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    Working DNS Seeder

    @ fedde thank you for your hard work with freicoin over the years.
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    The end of the foundation

    Well, that's as official as things get here. We got a majority of 'Yays' agreeing that Option 4 represents the communities choice for ending the foundation. So its done, decided. LET'S DO THIS!
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    Hi again, since my commet is off topic for the other threads it fits most in here. Thanks to @fedde 's exchange, the fresh ideas from @Skaro , @Adilado and @jtimon i am now again looking at freicoin with confidence. I am really exited to see the "freiexchange 2.0" in action and think that we will find a way to adopt Freicoin to the new situation to make up a worldwide freiconomy without debt and dangerous bubbles, because that was what we are here for since 2013. I am now fully in FRC again and given up the positions in all other coins feeling good with it. I hope our ( @Bicknellski , @Arcurus ) call for do or die was the wake up call we needed. Thanks Rik. BTW i am fully standing behind a HF if we need it to bring new needed features to Freicoin.
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    Hey guys, I updated the seed nodes and added Vircurex exchange rate like fedde asked me to. Download is here: https://github.com/FreicoinAlliance/freicoin-wallet/releases/tag/v0.2.1
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    Though there are no dates to fix the progress i like to announce what is planned/going on and a short explanation also to #Solidar: TOPIC: Port Solidar to Version 14, this will be a hard one, because Merge mining and demurrage has to be ported. TOPIC: I like to make deposits possible and i am thinking about an easy to use/ effective (automated with no further interaction) way to prevent multiple accounts. TOPIC: With the porting to V14 there is an easy way to compile windows clients on ubuntu what makes it a whole lot easier for me to compile new wallets for every version. TOPIC: Marketing, make a short describing video. TOPIC: Get the dnsseeder running again. TOPIC: Get an own Forum for Solidar. TOPIC: Program SolidarPay plugin to accept split payments with the merchant bot. DONE: There is no explorer atm and the most convenient way seems to me to use an electrum server to query addresses, because most alternatives don't work for Solidar. DONE: I like to advance the facebook messenger on-line wallet to increase merchant compatibility. DONE: @fedde is working hard to implement it into freiexchange.com, thanks a lot for that. Other exchanges are not planned atm as it is very costly to get Solidar on, there is no demurrage implemented and exchanges like to cut support when something is not as expected (mostly profits). Here a short description what the concept is about: When you just wait with your account (just check balance monthly to get an income) at some point you get as income what the demurrage cost you, so there is a stable redistribution system in place. So, at a certain point there is nothing to win by hoarding. As the higher balanced addresses are stronger degraded than the smaller even the basic income can not save those, so that sooner or later all look the same (excluded the mining addresses). But as capitalism (the concentration of wealth) is an ongoing mechanism there will always be richer peoples that loose money to demurrage, so the monthly income is thought for those that can not save any money. They have to spend it and they profit the most because they get an unconditional income. Demurrage money is meant to be spend for quality food, clothing, technology and social improvements (e.g. donations to open source developments/free music). Those who tend to hoard will not profit but most important dont take away opportunities from other people! Of course the association have to use some funds to finance development marketing and organizations if there are not enough donations, but we try to keep the profile as low as possible and every coin spend will be transparent, so everybody can participate in keeping the costs low. Most likely fedde will include Solidar first but i keep it updated.. Rik
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    [Draft] Universal dividend project

    Hi all I have reviewed abit on the forum software this morning. If people check their profile, and then click edit, you can now add a FRC address to your profile. If we want to do a forum giveaway i code something that can process that in the background. It can be looked at like a faucet. This can be a ok way to attract more forum users. I think i can extend it also with tipping some frc on new posts, replies etc etc based on the reputation buttons and new post settings, but i can not promise anything.
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    Escrow service

