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  1. As i said earlier, this is just a first draft that needs to be adjusted to the newest developments.
  2. PAGE4 Special features WLC: As a difference between the worldleadcurrency source code and that of Bitcoin have 2 properties (github.com): 1. since each credit in the Bitcoin system is directly linked to a can be linked to the previous bank transfer, are Transfers in WLC with a time stamp (refHeight) provided. This time stamp can then be used to calculate how much of the original amount after deduction of the circulation fee is still available. Before each new The fee will be deducted by bank transfer, so that the specified amount is sent. 2. worldleadcurrencies can be achieved through merged mining method mentioned above without further effort of bitcoin calculators secure. Via this procedure it is possible for the operators powerful bitcoin calculator to calculate the currency for free secure. In return, 1% of the money in circulation reserved for the operators. If this procedure is not used it can sometimes lead to delays in transfers. that make it extremely difficult to use the currency. Coupons: At the beginning of Bitcoins, Bitcoins were for many a legal vacuum. However, this circumstance has changed over the last few years. changed further and further by their public gain. In many countries, Bitcoin still has an unclear legal framework. Status. For many countries, Bitcoin is a value investment that can be found in every sale must be taxed. In other states, Bitcoin private Money on which taxes only have to be paid if you have goods in the future. The situation in the European Union is even more ambiguous, since Bitcoins traded in exchange are considered to be investments in Bitcoins in the normal trade as private money (bitcoinblog.de 07.2015). In order to make this difficult for traders, private individuals and banks. the regional currency, for example, was used to counteract this situation. CHIEMGAUER as voucher currency. own vouchers a clear legal framework and can also be used by banks without legal problems are managed as an account (CHIEMGAUERKonto Prien Savings Bank). In addition, merchants can purchase vouchers such as money and only have to accept the sales converted into euros (chiemgauer.info). The association WINC e. V. has therefore taken over the administration of the vouchers. and to use this as a model for the Chiemgauers as a vouchers (wincev.org).
  3. PAGE3 Bitcoin: The basics of bitcoin technology (ECC Ecliptic curve cryptography) have existed since the end of the last century and the security standards used comply with the technology military intelligence (bitcoin.org). The special feature of bitcoin technology is its values via the to authorize the corresponding key. These values are stored in a publicly accessible file (the blockchain) will be saved. and can only be transferred by the owner of the personal key to a any account can be sent. Thus Bitcoin is an independent Internet-bound payment system that is valid worldwide (bitcoin.org). The personal key is therefore to be protected from loss or theft. otherwise access is no longer possible and the bitcoins are irretrievably lost. After installing a wallet (PC, Mac, Android, Linux), the wallet becomes a private keys belonging to the wallet are stored in a file. Here, the terminal device used must be reliably protected against access from (fours, trojans, theft valley) and a copy of the file to an external device in case of damage or loss. to prevent. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  4. PAGE2 Free money: Looking at the amount of means of payment, there are 3 different Concepts conceivable: 1. a stagnating money supply. 2. an increasing money supply. 3. a falling money supply. While a stagnant or a falling money supply often deflationary effects and an increasing money supply inflationary, may also with an increasing money supply deflation and with a stagnating/falling money supply inflation will occur. For the economy can cause both deflation and inflation to be harmful. have an effect. Deflation: Prices are falling, people are waiting with their purchases and the economy can no longer sell goods. The result is an economic crisis (wikipedia.org). Inflation: Prices rise while wages remain the same. The Purchasing power is declining and demand for goods is decreasing. The The result is also an economic crisis (wikipedia.org). The goods in demand are not only about the consumption of goods necessary investments are also postponed. A stable currency is therefore of great importance for a stable economy. Meaning that has no great fluctuations. The risk of excessive fluctuations can be reduced by the concentration of money in the hands of a few can be significantly increased. According to Wenzlaff et al (2014), this concentration is also possible without the so-called compound interest effect. To this potential dangers of the system's inherent redistribution to there are various possibilities which, in total, have a common effect. have taken the assets from the wealthy to the underprivileged. Possibilities are, on the one hand, through laws such as the minimum wage, a basic income or through an increase in the to counteract the redistribution of wealth taxes. All common In a globalised world, measures tend to have a negative impact on investments and the trend is going to continue, also due to the proximity of financially strong lobbying organisations for political decision-making bodies, in the opposite direction. A fair one Taxation can also be applied on a country-specific basis, even in times of crisis. very difficult to implement, as was recently the case with the capital flight in Greece (Spiegel.de 03.2015). An alternative possibility is offered here by Silvio Gesell for the first time. described free money (company 1949). This money is replaced by a time controlled process continuously devalued. This makes it much more difficult to accumulate large amounts of money, and a Tax evasion is not possible, as the tax is paid at any time to the money is bound. Since the tax is applied as a percentage of the available financial assets this is also a fair tax, since the tax burden is always limited to relates to the actual financial assets available. However, it is important that the tax levied is such that the income will benefit all people as evenly as possible.
  5. PAGE1 world lead currency - The social money 09/2015 WINC e. V. www.wincev.orgÜbersicht: The voucher currency Worldleadcurrency (WLC) consists of 3 components that have been successfully used in practice for years. and are becoming increasingly important to the public. These components are: Financial component: Technological component: Legal component: free money bitcoin coupon The vouchers have been developed in such a way that they can be used every 10 minutes. lose value (20% p. a.). This loss in value in the overall system is through monthly payments to the public welfare oriented organizations. WorldLeadCurrency (WLC) cash flow: The maximum number of vouchers available is 20 000 000. These can be divided into 8 decimal places. The smallest unit (eighth decimal place) is called Satoshi. 1% (200 000) of the calculated vouchers are used to secure the Vouchers available. The remaining vouchers are available via recurring monthly donations to participating organizations distributed. For legal reasons the vouchers are covered in Euro (Euro:WLC 1:1 000 000). As with Bitcoins, the traded price can be are many times higher, however, since this is solely due to supply and demand. At the beginning of the payout phase there are 19 800 000 WLC in the Payout pool. The number of vouchers paid out is determined by calculates a key and depends largely on the number of Residents in the area represented by the organization. Calculation key: Number of people represented / Number of people worldwide (8 billion) * WLC in the payout pool Example city (1 million inhabitants): 1 m/8 bn * 19.8 m = 2 475 WLC/month
  6. I'll copy the content from the German one in here soon..
  7. We can get it done but it needs some time. I think it will make sense to grant it only to active users (sign up once a month maybe)..
  8. An extra mining pool would be nice, because mining has stopped once again and then it's easier to maintain.
  9. The payment ID generated needs to be copied and pasted into Facebook messenger, so it is not more complicated that most other payment system. It is usable. The problem with the full node is that the plugin is not yet suited for demurrage as the balance is stored on the website database. And I Coosa get it working atm, so it may needs some adjustments for solidar. Rik
  10. Hi, explorer.solidar.it is the link that forwards to the chain/Solidar explorer. And it worked quite nice. @fedde wants to transfer the server to a virtual machine I guess is best to wait for it and see if it runs after restart. Greetings Rik
  11. Thank you very much @magius for the summary, the prototype is now online in github. I had no time testing it right now and payment ids after payment are not yet visible for merchants but the main functionality should be alright now.
  12. Opening Post/Road-map updated.
  13. First is done, 3 to go. WooCommerce really isn't that complicated, so i think i can do it. - Show the total Solidar price of the complete order ( amount times price /each product) I am still looking into how to easily and safely integrate the payment itself. - Show only the Pay with Solidar option before proceed to checkout. - Generate a payment ID with the Solidar bot API. - Check for the Payment before proceeding. Code is under https://github.com/wincev/solidarpay
  14. 248, close to a quarter thousand ?
  15. 238 users registered now.
  16. Rik8119


