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  1. When the ecommerce project will be done, I wish to change the website structure. Imho the better structure is the one on Mannabase. A simple menu and all texts on pdfs linked in pages. In that way if some changes we only need to change pdfs. All the Solidar economic definitions has to go on the whitepaper, imho.
  2. I wrote to the developper and he replied me about the coin adapter: As you may already know the RPC adapters have been merged into the Multiadapter Extension. The multiadapter is a much easier way to quickly support bitcoin-like coins. Here's the coin adapter's homepage: https://www.dashed-slug.net/bitcoin-altcoin-wallets-wordpress-plugin/full-node-multi-coin-adapter-extension/ The list information that you'd need to supply are there. The good news is that once you follow the instructions there is no other development that needs to be done. An example on how to create your own solidar adapter
  3. Imho we have to define "active users" better. In Mannabase UBI is given with a not-demurraged currency and so the supply can be accumulated. In Solidar that make not sense due the demurrage. Perhaps is better to define the active users in relation to exchanges done. If they use UBI funds inside the ecommerce, they will receive UBI, if they dont use funds, for example for three months, we stop to send them UBI.
  4. I setup this forum area for information about the Solidar Whitepaper to be written.
  5. We're on the way to test a web wallets system where to receive UBI, as the one on Mannabase, available for registered users of Solidar site (i.e. get.solidar.it)
  6. Actually we have only a Windows desktop wallet https://solidar.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/solidar-v0806-1307.exe It will be good to provide a complete set of wallets as other coins, consisting in: Windows desktop wallet Mac desktop wallet Linux desktop wallet Android mobile wallet Iphone mobile wallet It seems already developped the Freicoin Android mobile wallet https://github.com/FreicoinAlliance/freicoin-wallet What's needed to convert to a Solidar Android mobile wallet?
  7. May we create a Solidar pool on the Solidar site (i.e. pool.solidar.it) ? Is it working also for Solidar the Freicoin pool? https://freicoinpool.com/ Can be used also for Solidar the Freicoin pool code? https://github.com/FreicoinAlliance/p2pool
  8. May we setup a Solidar Blockexplorer on Solidar site (i.e. blockexplorer.solidar.it) ? The Sicanet blockexplorer that is linked on Solidar site seems no more working http://slr.sicanet.net/chain/Solidar
  9. About starting a server with a SOLIDAR FULL NODE, may be could be useful this guide on how to setup a low cost full node for the starting and testing phase of the Marketplace. If all will work, when some funds will come from vendors, it will be possible to upgrade to a more hardening solution.
  10. @Rik8119 I propose to start this project, adopting the third approach, that I repost here: Wordress site with Woocommerce and Solidar Full Node 1) A WordPress Multisite site. We could create a WordPress Multisite site (with subdomains’ based sub-sites) where users can subscribe to create web wallets. https://wordpress.org/ https://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network 2) A WordPress based web wallets’ system. We could create a web wallets’ system based on WordPress, in which users can deposit the cryptocurrency, withdraw, and transfer it to other us
  11. Update: Regarding the second approach, a first attempt was abandoned. The paid cloud wallet hosting account on CoinPayments costs 120.000 USD/year. That's is an unsustainable cost for a starting phase. Also unfortunately the SolidarPay plugin for Woocommerce, based on Telegram bot, is not usable at this stage because the process is not automatic. People have to insert data manually for each transaction
  12. Summary Solidar (SDR) is a demurrage based cryptocurrency with universal basic income (UBI). Solidar is a fork of Freicoin (FRC), which is a fork of Bitcoin (BTC). Some economical and technical explanations are on the Solidar site (https://www.solidar.it). https://github.com/wincev/solidar https://github.com/freicoin/freicoin Goal We wish to spread the Solidar to as much people as possible, so to reach the goal to distribute the universal basic income worldwide. The unversal
  13. magius


    As Rick said, I think that UBI itself is not sufficient to create a fair economic system. Imho there will be a strict relationship between the wealth creation and the wealth redistribution. A relationship between investments, to faciitate economic offer, and UBI, to facilitate economic demand. There will be an issuance of demurraged currency for investments, through loans to ones that wish to start an economic activity that creates wealth, and then an issuance of demurraged currency for UBI to support redistribution of the created wealth. Actually that relationship doesnt exist in the issuanc
  14. could be useful this one? https://wordpress.org/plugins/fb-messenger-bot/
  15. I open this topic for updates about the project. The initial idea discussed between me, @Rik8119 and @fedde was to create a Multivendor Marketplace using an ecommerce platform (the one chosed by Fredrik Bodin was Opencart), in which goods and services' payment will be possible using two currencies both, a fiat currency and solidar. This will be possible implementing a modified split payment plugin. Ordinary split payment plugins give a way to pay with cash and cards both and was used first on offline POS. The modified split payment plugin will give a way to pay some partly in a fiat curre
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