    Just popping in before xmas with a ideea. Played abit with creating a multiplatform for both work as a frcjam / escrow service as it's not that hard to work out a working scheme to actually make it work. But if i am going to do this, i will build a complete platform for Project funding, escrow and possible a very simple trade engine. FreiExchange (frcjam,escrow and trading) FRCJAM: Create zero intrest loans. Possible with funding with frc, wlc, btc and cash? If btc/wlc/cash it would be automatic converted to FRC in platform to make some coins circluate. Payout in frc/btc? Escrow: As topic says, simple escrow service for user to user trades. Trading: Simple orderbook with buy/sells where users can buy and sell freicoins. Also market for jam cash/btc/wlc -> FRC conversion to fund the projects. Attaching a simple possible look on the jam section. I have a lot of code laying around to construct into one platform. Just air it as an ideea.
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    There's a new release of the Freicoin client for Linux and Windows, version 0.8.6-2, hosted on the official website: http://freico.in/download/ Note that there was a problem in trying to update the Ubuntu PPA, which I am working to resolve. The recommended solution is to use the gitian-built, statically linked binaries on the website. The new release contains TWO soft-forks. One is a security update to the consensus rules documented in BIP 66 (strict DER signatures). The other is freicoin-specific: truncation of input amounts. This greatly simplifies the code diff between Bitcoin and Freicoin, making the client easier to maintain and hopefully allow us to bring back regular supported releases in a cadence matching Bitcoin Core: Freicoin releases shortly after Bitcoin's. The next release of Freicoin will be based on Bitcoin 0.13.x, and is currently being worked on. Because of the changes in the accounting rules, a 0.13 release will be conditional on successful activation of the input truncation soft-fork. So miners & mining pools, please upgrade!
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    Information and Donations welcome :)

    Hi All! After a long summer i am back to work with the Freicoin again. It's been hectic but at least now i have some spare time to do some work again. It's limited but the free moments i have will be to improve things around here. Currently mining pool has been set up again inhouse to make sure there is no interuptions. Badly the backup did not want to play nicely with the latest MPOS software so i had to reset to a clean pool. If you want to do mining again you have to register again. We only have 5 confirms on each block and gives a 5 FRC bonus on each found block. http://freicoinpool.com This server has also been upgraded to newer hardware as we had some replacements on the house. Things are refurbished and put online with freicoin related services. Electrum server has been restored also. You can access this on electrum.freicoinalliance.com You can get the latest Electrum wallet for Freicoin at https://github.com/FreicoinAlliance/electrum-frc/releases I will continue to fix small things as they come up and keep these services running. Of course nothing is free I would be happy for any donation made to keep my spirits up for running I'll do it anyway as i support freicoin fully with what i can offer and what services i can deploy to help the coin. Bitcoin donation address :1HpqQsT1f4A1Ggz8kszuoB2zXMJ9myaMZU Freicoin donation address: 12jpoDhcRe2iSwbN6A75aUqiA5LgKybsKR So lets' make the 2016 a freicoin year! Peace out Sincerly Fedde
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    I am going to be asking our students to develop dutch bucket hydroponic systems that can help feed small families. This is something that can be subsidized as we are going to give labor freely as well as demonstrating to poor families how to maintain dutch bucket systems. This might be worthy of donations. I will have to brief my students and do a pilot project in school first then expand out to the community,
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    Good news, the alpha version is finished. Try it out! It hasn't been well tested yet, so you might encounter some bugs, or issues.. To install the wallet on your android device download the .apk file from the link bellow and run it http://bit.ly/134jytd
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    Alliance Donors - Last UPDATE 2016/04/29 The Alliance donation address can be found here: http://freicoin.info/address/1Gdemcgkm8LtbJ4wdR2NTWHFWrsY6WNrsB Donations before December 2015: With 5000 Freicoins = 1 Freihour Alias / Id*** / Donated Freicoins FRC / Used Freicoins**** / Freihours* from Freicoin Donations / Freihours from time and other donations** / Freicoins Received Fedde: 135.000 FRC 70.000 FRC 27 Freihours* 32 Freihours** 50.000 FRC Mollycat: 20.000 FRC 0 4 Freihours* - Arcurus: ID:42 785.000 FRC 70.000 FRC 156 Freihours* 8 Freihours** Bick: 20.000 FRC 20.000 FRC 12 Freihours* 8 Freihours** Mark Friedenbach: 20.000 FRC 20.000 FRC 12 Freihours* 8 Freihours** Fabrizio: 20.000 FRC 35.000 FRC 12 Freihours* 8 Freihours** Rik: 10.000 FRC 0 2 Freihours* - Yet Unknown 16.000 FRC 0 3 Freihours* - In total until 2015-12 1026.000 Freicoins Donations December 2015-: Arcurus: ID:42 50.000 FRC 50.000 FRC 3.5 Freihours* Arcurus: ID:42 100.000 FRC 0 FRC 40 Freihours* $0.004 Bick: 10.000 FRC 10.000 FRC 5 Freihours* $0.005 Bick: 50.000 FRC 0 FRC 20 Freihours* $0.004 Fedde: 50.000 FRC 50.000 FRC 25 Freihours* $0.005 In total 1.236.000 Freicoins Hello Freicoiners, above is a short overview of the Alliance donors. Thanks a lot to all donors, no matter if they donated their precious time, some coins, or gave just an encouraging feedback. Often just a like can do a lot! On the end its the small thinks that count. There are a lot further names to name who did a lot for Freicoins, just to mention some: First of all I want to thank Mark Friedenbach and Jitmon for initiating Freicoin and devoting a lot time to do the programming. Joe and Bicknellski, for doing a lot for the Freicoin community. Mollycat and Fedde for initiating the Alliance. And Skirmant for developing a Freicoin Mobile wallet. If I have forgotten something please post here or send me an PM, nobody is perfect! All the good, Arcurus * The Freihour is intended to be used if we need some more stable unit of account. Currently (2015/12/25) an Freihour equal round about 10000 Freicoins. An Freihour reflects an average working hour and is currently defined as purchasing power of round about 10 Dollar on 2014/12/06. As time comes inflation will be calculated in it, therefore the related Dollar / Freicoin value may increase in case of inflation or decrease in case of deflation. In this case the Freihour Value of the donation is counted, when the donation is listed here. A discussion and more updated information about the Freihour can be found here: http://freicoinalliance.com/topic/119-alliance-freihour-for-unit-of-account-discussion/ **If someone has donated some time or other thinks to Freicoin he could also list that in Freihours. Just post in this topic what you have done and how many hours you spent round about, as always the more transparent the better! *** the donation id can be used to make your donations visible. To do so just choose one not yet used donation id with at least two digits, post it here, and then add the donation it after each of your new donations to the Alliance **** Used Freicoins means, that these donated Freicoins are already used for projects. The differences between donated coins and used coins is what the donor can still decide to give to alliance supported***** projects ***** An pragmatic suggestion, how to define an alliance supported project, you can find here
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    Coin supply

