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  1. All back to normal with multiple markets. The next few weeks we will adjust a few things (design, speed, added markets) Thanks. (you can reach us on telegram almost 24/7 )
  2. Damn... tought i had double vote 😂
  3. Well, Option 1 or 4 is my opinions. Number 2 comes also strong, but afraid how it will look in general when miners dump their coins when they mine.
  4. It's not visable on the network so it is still stuck from my knowlege?
  5. Yeah was just making sure that it's supported further so that i can add it with no problem
  6. I will repost the header from FreiExchange due to the Bitcoin fork. During this week we will release updated exchange with multiple trading pairs. This means that first coin to be added is Solidar (SLR) Coin that is developed and supported by @Rik8119 During the upgrades, exchange we will be taken offline as we have some larger database upgrades to do, new hardware is installed also to make the trading go abit faster. Alot of patches to fix problems that have been reported to us by the users is also applied, but we continue to improve things as we discover things. Exchange is still BETA, so be aware that changes can happend from a time to another. Thanks for your support, traders! Fedde
  7. Cool! Will you work side by side with your SLR coin also? As your coin is first to add to the multiple markets when we finalize things during the upcomming week.
  8. All sorted out now
  9. Just to add a sidenote here. Foundation does not recive any more funds, so they are locked there for now. Only thing that makes it slowly move from foundation addresses to circluating coins (usable coins trough minings) is the demurrage, so already the foundation coins supply about 72% of the demurrage while the rest is from user addresses. Blocks are now @95.36743164 and it will stay that way forever as it's the demurrage of the 100mill coins.
  10. I am actually finalyzing the exchange as we chit chat here, all tests are looking good so i am wrapping up and preparing to release it. As arc says, if you want to get that amount of coins, it's not unreal to gain that in a month or two, coins are circulating and the userbase is growing slowly.
  11. Updated certificates, should not produce invalid https connection anymore.
  12. Vote for option 1.
  13. All i can see in the comit list that its just a fork of bitcoin 0.14 with no freicoin added.
  14. It's fixed in the new version along with multiple markets to trade on. As i said in email, some user experience that they don't get error message that the 2 factor is not enabled, some do, but i have rewritten the whole subroutine to manage the funds on withdraw. And sorry for the delay on releasing btc, i am abit on and from yesterday and towards next monday, but i check in to process if needed.