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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all We have added ANC/BTC to the trading - Welcome New coins can request to be added on https://freiexchange.com/pages/coin_request Api has been updated with abit more info on each trade pair. We continue development to extend the exchange with more functionality over the next few weeks. More of this later.
  2. I will repost the header from FreiExchange due to the Bitcoin fork. During this week we will release updated exchange with multiple trading pairs. This means that first coin to be added is Solidar (SLR) Coin that is developed and supported by @Rik8119 During the upgrades, exchange we will be taken offline as we have some larger database upgrades to do, new hardware is installed also to make the trading go abit faster. Alot of patches to fix problems that have been reported to us by the users is also applied, but we continue to improve things as we discover things. Excha
  3. FreiExchange (Alpha/Beta) We are currently in testing phase. I will update things while i go. If you want to test things, register on https://freiexchange.com Please post any issues found here or in a PM to me.
  4. Anyone interested in purchasing Freicoin from me via PayPal (or any other appropriate method), please email me at: [email protected]
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