    For more transparency here a short overview what the supply of Solidar was and what it is now: Initial distribution phase (Blocks 1- 25k): 20 000 000 Solidar mined. 19 800 000 association coins for UBI/Basicincome and 200 000 Coins for miners. Mining rewards reward till Block 86000 1% = ~0.73 coins / Block. Mining reward now: 0.1% = ~0.073 SLR. That means during the next ~10 years coins available through mining will decrease from 200 000 to 20 000 coins. Coins that were distributed by basic income were only a few hundred by now, so negligible. All bounties were payed from my personal wallet. Main supply is coming from mining atm but of course i hope this will change, so we increased the monthly payout to 10 SLR/capita. But atm there are only a handful recipients. Many greetings Rik
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    Changing the proof of work algorithm

    Sounds good to me. It similar I have seen on some coins that use Sha and scrypt to solve blocks. Will have pool ready for second also.
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    New website for Solidar

    some feedback to the new website: I would focus on the first page on the registration to the universal dividend. Just look at google, keep it simple and focus on the most important. What we want is sign ups! I would also add a counter on the signed up people, thats what we want to increase I would also describe the basic data, like coins in circulation, coins given out in UD last month, UD per month.
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    Development update

    Hi @Mark Friedenbach, thank you a lot for the update! Is there any git-repository you use to keep track of the changes? I really like to contribute to the development, although my time is also limited and its possibly way above my skills ;-) @fedde does it make sense to implement the importprivkey method into the bot? In that way you can use your own keys without installing a wallet..
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    Provide ICO to New alt coins

