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  1. Skaro

    New release: Freicoin v0.9.6.1-5869

  2. Skaro

    New release: Freicoin v10.4-7842

    Tremendous. Just tremendous. ?
  3. Skaro

    New release: Freicoin v10.4-7842

    With all due respect, @Mark Friedenbach, could we maybe have a non technical summary of important features? Does this mean we can start mining Freicoin on the cuckoo algorithm? Thanks
  4. Skaro

    New release: Freicoin v10.4-7842

    Tremendous. Just tremendous.
  5. Skaro

    Future of Freicoin

    Well being this is the “Future of Freicoin” thread, it seems it could use a note here. With Maaku’s announcement of ‘Forward Blocks’ and the implementation of such tech on Freicoin, a new era in Freicoin is born. The buy wall for FreiExchange has shot up by 4x, and other such financial indications. Perhaps now, with the increasing price of Freicoin, @Arcurus can get a phone number and join us on Telegram. With @Mark Friedenbach working obviously on code, perhaps the rest of us need to restart that nagging of what OTHER things are necessary AROUND Freicoin like new mining pools, web apps etc. To the Moon! Slides: Paper: Video: Relevant tweets:
  6. Skaro

    New release: v0.8.6.2-5

    So I fixed the transactions page on ABE this morning. It still has to be pushed though.
  7. Skaro

    New release: v0.8.6.2-5

    Yes, when you click on 'transaction', that view is wrong. I know how to fix it, I just never got around to it. I simply didn't realize it needed adjustment the first time around. The public key summary and the block view were what I modified.
  8. Skaro

    New release: v0.8.6.2-5

    But wait. In the above examples, there were 9 transactions in one block. 8 didn't calculate demurrage but the 9th did, in the exlorer. In more recent blocks, the demurrage calculated okay. How could they be different? .Also, I thought ABE read the .DAT files directly. I thought that meant it wasn't using an RPC (I have limited knowledge on this poin\t) (If you are looking at ABE, the 'blocks'' and 'account' views are correct, but I never fixed the 'transactions' view')
  9. Skaro

    New release: v0.8.6.2-5

    Okay. looks like my work just became obsolete. Mixed feelings. On the positive side, I like progress, and I got away with the bounty!
  10. Skaro

    New release: v0.8.6.2-5

    Some transactions are not paying demurrage, or there is something wrong with the explorer. Compare: Notice the reference height is the same in the second one. Did something change in the block structure regarding this? I''m the one that implemented demurrage in ABE. I haven't seen this before.
  11. Skaro

    Changing the proof of work algorithm

    "If we have so much activity across allthe chains such that a single person cannot run a full node on ALL chains using the same PoW, then the whole system can no longer be decentralized." Wouldn't that be more decentralized; ei, numerous small groups taking care of their own transactions, like serperate countries, banks, and credit cards today? Why have seperate chains sharing the same asset? The whole point is to share the work load and only communicate when necessary? I appreciate of course that you have looked into the details, where I am doing more... beer talk!
  12. Skaro

    Changing the proof of work algorithm

    @Mark Friedenbach "via strong federations or higher level protocols using cross-chain payment channels". Is this a solution to crypto scaling problems in itself? Like the present world using different currencies and exchange, 1000 different alt-coins, 1000 different blockchains and miners etc. Thus 1000x more capacity. Then, when you need to pay in another coin, there is an atomic swap?
  13. Skaro

    New release: v0.8.6.2-5

    I see a lot of action going on the GitHub site! wow. cool. Thank you for your efforts.
  14. Skaro

    Freicoin Mining Calculator

    Yes, it only shows outgoing Foundation transaction. But I have to update the DB,
  15. Skaro

    Transactions not confirming

    The wallet is now we had a fork recently.