    IMHO the question is who decides what to support. I think this could be done best and most transparent by local governments. The idea that lives in my mind is to split the payment 50/50 between UBI for people and "UBI for communities" (Amount of people define the payout amount). This way the acceptance of the currency can be maximized. We are competing with the USD directly, so we need all the support we can get. @Bicknellski, there is a very easy way to reduce energy consumption for mining to a sustainable level: Reduce profitability by splitting mining reward like it was with Freidoin and is still with Solidar. Other things that could be done is POS or a mix. Or some alternative like circles or circarda are trying. Although the most convenient i heard of is the split payment. Problem here: its not decentralized. But there are many ideas - like identifying people decentralized. Although it will took some time for one of these alternatives to prove itself, we will adopt as soon as there is a well-tried solution.
  17. Its been a while since my last post. There are now 225 registered users..
  18. Thank you a lot! The problem with facebook is that you can get very easily banned when you contact someone that has not yet contacted you in the first place. Additionally each person has an individual id that only works with a specific bot. So facebook never sends personal dates within a message, so the bot can only register users that send a message to the bot first. If facebook one day may took up on the idea it may get further connected but till then you have to invite people first.. Rik
  19. I can put a small text as standard to push add to add currency pairs..;-)
  20. What do you mean, make it easier to understand? Less Buttons = simple interface (as far as i understand).
  21. New Version (MANNA, SKR, XCN, HUM included now). Somehow i can't add files anymore, Fedde do you know why? File can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JyPE5b2KnrZ7qHZainBkYV7LkFYUug5w
  22. Rik8119


    Thank you very much for your reply, i also see the effects you describe but i'm really not sure if adding a basicincome (or QE4people) -like many suggest- can do the trick alone. Because if it does i really could save my time and stop working on Solidar and Freicoin, because Manna and Circles are much more popular. My observation regarding inflation is that most people don't want to argue with their employer about a higher wage only on the basis of inflation (because especially in our fiat money system its hard to measure), so demurrage (stable prices) makes it much much harder for the employer to push wages down without reason and make the discussion fairer. Most people want to work and with a basicincome (+inflation) people will work for less. Im afraid that this inner need could and will be abused and will lead in the end to lower wages and less productivity and therefore higher prices and lower buying power of the ubi. People will than demand a higher ubi what will only cause more inflation and make payed work even less attractive. In my eyes its a downward spiral leading to the opposite what ubi is naturally for. Giving a basic income to those that our money system abuse. I like really to make things as simple as possible but i still believe that ubi alone is not enough to make it work. Do you understand my point about inflation? Rik
  23. Rik8119


    As you can see here: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/turns-out-the-great-inflation-scare-of-2018-didnt-happen-wages-still-not-rising-rapidly-2018-03-09 Inflation does not lead to higher wages. That means the prices rises but wages don't. The incentive to work will be even lower than in our fiat money system. Manna and circles will both create <1% super rich (early adopters) and a very small middle class, that will work for the rich. And the rest will live on basicincome. What will only be sufficient enough to provide the basic needs. The "dirty" and hard work would be done by those that have the intrinsic wish to help but this additional work won't be paid. To me such a system is not fair because those that have no inner need to clean and to repair things will profit from those that have. A society would be created like a big cooperation, where you can be as good as you like but receive no higher wage. Its ok but it still prevent innovation from happening because there is no reward to those that innovate. So Manna and Circles are easy to understand but without demurrage they are not sustainable long term imho. What does anybody else think? Rik.
  24. Hi everybody, i made a small app where you can check the prices of the different coins. Sourcecode is not online yet. But i will post as soon as possible. Rik FXchecker[1].apk
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