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  1. 'ay, fair points Bick. I'd like to see/hear more detailed visions of the future from both as well. Here on the forums or on the Freicoin website that is.. both have voiced some of their ideologies on some other mediums while discussing other topics, so they are out there for anyone who has been following their work I hope this isnt seen as stalling, but I'd like to see some discussion/opinions on the option 2 still though. Especially from jtimon, since it was his preferred choice. So @jtimon did you have some kind of schedule or scheme thought for this based on some ideals? Thoughts for others: 100mil cap could be easier to psychologically accept for some people than the number that would be set after the fork. "Why is the supply this random number" -> research -> "Ohh, they changed it afterwards based on small number of votes" -> decrease in confidence. A well planned schedule could also allow us to attract miners and users. If the rest of the coins would be made available for mining on certain date (for example 1.1.2018) and would be mined by end of 2018/2019/whatever, there could be time to get some of the Alliance mining and/or basic income projects up&running. This would in some aspects be kind of replacing Foundation with Alliance.. though the Alliance is holding some funds received from the foundation matching, so would also be a way to distribute them as well and ~correct the Foundations.. "mistakes" too.
  2. I would've liked to see the Foundation continue. At the current moment in time though, I understand the wish to end it since there is no tested-to-work tech for the fair distribution (self-sovereign/decentralized ID, WOT, voting systems).. as well as the inability of our small community to launch the many centralized experiments we've discussed/planned/outlined to attract wider user base Option 3 I dislike, since there are a bunch of coins in lost privkeys (and possibly in questionable entities possession; case Cryptsy) -> Drags out the "full supply" of coins available for circulation. I'd prefer option 4, but option 2 could be as acceptable Option 1... I wouldnt like to see inflation added, but it wouldnt drive me away from Freicoin neither. Edit: Short off-topic comment @ Arc and Bick: I totally see both of yer points and comments and theres validity to them.. especially with that theres not been that much communication with the devs during the past years with the couple of channels we tried (Forum/IRC/Mumble/Blab etc.), but there wasnt too much attendance from the community neither To make this short; the Bitcoin development team has done some mindblowing codewizardry during these years that will benefit Freicoin too once the client gets updated Theres also the things from Blockstream projects that Jorge mentioned above that are really neat and should help with the experiments we've discussed before. So dont be too harsh with Jtimon and Maaku, I think we've (the world) benefited more with them working on those projects ^^ (pfft.. not that short.. I'll try to trickytrick with smaller font :D)
  3. Maybe kick the can down the road a bit, if its possible? Move the Foundation coins to a time locked contract, spendable after certain day and/or require softfork? If not moved within certain amount of days/blocks -> destroy/redistribute/whatever. Theres some neat technologies being built and getting realeases in the not-so-far-distant future, so could be useful to have the foundation coins for some use cases which might come available later. From what I understand, sidechains / drivechains will bring a lot of new possibilities for distribution mechanisms and other logics
  4. Vircurex is alive again it seems
  5. I tried with 0.8.6 on Sunday after Skaro posted the discrepancies between the nodes, but got stuck on block 163*** as well. Didnt mess around further, but messaged this thread to jtimon and maaku. Saw jtimon mention on IRC about doing/testing? some client updates on 27th.. dunno if its related. Got some oldschool festivities this week around the town, so I'll try the newer client during next week... but hopefully we get a response before that from the devs *edit: typo
  6. This reminded me, in conjunction with the Skaro's mention/question of possible attack... Ye guys happened to see the coins "recovered" from Cryptsy? FRC not listed... "High value" coins: Other coins: *edit: Too bad them block explorers aint working (and I dont have mi notes at hand)... but if I recall correctly, Cryptsy held around 2million coins? *edit2: Source for the pics: https://steemit.com/crypto-news/@steempower/court-documents-reveal-that-cryptsy-liquidators-intend-to-market-sell-seized-coins
  7. During this past week, I've managed to access the site a couple of times.. though indeed, mostly giving the "Under heavy load" errör. It's been doing this for weeks.. and the support havent responded to contact attempts during this time. If ye have coins in there, it'd prolly be wise to keep an eye on when its up and get 'em out
  8. Its been down since.. when? I'll slap fedde with a large trout to try and wake him up
  9. Ye should be able to sweepysweep the paper with the older client? If we dont gots no plans for some wider activity/projects within the FRC community/people to get some projects running.. I'd say it'd be a waste of the FA funds to even offer a bounty for this task.
  10. Excellente! Glad to see theres demand/orders for the choco's so the students get to practice their skills ^^ Since the winter is making its way (snowed here yesterday already :)), I'll ask around the town if 'em grannies and geezers wanna make a group order to store up on christmas sweets I'll let ye know in a week or two ^^ Hmm.. Bick, do ye think setting up a webstore to order the choco's from would be good experiment for your students? For example, setting up a OpenCart shop with @fedde's crypto/frc payment plugins? I'd gladly help out with the setup if needed (its really easy though) and I bet fedde could offer some advice as well? *edit: Ohh, and one comment/question about the brochure pics; have ye tried centering the choco pics that have the black background? The pics currently seem slightly.. "off" balanaced?
  11. Dayuuumn Bick! I'm not much of a sweet tooth.. but those choc's look very temptingly tasty *nom* Can I buy some? Happy to hear and see that the experience was fun and fruitful in the chocolate school Coins well spent! ^^
  12. Yup, thats correct Sent the tx for 95usd worth of BTC BTW, note that when you add the address to the loan agreement, the signature will change. So for example, now that my and Arcurus's addresses are added in there, when I sign the agreement again it produces different hash So for clarity, it maybe would be good that we all sign the same agreement without the addresses? Or then sign it when all the addresses are in there
  13. @Bicknellski I'll make the payment as soon as blockchain.info fixes my login, hopefully still today. (Yeah, I know.. I should change the webwally provider and indeed will do so when I get access ><) *edit: Sent the test tx Signature for loan agreement: H+sJmAkVXkspuoKmrMU9zBRqXsQi8cTqzOE2PdoTZ9jKTphDJK2SOO1YsxnLk0x/AZtJQL44DmZbl4b563rzN8w=
  14. Yea'yuh! I'll support this as well I'd also think, along with @Arcurus, that nominating the loan in FreiHours at this point could be more stable option? And also would see this project be something to support with the FA funds On what date is the workshop starting?
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