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  1. Hi fedde, i would really like to but first i have to fit the demurrage calculation. And there is something i dont understand. In line 1785 in https://github.com/wincev/bitcoin-abe/blob/b0302d2575a911351c7df96ee7b291f5cc0ea969/Abe/DataStore.py There is the number 174558 shouldnt this be the newest block height? tx['value_in'] = None if value_in is None else int(value_in)*pow((1-1/pow(2,20)),(174558 - block_id))
  2. In the evening, maybe. Ps the windows wallet is not operational because its out of date. I have to compile a new version, but my windows is not booting.
  3. Indeed it is, blocks were read perfectly! The Interface is showing the blocks and i am very happy (although there are other important things on the list this was a pain for me for a long time). I had a 50 SLR bounty for making a working block explorer, if you like to have it please say which address i should send to.. Rik
  4. Hmm now it loads blocks like a charm.. Don't know what you guys did to my code but it seems to work, tomorrow ill be wiser..
  5. I see curves, but none reminds me of female ones??? Problem we could have with the request list is to find a core developer, because that is what we need. As far as i can say @Mark Friedenbach is off the chart. So there is only @jtimon left.
  6. Hi Skaro, at the moment it is just possible to sign in by using the solidar bot at facebook. But my idea was to create a sign up portal where you can sign up with your email. I had around two hundred accounts on it. But most of them were without a Solidar address or even any login. Additionally it was not possible to manage the payout automatically, so i had to use an sendtomany command to send the income and had to control which addresses were new and if they were up to date.. So i decided to switch to the facebook bot. It can check if a user has send a request in a month, so he receives the income for being active. One can send and receive solidar with other bot users off chain (fast and fee free). And you can withdraw your coins via the bot. Everything automated.. I can try to use the ABE explorer but i did it a few times in the past and it always got stuck after some time (my guess is that the merge mining created big blocks when there was a miner using p2pool with 256 coinbase payout addresses each block (only for the parent chain). But hey, lets try ;-).
  7. Though there are no dates to fix the progress i like to announce what is planned/going on and a short explanation also to #Solidar: 1. Port Solidar to Version 14, this will be a hard one, because Merge mining and demurrage has to be ported. 2. @fedde is working hard to implement it into freiexchange.com, thanks a lot for that. Other exchanges are not planned atm as it is very costly to get Solidar on, there is no demurrage implemented and exchanges like to cut support when something is not as expected. DONE: 3. There is no explorer atm and the most convenient way seems to me to use an electrum server to query addresses, because most alternatives don't work for Solidar. 4. I like to advance the facebook messenger on-line wallet to increase merchant compatibility and also to make deposits possible. Additionally i am thinking about an easy to use/ effective (automated with no further interaction) way to prevent multiple accounts. 5. With the porting to V14 there is an easy way to compile windows clients on ubuntu what makes it a whole lot easier for me to compile new wallets for every version. 6. Marketing, make a short describing video. Here a short description what the concept is about: When you just wait with your account (just check balance monthly to get an income) at some point you get as income what the demurrage cost you, so there is a stable redistribution system in place. So, at a certain point there is nothing to win by hoarding. As the higher balanced addresses are stronger degraded than the smaller even the basic income can not save those, so that sooner or later all look the same (excluded the mining addresses). But as capitalism (the concentration of wealth) is an ongoing mechanism there will always be richer peoples that loose money to demurrage, so the monthly income is thought for those that can not save any money. They have to spend it and they profit the most because they get an unconditional income. Demurrage money is meant to be spend for quality food, clothing, technology and social improvements (e.g. donations to open source developments/free music). Those who tend to hoard will not profit but most important dont take away opportunities from other people! Of course the association have to use some funds to finance development marketing and organizations if there are not enough donations, but we try to keep the profile as low as possible and every coin spend will be transparent, so everybody can participate in keeping the costs low. Most likely fedde will include Solidar first but i keep it updated.. Rik
  8. As @kieranf said the Interest is far too low to get something done. If we want to have something new we have to have development but also Test and use. When I add freicoin to coinmi and nobody is using it the interest in developing more complicated stuff is very low on my side (no offence). The interest in cryptocurrencies were high last Bubble in 2014 because the central banks Messed it up and some people could still remember. This time it is just the halvening driver of the Bubble, most people are not interested in changing the system but to Profit from it. To the Argument that the regular people don't Profit: in Solidar there is a free monthly income in $SLR but nobody is using it. People could easily Profit from the coin but the interest is missing. To create interest there need to be development But you cannot devlop everything on your own, so we are stuck. I would suggest that bitcoin price will go up further if the fork in August is successful. But for manny altcoins that were already pumped I guess they will not Profit from it like eth or stratis. It will be interesting what the American government will do about the debt ceiling. There is no political majority for raising it so the long period of pumping fresh money into the market could end crashing stock market by 50 % and as the big winners are far to cautios to put their money into crypto, crypto is likely also to crash if there is no rise to the ceiling in August/September. However for freicoin this could be good as more people will start again to think. Rik
  9. I somehow have the feeling that the whole crypto scene is stuck. Bitcoin price isnt really moving and maybe it is the hot summer/holidays or the fork comming on august 1st or a mix of all. But also freicoin price is not moving. There are only few trades and they are all around the same price. There is not much action in the forum and even less on github. And i am not yet sure if is the free fall or the eye of a storm - i tend to the 2nd..
  10. Atm its: @Skaro, @fedde, @Arcurus and @Bicknellski and me that are actively discussing/improving. There are some others that joining in from time to time but we are the core. Latest Improvements are: 1. A blockexplorer showing the balance with the demurrage substracted -> freicoin.info. 2. A fast, good looking and easy to use exchange -> freiexchange.com. 3. Freicoin Wallet 0.9 tested and working -> https://github.com/eddef/freicoin. 4. The newest p2pool ported to freicoin -> http://alfa.sicanet.net:9638/static/ (Payout and Transaction count is not displaying correct but i will look into it when i have the mood;-). 5. Coinomi multiwallet including freicoin (beta version -should work but i am the only one that tested it atm) -> https://github.com/wincev/coinomi-android I hope i haven't forgotten something!? Rik
  11. Right, i hate to say but maybe it needs another fiat money collapse - that will come for sure - for freicoin to be pushed.
  12. Yepp had some 60k STRAT, sold far too early. And some 440k NXT.. also sold far too early, same with ZEC and ETC. Cant really tell how i feel atm. I guess i am still traumatized by FRC crashing close to zero... The bubble is extremly extended in time, so i guess its not too late to make FRC great again. The exchange is hot right now.. But do you think we should bring FRC on another exchange to attract more investors? Oh and don't be too thoughtful with ETH, it will crash hard..
  13. Just wait..
  14. Ok, they would need something like: https://broker.negociecoins.com.br/api/v3/BTCBRL/ticker a tickerthat gives the current price as json object, can we havethis, @fedde? Rik
  15. As always i am impressed! Just out of interest what would be the charge? Don't want to make up any competition here but i rent VPS at arubacloud for 1 EUR/ Month. To the ideas ;-) : 1. is it possible to show the last trade in the tab, like polo does? 2. is it possible to also show the last trades without logging in? Additional: I would like to have freiexchange on bitcoin checker, to android fast check last trades - i will contact them and ask what they need.. Something that yours already have, that other exchanges are missing is speed, dont trade anything for that please.. ;-)