    Perhaps we at Freicoin should turn the trend of alt coins asking for ICO and be the first to provide it to new alt coins who are committed to common good and socio economical change. It could be a great way of promoting Freicoin with a big feelgood wave after a long Freicoin hibernation time
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    With a 1wp we cannot expect all coins to move to the new chain -- some wallets are lost for example, so when do you stop supporting old UTXOs? With a spinoff or hard fork it would be possible to inherit the old UTXO set, but at the cost of not being able to deprecate handling the old chain data structures. A sync from genesis requires understanding the old chain up to a certain height, then switching to code that handles the new chain. Alternatively you can dump the UTXO set and import it at the changeover height, but do you still handle old style transactions at that point? Do you flag day expire them so at some point you just drop compatibility? What date do you choose for that? None of the choices there seem obvious, clean, or desirable. The 1wp with dual subsidies is a middle ground. You allow people to voluntarily move coins over and the new chain code never has to understand the old one except as is required for the peg code. You limit the maximum transfer however to something slightly larger than the current issuance. It will take some time for subsidy to play out on the old chain enough to exhaust that peg in limit -- longer if there are substantial lost coins or if people are asleep at the wheel. During that time both chains are operational. But once it is done you can remove the pegin and legacy transaction handling code from the new chain, and the old chain dies off (because subsidy can no longer be transferred to the new chain so it loses value). As mentioned by Skaro it is relevant to this thread because it achieves something close to option 3, but in a regulatory compatible way while also incentivizing dual use of the chains during the upgrade process, and solving the old UTXO problem once and for all.
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    Solidar bot

    The Solidar Bot can now be connected to a telegram account. Just send our telegram Solibot @solidar_bot the message: "id". Take that id and post it with the command telegram: "telegram id" to our facebook Solibot. Then you can chat with the bot in telegram like with the bot in facebook messenger..
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    Need.. more.. FRC..

    i was thinking of something like this (sort of with a kria).. Kria to the moon!
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    Hey Kieran welcome back bud. I just borrow Freicoin from these fools for 0% interest that is my game.
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    Future of Freicoin

    I am actually finalyzing the exchange as we chit chat here, all tests are looking good so i am wrapping up and preparing to release it. As arc says, if you want to get that amount of coins, it's not unreal to gain that in a month or two, coins are circulating and the userbase is growing slowly.
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    withdraw from freiexchange

    It's fixed in the new version along with multiple markets to trade on. As i said in email, some user experience that they don't get error message that the 2 factor is not enabled, some do, but i have rewritten the whole subroutine to manage the funds on withdraw. And sorry for the delay on releasing btc, i am abit on and from yesterday and towards next monday, but i check in to process if needed.
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    Yeah you mentioned that before, the merge mining and the explorer. I believe you, but I don't really understand it. The way I see it, the explorer reads and parses in info from the wallet block chain files. as long as the block is valid it should read? But it's true that ABE also surmises the current longest chain ...
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    Ok now time to make the coin useful. We just had to use BTC instead of FRC to make a micro loan possible and we just paid off the micro loan in BTC. I would prefer using FRC but that is nearly impossible. There are zero exchanges and only a handful of miners. Sadly I don't know how much more we need to do to get real traction on FRC with users but this issuance seem to be a hollow benchmark when we have a small number of of people actually using FRC. The coins we hold right now are for all intents and purposes worthless.
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    Pool is up to date again. Was a corrupted table in database that looped on one block and would not account further. Mining and rewards was not affected other then a delay as i had to do alot of manual work in the database. Vircurex i have no clue around. cheers!
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    Working DNS Seeder

    Include it in the sourcecode (net.cpp line 1194) and every wallet find connections within moments
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    lol, fab will build a big jungel utopia in the middle of finland, untill he has 95% of the bitcoin mining power to heat finland up
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    Add some fish ponds to the greenhouse and this becomes even more viable. Tilapia best fish for captive breeding and farming. The geographic range for tilapia culture is limited by their temperature-sensitivity. For optimal growth, the ideal water temperature range is 82 to 86 °F (27.7 °C to 30 °C), and growth is reduced greatly below 68 °F (20 °C). Death occurs below 50 °F (10 °C). The miners heat should be recovered as much as possible to keep ponds fairly warm. The water can re-radiate the heat keep the reset of the greenhouse warm enough for plant growth.
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    If we need more forums, please let me know and we can create them.
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    Rik, let me know if you need a server, i will be happy to provide a dedicated one for you for further testing.
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    I'll have it up and running today! Slow start this new year
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    Freicoin Alliance Secret Hangout

    Fab, lets hope they don't take over our mining pool too..
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    VAT or no VAT?

