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  1. Project Idea: We are looking at getting a loan / donations to start a precious plastic workspace run by our older students and supported by a local community near our school. I am posting here to give notice to everyone about our intentions to do this in 2017 / 2018. We will try and release a more detailed plan with stakeholders in the community over the coming months. Workspace: I will start with our high school students to budget out a location (rent) machines (purchase). The idea would be to help start a community recycling center that is run by a local community team with the help of our students and school. Ideally the operation would then be self sufficient and the money generated from upcycled materials would be used to pay off our loans and cover the costs of operation and salary for a few full time people in the community. Products:
  2. Gobsmacked. You really buried the lead for the most interesting possible updates. This is most interesting aspect of what you are planning for FRC. If you can help crack that and get FRC in that arena and at the forefront maybe there is hope for wider adoption. Personally when I first came to bitcoin it was a huge liability I saw where those with technical skills, resources, lower power costs would eventually 'control the coin'. Centralized mining in the hands of only a few corporations or organizations and a lot fraud has happened as a direct result of this race to centralization. Everyone has a phone. Everyone. I always hoped to see something where POW mining was on every hand-phone on the planet and it was not a massive warehouse requiring coal fired plants being fired up in Inner Mongolia securing the network. I will be following that thread closely and I hope there is a potential to bring mining back to the small scale really individuals rather than a collective entity with massive resources. I will read up on the link you posted.
  3. Okay glad to get some important background on why the foundation needs to go bye bye. Thanks for sharing the road forward I am looking forward to the changes and further discussions as to pegging and moving old chain to new chain idea. I think a grand display of the destruction and the plan moving forward should be posted. Do a live stream ending the foundation coins perhaps?
  4. YAY! Yes on option #4,
  5. Have to say... I am giving up. LOL! I never was able to get the blockchain updated. Why? No idea.
  6. Will try and test this weekend.
  7. Hey Kieran welcome back bud. I just borrow Freicoin from these fools for 0% interest that is my game.
  8. We had 100's of ideas posted on this about 4 years ago I think. Sadly the devs didn't like any of the proposals.
  9. Is this a suicide pack Rik. KRIA OR DIE!
  10. Any follow up on this?
  11. Or happy they dumped this dog of coin now before it completely implodes. LOL! J/K KRIA TO THE MOON!
  12. I think this might be a DOA idea unless you want to work with some other devs to fork FRC or create a new coin as Jorge is suggesting. If the core devs are not keen that might be a good reason to drop it perhaps?
  13. A plan moving forward please. Seems we have agreed to some things. And again somethings like POS vs POW have already been discussed before Arc and I would defer to what Mark and Jorge have said on this issue we don't need POS. As for freimarkets colored coins etc... what are the developers willing to do? I think 1 and 4 seem agreeable to most. Let's see that done and maybe we can see a more concrete plan moving forward. If everything now is going to be run through the forum and discussed great. But what is the agenda? What do we need etc. The foundation question seems mostly solved. Someone write it up and lets vote and then move forward. Note: Fab. Well I have said my piece and it needed to be voiced. As for attendance and the community? Really? A lot of those past options and plans were debated within a larger community and assumed that would be acted on. If we want to keep discussing things already discussed and posted then in reality it is a waste of time and it is a delaying tactic at best. I am not asking for anything other than following up on what the devs want to do with their established plans and they were discussed at length in the past I don't see how things have change demonstrably since 2014 or 2015. I am not asking for the devs to make this their job and put in 40 hours a week and cut everyone out of the process. I just want them to engage with us in a reasonable way so we can expect some sort of progress. Have a look at the old forum you will see what I mean on that. It would be worthwhile for those two to put their vision on paper and get us the community to sell that with our input. But you can't keep limping along with no one leading this thing. Someone needs to step up and moving things forward.
