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  1. The sybil attacks!

    Great news! I am active in the Humaniq telegram group and they are working on the authentication of people via an android/ios app. They will use the front camera to track emotions that you have to perform when asked. With this system it is possible to identify persons without having any additional information. To prevent that somebody use two accounts to receive two basic income. The identification data could be saved and compared when a new account is verified. Although the Humaniq app doesn't support a functionality like that, the technology is not far from roll out. Plus they will have an api for other platforms/merchants to interact. This could be a great leap forward i think.. I will stay on it and report. Rik
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  3. Hi Acurus,

    have you seen that you can earn an unconditional income in Solidar if you join our facebook bot m.me/solidar.winc?

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      e52f9a788sa is your unique account ID you can get your id by sending "account". The id that is returned is needed by others to send you Solidar. If you wanna withdraw you type "withdraw address amount".

      You can also name your own account by sending "myname acurus" f.e. THen others can send you Solidar by typing "@arcurus amount".

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    4. Rik8119
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  8. FAZ, Demurrage and Basic Income

    Maybe because enrich the miners is no social cause?
  9. Solidar Italy project

    @Domenico de Simone i write the user number in Thank you a lot for your work!
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  12. Solidar as voucher.

    § 807 BGB : Legally, the voucher is equated with a document (ownership paper according to § 807 BGB) which grants the voucher owner a claim to a service in the amount quantified on the voucher or a claim to a service. § 195 BGB: Regular limitation period The regular period of limitation is three years. Giveaways can be valid shorter as they are a gift and not bound to the law when it comes to tine validity. There is no entry in the BGB for that. It is rather a rule that has been established in many court decisions.
  13. Solidar as voucher.

    The principle is taken from the chiemgauer e.V. that has also http://www.chiemgauer.info/ checked the legal implications very precise. P.S. The vouchers issues through mining are also give aways, as merge mining doesn't cost any additional energy.
  14. Solidar as voucher.

    Hi everyone, @magius asked me what the legal implication of vouchers are and i found an internetpage that describe the status of Solidar vouchers very well: http://www.it-recht-kanzlei.de/agb-gutscheine-verkauf.html in principle it says: -When an organization issues vouchers there is a difference if they are sold or give aways. -If they are give aways -like Solidar- the issuer can freely define the how long they are valid. -In principle vouchers could be a subsidy for money, like the german wikipedia states in his first sentence: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gutschein -For digital voucher several questions have to be answered: Where can the voucher be redeemed? - as the WINC e.V. is the issuer we will pay 1€ for 1million Solidar to the owner, if he would like to sell it (This is a quite symbolic value to cover the legal aspect). How long can the voucher be redeemed? - The voucher looses 19-20% Each Year which is tracked by the solidar network. Who can redeem the voucher? -Everyone. Is the voucher transferable? -Yes, it is NOT bound to any person. For which products can the voucher be redeemed? -The voucher can be redeemed for EUR. In special cases also for services that the WINC e.V. offers. Can only one voucher per order or can several vouchers be redeemed? -The maximal amount of vouchers are 20 000 000. It can be owned/cashed out by one person. What happens to the remaining credit if the value of the voucher exceeds the value of the purchased goods? - Solidar voucher are using 8 decimal places, so the remaining vouchers can be kept by the owner for later use. As Marc also stated: In the EU these laws can apply to other countries also. I do not see a reason why they can not apply to other countries as well, but if you know some specialties of other countries, feel free to post here. Rik
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