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  1. MANNA?

    Thank you very much for your reply, i also see the effects you describe but i'm really not sure if adding a basicincome (or QE4people) -like many suggest- can do the trick alone. Because if it does i really could save my time and stop working on Solidar and Freicoin, because Manna and Circles are much more popular. My observation regarding inflation is that most people don't want to argue with their employer about a higher wage only on the basis of inflation (because especially in our fiat money system its hard to measure), so demurrage (stable prices) makes it much much harder for the employer to push wages down without reason and make the discussion fairer. Most people want to work and with a basicincome (+inflation) people will work for less. Im afraid that this inner need could and will be abused and will lead in the end to lower wages and less productivity and therefore higher prices and lower buying power of the ubi. People will than demand a higher ubi what will only cause more inflation and make payed work even less attractive. In my eyes its a downward spiral leading to the opposite what ubi is naturally for. Giving a basic income to those that our money system abuse. I like really to make things as simple as possible but i still believe that ubi alone is not enough to make it work. Do you understand my point about inflation? Rik
  2. MANNA?

    As you can see here: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/turns-out-the-great-inflation-scare-of-2018-didnt-happen-wages-still-not-rising-rapidly-2018-03-09 Inflation does not lead to higher wages. That means the prices rises but wages don't. The incentive to work will be even lower than in our fiat money system. Manna and circles will both create <1% super rich (early adopters) and a very small middle class, that will work for the rich. And the rest will live on basicincome. What will only be sufficient enough to provide the basic needs. The "dirty" and hard work would be done by those that have the intrinsic wish to help but this additional work won't be paid. To me such a system is not fair because those that have no inner need to clean and to repair things will profit from those that have. A society would be created like a big cooperation, where you can be as good as you like but receive no higher wage. Its ok but it still prevent innovation from happening because there is no reward to those that innovate. So Manna and Circles are easy to understand but without demurrage they are not sustainable long term imho. What does anybody else think? Rik.
  3. [FreiExchange] - News and Updates

    Hi everybody, i made a small app where you can check the prices of the different coins. Sourcecode is not online yet. But i will post as soon as possible. Rik FXchecker[1].apk
  4. MANNA?

    Yes, they have a nice concept. But as i mentioned i am not convinced that it is adorable, since they use inflationary money with some of the same problems we have in our modern money system. Inflation still justify interest what will still concentrate money. Though it is a little harder to concentrate money (the decades until the total collapse (like in the 1920s and nowadays) could increase. The problem will stay the same. Inflation will create ever growing prices and makes it impossible to track if a product is costing more than the UBI inflation or not. That alone makes it easy to manipulate and concentrate money within the hands of the few. But hey people understand inflation, they do not understand demurrage, so maybe we need another generation of war and suffering to get from inflation to demurrage.
  5. E-Commerce Marketplace for Solidar

    So, i found a way to add an extra payment gateway to woocommerce. I will track the changes on github, but a first version is also here: http://piratepad.net/jru6hnvaBT
  6. E-Commerce Marketplace for Solidar

    First step is done i added an Solidar price to the product that is also shown at the product page when shopping. Next: - Show the total Solidar price of the complete order ( amount times price /each product) - Show only the Pay with Solidar option before proceed to checkout. - Generate a payment ID with the Solidar bot API. - Check for the Payment before proceeding. Im sure it will get tricky in the details - like how to hold the payment process before proceeding to checkout, but one finds a solution if one really wants it! I hope this also works with multi vendor sites as the hooks may not be the same. Rik
  7. E-Commerce Marketplace for Solidar

    So, basically wordpress has two types of functionalities: actions and filters. To activate an action you can use a hook that is like a specific timepoint. F.e. when loading the dashboard you can use a special hook that comes prior to add something to it. In my case the WooCommerce plugin has a hook that can act as a checkpoint where i can interrupt before the actual payment and make some action (present the Bot payment ID and wait for payment confirmation). How the action needs to be structured and programmed for that is the next question. And how there can be an extra field for the Solidar amount for each product and how they can be added at checkout. First step is done ill inform about the process and put the source code online at github asap. Rik
  8. Coin supply

    Users: 172
  9. E-Commerce Marketplace for Solidar

    Hi, i had a deeper look into the plugin. As i can say it only makes a connection to the shops own bot. This is a cool feature for shops to increase UX but as i see there is no point where it can communicate with the Solidarbot. and because it is only after the sale it can't be used as well. (imho it is much easier to first settle the Solidar payment and then the fiat payment). However maybe the code can be useful in the future..
  10. Solidar bot

    Yes i can, i will look into it and use all things that i can use. But it could take some time.
  11. E-Commerce Marketplace for Solidar

    Hi, i haven't programmed any website plugin until now but i think it is time. Is there anyone here that can point me in the right direction. Is it possible to have a pre processor plugin that first interacts with the Solidar BotNetwork and then roots the remaining payment to whatever plugin follows? I hope in that way it is possible to integrate the split payment as a step before the actual payment what has the advantage that it would not need all the functions of the other payment plugins. Rik
  12. Development update

    Looking into the Freicoin-Qt means that the deamon has to be finished first. I dont see this happen in the near or mid future. But when it comes to the point that it needs to be tested/bugfixed i sure can throw some time at it..
  13. Proof of Stake - Securing the chain

    Thank you for the ideas, i am on integrating merchant accounts into the bot-network and its not my top priority atm. But I think long-term this will be definitely where Solidar is heading..
  14. Coin supply

    @Arcurus The current coin supply is extreme hard to tell (estimation above). you have to calculate the coins that are distributed by the bot minus demurrage (only a few hundred atm) and mined coins. Mined coins is also a bit tricky as the block reward was reduced but demurrage is still calculated on all previous mined coins -i made an estimation above-. You can always check the number of registered users by sending "CountUser" to the bot.
  15. Coin supply