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  1. Hi all Freicoin 0.9 compiled ok on Lubuntu 17.04 with QT5. There was a problem with compile flags (CXX_FLAGS) for the QT wallet, once that was corrected it compiled ok. How are these set in the Makefile when autogen/configure is run? Cheers.
  2. Welcome to the community Also nice to see you around in the Telegram chat. Any questions, just ask them, there is a lot of resources here. Cheers Fedde
  3. So true 😂
  4. Will see what we whip up on next update 😉
  5. In the bottom ?
  6. Updates for exchange will be posted in news page from now on https://freiexchange.com/pages/news
  7. Any link?
  8. We can do that in a support thread @kieranf just so we don't polute this thread.
  9. I have 9.0 on Lubuntu "yakkety" release with no problems running my version of the wallet. A progress to 0.15 would be great if we can fast forward that, alot of backward compability will be history with old libs etc etc.
  10. I'll be helpful on the debugging if needed, twisted my head twice on the 0.9 before it woke up from the grave so i might be helpful at other things too
  11. Oh.. i like that... Gamble.... hahaha
  12. If you need some help with this, let me know
  13. This is quick guide to get started with own p2pool node that you can merge mine Solidar coin with. I mostly use debian, should work on Ubuntu also. Be aware that you might need to run a version 8 of debian. Make sure you have Git installed ( sudo apt-get install git) git clone https://github.com/wincev/p2pool.git p2pool This will put the p2pool code for Freicoin in p2pool directory. Install requirements for running p2pool. sudo apt-get install python-zope.interface python-twisted python-twisted-web Now, grab your coin daemon from freico.in and solidar.it, install them and get them running. Make sure you set the config files. nano .freicoin/freicoin.conf This is minimal config server=1 daemon=1 rpcuser=freicoinrpc rpcpassword=yournastypassword rpcallowip= Similar for the merge mining, create a equal file with another rpcuser and password. Fire up the daemons freicoind -daemon solidard -daemon Let them sync fully, you will not be able to mine before they are fully synced. Then go to the p2pool directory and create a start.sh (nano start.sh) #!/bin/sh /usr/bin/python /home/p2pool/p2pool/run_p2pool.py --net freicoin --give-author 0 freicoinrpc yournastypassword \ --merged http://solidarrpc:yournashtypassword@ Make it executable with chmod 755 start.sh When wallets are synced, you can start the p2pool with merge mining by entering ./start.sh It should now fire up. Point your miners to stratum+tcp://your_ip_of_server:9638 with your freicoin address as username, password can be anything. Whenever a freicoin block is found, it will try and submit it on the solidar wallet also. solidard getinfo To see if you get any solidar coins also into the solidar wallet. (i will clean it up this thread, but this is basicly how it's done)
  14. This depends on how the foundation ended. Right now we have steady supply of 96 coins, witch is the demurrage of 100.000.000 coins (aprox 5%). This is destroyed from all addresses with positive balance and new coins are created.
  15. Welcome to the forum and great you have done work on freicoin before 😊😊 Ill be happy to assist in any way to establish solidar also. Cheers