    According to CoinDesk on 25th November, the Dutch Ministry of Finance (Jakob Kamminga) has voiced that, quote, «Bitcoin transactions will "probably" be not liable for value added tax (VAT)» and that «this is based on the notion that such exemptions apply to payments instruments, which, if the term is interpreted broadly, may include payments in bitcoin.» [Source]. And this reflects the main problem for me as a merchant to deal with these coins. The law is so ambiguous that planning ahead and accounting sounds more like a lottery than business. Ironically, some officials have expressed that they will tax bitcoins as lottery winnings. Others again, that it will be taxed as a commodity, and yet others that it will count as an equity or wealth. To say it's confusing would be an understatement. It's not easy getting people to trade using bitcoins when there is no real laws regulating it, and the ones that exist and are used are somewhat archaic-- and were written in a time where these payment-solutions were in the blue. So what do you guys mean? What would be the best/worst scenarios law-wise? Should these coins be taxed at all? To me, taxing coins would be like putting a tax on people who use inches and feet instead of the meter and litre.
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    I have been unavailable for quite some time, and didn't read this until now. I'll keep it in mind and see what I can come up with together with Fedde who had some ideas as to how we can make it work application-wise. Sooo wink noted, I'll keep you informed. Should I post sketches here in this thread?
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    Ok Molly will provide us with a address that is secure. What i need some help with for the foundation registration is the description. Short Description : "The Freicoin Alliance is a Freicoin Community driven project that seeks to create a world where commonplace non-usurious complementary currencies inspired by the works of Silvio Gesell are brought into being through economic development, charitable action, and the support of global commons and which engender perpetual prosperity through sustainable development." Long Description: ?? I have created the email address [email protected] that currently forward mail to me. We need to decide where we want this so that more than me are reciving it.
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    Freicoin Faucet

    Hi all We released a Faucet today as all other coins has it, why don't we have one too. http://freicoinfaucet.com/ Donation Address : 16fkaCJ7vzsmLywtndbuuMHdGW5Sy6yaiL Cheers! Fedde
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    Freicoin version 12.1.1-10130 is now available from: Linux 32-bit Linux 64-bit macOS (app) macOS (server) Windows 32-bit (installer) Windows 32-bit (zip) Windows 64-bit (installer) Windows 64-bit (zip) Source This is a new bug fix release, fixing an erroneous report of unexpected version / possible versionbits upgrade on all platforms. Upgrading to this release is recommended but not required. Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github: https://github.com/tradecraftio/tradecraft/issues How to Upgrade If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/Freicoin-Qt (on Mac) or freicoind/freicoin-qt (on Linux). Notable changes Erroneous versionbits upgrade notice The recent soft-fork to force vtx[0].nLockTime to be the current median-time-past requires that blocks signal for version bits and set bit #28, and to keep setting this bit once activated until 2 Oct 2019. On BIP9 versionbits-aware clients such as v12.1, this set bit is erroneously interpreted as activation of an unknown consensus rule, and the user is alerted to upgrade. This alert is generated in error and can be safely ignored in this case. However this category of alert is serious and so as to prevent user complacency in the future we are issuing a new point release to eliminate this warning. Beginning with v12.1.1, setting versionbit #28 will not trigger warnings about the activation of new consensus rules until 2 Oct 2019 (2 Apr 2019 on testnet). [BIP9]: https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0009.mediawiki 12.1.1-10130 Change log `658b0cde1` [Alert] Do not warn about unexpected versionbits upgrade for the forced setting of bit 28 before Oct 2, 2019. `f338bd9d4` [BIP9] The last deployed pre-versionbits block version on Freicoin was 3, not 4. Credits Thanks to who contributed to this release, including: Fredrik Bodin Mark Friedenbach As well as everyone that helped translating on Transifex.
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    Solidar Italy project