  14. It might be tangential to this discussion, however it is not tangential to this community in that if you promise to deliver changes on what we are voting on then fail to follow up on developing the coin further why should we invest time? You and Mark have not really been setting development goals and updating the coin over the past two years. I think it is also important to note that giving up on the idea of foundation (Mark and Jorge's idea) is just one more signal that you want to divest yourself of responsibility to this tiny community. That might not be the intention but it sure is what some people think. Let me be really frank here. It would be best that you come up with a plan with goals and then tell the community what this road map is and begin doing it. I agree with what you are proposing and I agree with your assessment about what FRC should be and I think option 1 is the right move as is option 4 as well, so please make that happen asap or at least cap debate here and move on already it is bogged down at this point. POS vs. POW is not a relevant debate and way way way off topic really. As for anything else well I want to see a clear outline with at least something that can be measured. I think the community here has done what it can given that we have seen promises for updates and changes to the coin before and nothing substantive has happened. Passing some of the blame to the community is fair but to be honest without developers pushing changes and improving the coin what do you expect a community to do? We basically have no users because the coin is not promoted by those who developed it. If you don't have the time or want to let it die then tell us now or make a real effort to plan a revival of the coin. Sorry but the real issue here is that we lack a community of sufficient size to really to do much of anything to progress the coin it would entirely rest on the developers shoulders to provide the stimulus to engage a much larger community. Without any direction and lack of updates this coin has failed to attract a larger community. You two need to have a greater vision or plan ala Vitalik Buterin. He was willing to step up and put in time and draw more developers to his way of thinking because of his vision. Freicoin has a greater potential to be disruptive compared to Ethereum given core economics of Freicoin. Do you guys want to push that or just keep debating here in this obscure corner of the cryptocoin world with people who are not necessarily your peers? To me that is a waste of time given the debates on these issues were already conducted 3 or 4 years ago. Rather than debating 3 or 4 people on things, what you really need is a real cabal of developers to move FRC forward not us laymen see Vitaly Buterin again as the gold standard for drawing people in with an idea out of nothing with zero base. Where have those people gone you had originally supporting development? They left for a number of reasons but I suspect there was little or no interest remaining as there was no active development. No challenges. No vision. No plan. Don't make the same mistake. This is not a community large enough to be a relevant sounding board for you two to develop the coin into something that is targeting a user base of millions of people. You need to bring in a larger team of people with ideas for growth that will draw a real user base. Until you need to involve more people in decision making from a wider community of coin users it be better to make a plan, invest time into carrying that plan out and when the millions of users do come on board you can work like Ethereum or Bitcoin Core etc. and talk to the community about options. I value that you are trying to fix mistakes and work with this community but your time is limited and should be focused on developing the coin not debating the very core concept of the coin or the foundation. It is great you want to engage with us but really. Set your vision and make it happen then we can debate the validity of your choices or offer up suggestions to make the coin easier to use.
  15. I vote for 1. Bury them and move on. That might be painful but in reality there is ZERO movement on the coin currently. Demurrage is meant to make the coin move and it is the ONLY thing that makes this coin unique to other offerings in the cryptoverse. What we have had for nearly 2 years is a dead coin limping along with four or five people funding little projects here and there with little or no Developer support. Any plans that attempt to recirculate these coins of the foundation now are really not going to be a 'fair' distribution which is the exact warning that was given to the foundation when you implemented this idea in the first place. What we need is for adoption of Freicoin. How? I don't see how removing features like demurrage does anything but bury this coin permanently. What is required are MORE features as promised by Jorge and Mark in the past that is what we need to see and would be the only thing that would save the Kria moving forward. So what is your vision for the coin moving forward Developers? Really are you going to help keep the coin alive or are you going to ultimately abandon it? Given the past history of 'progress' I am not seeing a sustained commitment to follow up on Freicoin. Maybe it is time to let the coin die? And I say this because it is clear this coin is not your first priority obviously and hasn't been that for a number of years. That is fine because what would be worse is if we have a partial or small infusion of work and then things go back to what they have been for years stagnation.