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  1. To make a rough calculation for the mined coin supply it will look something like this: mid next year: 162 000 coins in 2 year: 130 000 coins 3: 106 000 coins 4: 88 000 coins 5 81 000 coins a.s.o. So quite some gross deflation in total.
  2. Additionally i will add the possibility do give the internal bot transactions a message so merchants can link those transactions to a specific sale.
  3. The Solidarbot is planned also to be active on Telegram and Whatsapp. It is planned that you create a user account with the facebook bot and then use the bot to link your Telegram id to the bot in Telegram, so he knows you are using this app also. In that way you do not need to install the messenger on your phone if some other is already installed.
  4. Ok, i found someone from italy that already organized some meetings for freimoney projects in italy and agreed to take care of the homepage. If you have any suggestions feel free to bring them in.
  5. i was thinking of something like this (sort of with a kria).. Kria to the moon!
  6. Of course there is a solution to that, its called: closed source! Just add some stinky unnecessary features that makes it impossible to read the blockchain without your client and you got it... But that was the world before Bitcoin, so i guess no one (well, excepting Roger and Jihan) wants to go back there.. Its not a bug, its THE feature! And yes, you can still run the software from 2009 and refuse to update. But again who wants that? In the end its a consensus that is reached by following the chain with enough marketcap to make it work..
  7. Hi @Mark Friedenbach, thanks for your commitment to the coin. And thanks for bringing up your ideas, i just dont see why we need a further inflation when the foundation is gone.. The foundation was thought to give the coins into market participants, now they are thrown direct on the exchange. For miners it is maybe great short term but inflation on top of demurrage really makes no sense to me and most likely scares of investors. Of course it was planned like this from the beginning but i didnt understood it in the first place ;). But ok lets save this for another thread and let the foundation coins burn as a first step to be continued...
  8. Hi there, @Adilado has already pointed out that a cool website is very useful to promote a coin, so i am looking for someone who can help me to find a good theme and set up the site the Site Solidar.it is under construction atm but i wanna make it look great again ;-). Maybe someone has some idea or links?
  9. @jtimon Ah, sorry for me i now see why its a softfork. The blocks are still accepted if the miners are payed less, so no need to upgrade..
  10. GURLS & GUYS, i have to say: BTC looking very bullish atm IF it breaks ATH the next week we will see an Altcoinparty like never before, fasten your seat-belts and hold your keys tight, its gonne be rough... PURE PUMP!
  11. Shocking 1.2 bln people are living on 2$ a day.. With a SLR price of 30 000$ we could pay everybody on the world 60$ basic income! #double #keepdreaming! http://www.twodollarsaday.com/
  12. Thanks a lot, dont forget the correct wallet ist linked here:
  13. Welcome to the worlds 1st super computer on the blockchain!
  14. But hey @Adilado , if you find someone that does the site i sure will throw some of my on SLR at it ;-)
  15. Somebody should draw a meme with a Kria wearing an astronauts helmet on the way to the moon... ;-)