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  1. having an own mining alg sounds good, because in the long run if there are Freicoin specific asics, they would have an incentive to stay helpful to the coin. It could be even a good idea to have both algs running on the same time, therefore we should think about never fully abandon SHA256. Having it asics resistant is no need, i think its good to have ascis mining the coin, otherwise again lot of general purpose mining power can switch to mine the coin and also botnets can mine the coin.... To miner centralisation, i think a mining alg change will not solve that long. Centraliza
  2. the plan was to have something like a decentralized foundation.
  3. as said, it could look confusing what the newest version is, if someone oversees the -
  4. yes i understand the numbering now, just for clarity i would suggest to write: “v0.8.6.0-2” instead of “v0.8.6-2” in this case v0.8.6.1-4 would not look lower if you oversee the - then “v0.8.6.0-2”
  5. ah, in this case better name v0.8.6.0-2 by the way, do you plan to switch to the new bitcoin version?
  6. nice. Maybe it would be good to list by default only outgoing foundation transactions.
  7. Just one question, wasnt the old Freicoin client version 8.6.2 already?
  8. i wish too... still in the long run it would be good to bring also further properties into a freieconomy. Silvio Gesell vision was not just having a demurrage. There was also land property and so on.
  9. yes, i agree, that in an system with price inflation people have to argue for higher salaries to get more or less the same while a stable currency or a demurrage based currency prices may stay more stable, therefore employees don't need to argue to get inflation increase of their salary. To the other part, lower wages must not lead necessarily to less productivity, or higher prices, most likely its the other way round, lower wages would lead to more employment, because less cost and lower prices, because less money too spend (not counting the money inflation itself). What an UBI woul
  10. Hi Mark, thank you for your answer! Just for my understanding. what is the difference between self-organized byzantine fault tolerant consensus algorithms and for example stellars federated Byzantine agreement (FBA)? Another question is, is there a need to have a perfect system from the beginning, or could we start with something good enough to work, and later evolve it further if we have more resources? For me it looks like dashs, stellars and ripples consensus system is good enough working to distribute and transfer tons of money proofing with each day since years now.
  11. Hi Rik, to inflation vs demurrage and the above article. What is currently happening / not happening in the system like wage increases cannot be compared to a system which distributes the newly generated money directly to the people. I'm not so much talking about basic income, im talking about fair access to money. Currently the newly generated fiat money accumulates with few people because it is generated by giving out loans and by directly buying stocks and properties. But simply giving out new loans does not increase the need for new products, because the money go
  12. By the way Bick, we have allready a Manna forum since long time here, the name is just outdated (Manna was formerly Grantcoin)
  13. i guess manna will reach this year already 100.000 people if they manage to scale up to the demand. Only thing i worry about is, that they have a similar problem like we have with with the Freicoin Foundation. Currently their Foundation holds a big part of the available manna (true market cap must be so 100 million already). Also the current manna wallets are on a centralized server. both could be hacked.... Of course with one exchange currently its easy to make the hack undone, but would destroy some trust...
  14. Fedde said he wants to add Manna... I like manna very very much. Currently They are the leading basic income currency. I hope that Fedde will add Manna soon, i think Manna is very promising, except we finally manage to start our basic income project Manna currently has only one exchange, if we add Manna now we could make freiexchange to the most liquid manna exchange! All the good, Martin P.s.: Im in contact with some of them, and they seem to be very nice and welcoming! Disclaimer, im for sure invested currently in Manna
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