    Hi all, As I said in another post, we wish to strongly publicize Solidar in Italy. We started informing the members of FAZ network and the followers of @Domenico de Simone the economist which firstly theorized our system and co-founder with me of the FAZ network. In the middle of 2018 we hope to start a project in an italian local district, with the support of an enterprises' network that will accept it in payment and hopefully with the endorsement and support of Municipalites that will accept it in payment for local taxes. Our deal in these months is to enhance as much as possible the number of Solidar Facebook bot page subscribers to present the local project as one already existing with real people using Solidar. To address this deal, in the next weeks I will translate to italian the website and the Solidar bot. To better explain to italian subscribers how the Solidar works, in the next days me and @Domenico de Simone will ask some economic and technical questions. Thanks for now. magius
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    Basic income in Solidar

    Hi Marc, it sound a little like you are mixing Solidar and Freicoin. Freicoin has no merge mining, all new coins are now distributed to miners and there is no basic income in Freicoin. And yes a not fixed income has a bad effect on credibility. Solidar has an 99.9% distribution to the basic income fund and 0.1 % to miners. However this can change when price rises (miner reward may schrink). And the 10 Solidar is now enough for something like 300k users if there are more users some day in the far... far... future the payout will be reduced. (4ksat /month is the amount for 8 billion humans -for example).
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    [Draft] Universal dividend project

    ideally it would be great if we could use the demurrage for that. practically currently we could use the foundation / alliance coins to get started. if the foundation still happens to be inactive we could use riks changes and port them to Freicoin. That of course would be the last resort if we don't get life signs from the foundation.
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    Telegram - Communication App

    Hi guys, just stumbeled over this chat software that was easy to use and secure as since the SILC ha no client for phones you a locked at computer when using it :| https://telegram.org/ Also abit on their security for those who shake their pants about the software: https://telegram.org/faq#q-how-secure-is-telegram Cheers! Fedde
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    As we chatted on IRC, I'll write up some example cases to the FreiMining thread to explain it 'for the dummies' style.. so even mi mom could understand the use/benefits of the experiment ^^
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    Hi all, with the new Client version Dash implemented an decentraliezed blockchain based budget system. Could be an inspiration for Freicoins Budgeting system. All the good, Arcurus Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain (Budget System) Skip to end of metadata Created by Robert Wiecko, last modified by moocowmoo on Sep 12, 2015Go to start of metadata Introduction One of the greatest challenges of building a crypto currency platform is ensuring you create a decentralized system of governance to manage, fund, maintain and expand the project. This key element is absent in every currency to date, the natural response is to create a not-for-profit foundation that is tasked with maintaining the core protocol and promoting the coin but is not really connected to the coin holders in any meaningful way. This approach has a few issues that have been made evident from the experience of older crypto currency platforms. https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=8585240
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    Project - More Exchanges for FRC

    Yes we need a info link for all our existing exchanges.
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    Just some quick comments I agree / also think that the federal reserves statistics are totally skewed But I guess they still could be used for starters if needed. I also would see it more probable that there were no barter or a value measurement before "money" was invented This is something that is ~promoted by Ubuntu Liberation Movement too. Of course, there probably was some kind of record keeping between individuals or groups when needed.. something like "I help you for 9 hours today to finish building your house, you'll help me in the next week for 9 hours with my farming". I guess that could be called debt
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    Hemp - "The billion dollar crop"

    Hemp for fishing
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    Freicoin Alliance Secret Hangout

    Yes, it was discussed at the meeting
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    [Freicoin Poker] Official Thread

    This is the official thread for freicoinpoker.com You can find the poker site at http://freicoinpoker.com/ Currently 1 FRC gives you 10 chips (in example, deposit 500 FRC gives you 5000 Chips to play with) We have 4 tables online at the moment. If any questions, please post below in this thread. * Hand evaluator is abit unfair at the moment But it's some fun and time killer, and who knows, you can win some extra Freicoins too
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