicoin Alliance related news and announcements! Please respect that! All other stuff will be deleted!
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    I'll update the code on fa github with the current code. If all agree her to pay out the bounty I'll get a hold of molly. Also I will get the wallet over to you arc. First we need to approve to pay the bounty ???? Type agree here ????????
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    Electrum back online

    Indeed! It is possible to install the client on all PCs as far as I know. And I will try to do an android version too.
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    What? No response? Where's my lovin? Show me the love.
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    can we jump to 14 directly without 0.9? 51 Min.vor 19 MinutenGesendet since 0.9 and 0.10 mostly just need testing,why not? but yeah, teh next rebase we plan to do to 0.13 or 0.14 directly
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    Escrow service

    Just popping in before xmas with a ideea. Played abit with creating a multiplatform for both work as a frcjam / escrow service as it's not that hard to work out a working scheme to actually make it work. But if i am going to do this, i will build a complete platform for Project funding, escrow and possible a very simple trade engine. FreiExchange (frcjam,escrow and trading) FRCJAM: Create zero intrest loans. Possible with funding with frc, wlc, btc and cash? If btc/wlc/cash it would be automatic converted to FRC in platform to make some coins circluate. Payout in frc/btc? Escrow: As topic says, simple escrow service for user to user trades. Trading: Simple orderbook with buy/sells where users can buy and sell freicoins. Also market for jam cash/btc/wlc -> FRC conversion to fund the projects. Attaching a simple possible look on the jam section. I have a lot of code laying around to construct into one platform. Just air it as an ideea.
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    There's a new release of the Freicoin client for Linux and Windows, version 0.8.6-2, hosted on the official website: http://freico.in/download/ Note that there was a problem in trying to update the Ubuntu PPA, which I am working to resolve. The recommended solution is to use the gitian-built, statically linked binaries on the website. The new release contains TWO soft-forks. One is a security update to the consensus rules documented in BIP 66 (strict DER signatures). The other is freicoin-specific: truncation of input amounts. This greatly simplifies the code diff between Bitcoin and Freicoin, making the client easier to maintain and hopefully allow us to bring back regular supported releases in a cadence matching Bitcoin Core: Freicoin releases shortly after Bitcoin's. The next release of Freicoin will be based on Bitcoin 0.13.x, and is currently being worked on. Because of the changes in the accounting rules, a 0.13 release will be conditional on successful activation of the input truncation soft-fork. So miners & mining pools, please upgrade!
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    This is the best open cart plugin out there, thanks for this!
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    Sicanet - It just works!

    Greetings all! Long avaited update of services i can provide to the community in general. Beside hosting most of the freicoin services at this point i'll be happy to provide my services for all. If you are in any need for : Web Hosting Email Services Domain Registration and Administraton Complete solutions for forum (free or paid versions like this one here at FreicoinAlliance) Web design / Site layout Wordpress Shell hosting Dedicated servers Crypto payment solutions Larger development Other services, please contact for quote. Coin daemons / Mining pools I'll be happy to discuss your needs to provide you with the services you need. Everything is hosted in private owned datacenter. So throw me a PM here or mail me at [email protected] and describe what you want. Payments can be done in any coin supported by Cointopay. Cheers! Fedde
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    [Fed&FAB] Official Thread

    + Prices in dashboard are based on Vircurex. + Enabled web irc chat (you find it under help in the menus )
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    [Freicoin Alliance] Statistics

    I have put up some general statistics of the website for those who are interested in that. http://freicoinalliance.com/awstats/awstats.pl
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    Information and Donations welcome :)

    Hi All! After a long summer i am back to work with the Freicoin again. It's been hectic but at least now i have some spare time to do some work again. It's limited but the free moments i have will be to improve things around here. Currently mining pool has been set up again inhouse to make sure there is no interuptions. Badly the backup did not want to play nicely with the latest MPOS software so i had to reset to a clean pool. If you want to do mining again you have to register again. We only have 5 confirms on each block and gives a 5 FRC bonus on each found block. http://freicoinpool.com This server has also been upgraded to newer hardware as we had some replacements on the house. Things are refurbished and put online with freicoin related services. Electrum server has been restored also. You can access this on electrum.freicoinalliance.com You can get the latest Electrum wallet for Freicoin at https://github.com/FreicoinAlliance/electrum-frc/releases I will continue to fix small things as they come up and keep these services running. Of course nothing is free I would be happy for any donation made to keep my spirits up for running I'll do it anyway as i support freicoin fully with what i can offer and what services i can deploy to help the coin. Bitcoin donation address :1HpqQsT1f4A1Ggz8kszuoB2zXMJ9myaMZU Freicoin donation address: 12jpoDhcRe2iSwbN6A75aUqiA5LgKybsKR So lets' make the 2016 a freicoin year! Peace out Sincerly Fedde
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    Here is our next project plan at CMS for Indonesia that we have started working on. Mission: Provide a prototype for a portable solar array for rural or remote areas in Indonesia that have underserviced / overly expensive electrical infrastructure. 1. Develop a prototype of the a portable solar array. 2. Share the design and build process with local NGO's in Indonesia. 3. Gather donations to help prototyping and support a train the trainers program to have local trainers spread the design and build throughout Indonesia. Creative Commons Design: SOLN1 v3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-Y5TvWpWoQ#t=109 SOLN1 v3 Our first solar 50W panel. We bought it used for 250,000 Rp. This will be the base of the portable solar power generator.
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    freico.in Down

    Not sure if this is relevant? If you are looking to use a seperate domain I have www.freicoinnews.com. I would be happy to donate the domain FOC to anyone who wants to use it to setup a new site or downloading wallets or anything else needed for Freicoin. My only stipulation is that the domain must be used for the good of Freicoin
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    Good news, the alpha version is finished. Try it out! It hasn't been well tested yet, so you might encounter some bugs, or issues.. To install the wallet on your android device download the .apk file from the link bellow and run it http://bit.ly/134jytd
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    Would it be an idea to have a thread or subforum called Website Suggestions or similar? I just had a hard time figuring out a proper thread to suggest making the main navigation into a 'sticky menu' that remains on top of the page as you scroll down. I don't remember if this is an option in IPBoard, but WP has it as an option I think, at least the theme I used. Is there some system of widgets or similar?
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    Cool beans! I'll release a working version very soon