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  1. @kieranf yup. You caught up quick. That's exactly where we are. 6 months ago it was worse. Since, we have an exchange, P2Pool merge mining software, and a good explorer (that accounts for demurrage), an Electrum wallet, an online wallet, and the price had gone up 10x. The wallet is a pain. We got the 0.9 compiled but are short on resources to modify and release it for a few reasons: 1) not sure what developers are doing (latest wallet is .14); 2) still busy with market, and other projects (I want to get a Foundation audit up); 3) it needs Linux 64-bit and relatively higher experience; 4) we are not full time. It's on the list! I estimate we could get the 0.9 working by mid-end August. That's actually the best thing about Freicoin right now: Inexperienced people can chip in and help. Ultimately we are here to learn about this stuff. Being a small group, its like the old days before everything was so big. If you want to take the lead on modernizing the symbol, great.
  2. Yeah. Coin Market Cap calculates volume differently. Our volume curve is pretty amazing too. Yeah, Chinese exchanges changed their rules last January. It seems they used to have fees only on withdraws which resulted in large volumes being created by bots. Government regulations forced them to change their practices. Now they have a fees of a fraction of a percent per transaction. Some people argue that they thus 'lied' about their volume before and that the bots just created 'noise'. Some say the nature of the transactions changed. It seems to me, bots trade for profit but noise essentially means random. So this is not the case. I agree that the nature of the transactions changed but that the high volumes are valid and show real market impacts and correlations. Nevertheless, The volumes fell to 2015 levels, when the price was low. In 2015, after paying mining expenses, there was reason to hold coins (all this in the climate of old trading practices). Now, a small transaction fee won't stop anyone from selling BTC after after 200% rise.
  3. Well, we could try promoting it.
  4. 2016 was the year of negative interest rate bonds and bail-ins, instruments to discourage hoarding. Demurrage is literally an idea who's time has come. While it discourages speculation, it is very fiscally Right to encourage circulation. Freicoin is not as 'socialist' (for most people that term is effectively 'nice government') as people may think.
  5. Could you explain that further. Did you have a wallet previously on your Windows system? Then you installed the 0.8.6, and imported the private key? Also, does the 0.8.6 sync? Basically, the 0.8.3 won't work anymore. There was a softfork with the wallet change. If you want to use FRC you need to use 0.8.6. I'm not sure if that transaction is recoverable. I think you sent it to an abandoned chain. I lost some FRC that way too. The point now is getting your 0.8.6 running right. If it syncs that's great. If it sees your transaction on the chain, it should be confirmed by now (I think). If it is not synching, you have to delete the blockchain files and it will reload it.
  6. @Jert what version of the wallet are you using? Look under 'Help' and 'About Freicoin'. Also, what kind of system are you on, Windows 10 64bit, 32 bit, linux, Mac?
  7. Clearly people are hoarding Bitcoin. This is an advertisement itself for Freicoin. Imagine if you want to make a larger purchase within a month. The price of Bitcoin could literally tumble 100%. "Better use Freicoin for the transaction". Of course Freicoin needs to reach a certain level of usage for it to stabilize.
  8. As long as crypto-currencies are being used for speculation, Freicoin will be an unpopular choice. With overall usage increasing, it becomes a new phase for crypto-currencies with new ground to break. The 5 percent fee is not enourmous compared to exchange rate fees, travelers chèques and and credit cards. A model that encourages circulation could/will have its backers. With the value going up, there are literally double the people around the coin now. Also, Freicoin devs are literally on the leading edge of Bitcoin development. So the trust value is high.
  9. While everyone is talking about Bitcoin's price rise they are neglecting to mention its volume stall. With lack of supply, the price as going up. I'm not sure why the volume is so low, probably for the reasons Arc mentioned. It appears to be increasing slightly, ending the price climb.
  10. Well a half-assed update is better than none at all ... lol.
  11. The freicoinfoundation page has had some updates. and I'm working on an analytics page to summarize Foundation spending and advanced explorer queries and stats. Coming mid July.
  12. This is for updating from wallet.
  13. @kieranf we have a work around here on the forum for the 64bit Windows issue. I too think that Ethereum will crash. While it's an amazing innovation, it is essentially being cloned by IBM and Microsoft. So it's Blockchain's Netscape or Lotus.
  14. How much RAM do you have? It took my around 2 days to download with 12G RAM. But your GPU is better than mine. When I try to mine, it crashes. So I have to figure that out. Ahhhh typical.
  15. @Bicknellski, what are you planning on mining with, Radeon GPU? PS finally I downloaded about 20G in ~\Ethereum\geth\chaindata.