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  1. Skaro

    Freicoin Mining Calculator

    Yes, it only shows outgoing Foundation transaction. But I have to update the DB,
  2. Skaro

    Transactions not confirming

    The wallet is now we had a fork recently.
  3. Skaro

    Bitcoin block 503460?

    Thanks for your reply, @Mark Friedenbach. Sorry, I didn't see that anyone replied and I had put this problem aside for a while because it was annoying. So, I am trying to use Bitcoin Database Generator. We had rebuilt it with a pull request that was compatible with Segwit. Then it worked but failed parsing after first transaction of blk01133.dat., block 503460. The error is here: After trying a number of things, I finally decided to delete blk01133.dat and reload and reindex. Now it fails at blk01132.dat, block 503370. I thought maybe I should delete all the blockchain and start again, but that takes a week for my laptop to do. So I gave up. Temporarily. Do you see the logic in this error? Thanks, (PS could you update your bio on a gentle reminder)
  4. Skaro

    Changing the proof of work algorithm

    I suppose, in terms of a discussion, perhaps the choice of changing the mining algorithm is related to what people want for a Freicoin's future. For example, if Freicoin were to become a sidechain coin, it should be merge minable (I assume). Or, if we are gonna have a transition period, will this prevent other upgrades during that time? I don't think anyone actually financed buying an ASIC to mine Freicoin recently. Rather, they are just pointing old equipment to Freicoin. People could just literally point their CPUs or GPUs at Freicoin the next day after a hard fork. I'm not sure if the software is available for that, however. If Mark wants to use Freicoin as a test bed for the technology, thats fine too and may give some advertising to the coin. All that aside, I do generally think the cuckoo cycle is cool. If that's the only thing that changes about Freicoin, I do think it is a positive change because its silly that my 3 Ths ASIC is unprofitable on Freicoin.
  5. Skaro

    Bitcoin block 503460?

    Does anyone know if there is anything special about Bitcoin block 503460? I'm trying to get this parser working and it craps out at that block.
  6. Skaro

    New release: v0.8.6.2-5

    Installed it! And we no longer have the .exe 64 bit not working problems!
  7. Skaro

    Freicoin Mining Calculator

    Thank you
  8. Skaro

    Freicoin Mining Calculator

    So I got a website on crypto currencies that has 3 pages dedicated to Freicoin. Or maybe its a Freicoin website with a couple extra other pages. It's my first foray in website programming, so its could use some improvements over time. it features: 1) News feed 2) Cryto-currency interactive statistics 3) Multicoin coin trade optimizer 4) a Freicoin mining calculator 5) grouping of Freicoin public keys 6) Summary of Freicoin Foundation transactions Currently, the Freicoin database is not updated automatically, but with MYSQL dumps. The website is here:
  9. Skaro

    Development update

    Would it be possible that Mark and Timon's bios could be updated on to include founding BlockStream, developing for Bitcoin Core , SegWit, MAST, and Lightning ... (those small resume building summer jobs)
  10. Skaro

    Coin supply

    Hey I just felt like chatting to people about Solidar.
  11. Skaro

    The end of the foundation

    @jtimon and @Mark Friedenbach, may I ask how the Foundation closure is coming along? After the last couple comments here, the direction to end the Foundation wasn't quite decided.
  12. Skaro

    FRC Wallet

    Those are the key elements. But not s step by step guide unfortunately. Also, it would be best to export your private keys from you old wallet if you can
  13. Skaro

    FRC Wallet

    At the Github, there is a file for compiling wallet on Mac. Follow the steps.
  14. Skaro

    FRC Wallet

    Brew worked fine for installation but, you have to force the correct files for Qt4