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  1. Rik, if you need hosting, let me know, i'll hook it up on a server.
  2. Problem with getting added on other exchanges are the scary part of the demurrage. Bter, bleutrade etc etc had us on, but very high fees to compensate the demurrage loss in the wallets. Others that have added freicoin, tend to get scared when they see balances decrese in the wallets and probarly triggering som alerts in their systems. But on the other side we are much better enpowered today as we have a working block explorer with demurrage, all over a better network i would say, so why not give it a shot. I can't take care of it, but if someone else will take the task, go ahead.
  3. Yes, i hope @jtimon can get it fixed and published.
  4. Haha, yeah, grabbed some ether when it was fairly low so thos looks good. we are extending the exchange during the next weeks, to see if we can make some progress all over. All good here, preparing for holidays with broken arm, bummer, no swimming lol Cheers!
  5. P2pool for freicoin, with merged mining of Rik's solidar coin is working on http://alfa.sicanet.net:9638/static/index.html Miners connect to stratum+tcp://alfa.sicanet.net:9638 with your username = FRC payout address Password can be anything. This is testing fase so things can be a bit bumpy. Cheers!
  6. Good to get inputs I apriciate it alot!
  7. Hehe, i said speedup, not slowdown Those are already in development and will be implented. Front page will be abit diffrent than today as you will be able to browse the markets without logging in. The ticker i will also put on the todolist.
  8. Time for a little update from behind the scenes ๐Ÿ˜Š will see in a week or two depending on how much time i have to wrap things up - live orderbooks - multicoin trading ( more trading pairs) - design fix up - more speed I am also adding new servers to alot of the network. I will be replacing alot of the old gear to keep all services up and running more or less as its time things get updated. Got a deal on refurbished servers at 200$ a piece with new disks in the arrays (IBM). Also if someone want to rent a dedicated or shared , pm me. Also any new features that other exchanges have that i have forgotten, let me know so i can evaluate and see if i can depoly them. Cheers Summer is here๐Ÿ˜Ž Fedde
  9. Telegram also has a large userbase and a good api to integrate things.
  10. You post in a public topic that you have a solution, but we need to pm you to get the details? And you get shit angry when i correct you on that to share it publicly and not take it in private message so everybody can benefit of a solution posted if searched in the forums? You should stop beeing so mouthy yourself, i greet you welcome in the forums and welcomes you to start and move forward, but as quick as you can you turn it to something negative. Have a nice time you too. If you want to discuss you can take it in a private directly with me and not in a support thread.
  11. What is your problem?
  12. This is always amazing, you cant share a public solution so everybody can benefit of it, so you rather get people to message you privately to preach about where to get a solution.
  13. The serialize error is fixed in my version so it compiles and runs ok, both freicoind and freicoin-qt now. Me and skaro have tested it and it transmits, recives coins ok, calulate demurrage etc etc. It can be found at https://github.com/eddef/freicoin
  14. Yeah, looks preatty good. Also abit high diff now after the 100ths mining. at least the pool took the load Not been tested before so a new record for me too.
  15. Arc, i have sendt you a PM on a few things. I have time tomorrow night to do something constructive and put some code to work and get the initial uploaded and start tweaking on a few things.