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  1. The old one looks too complicated and detailed. You loose the impression at a distant glance. I would drop the 3d and shading on the S. Keep the S in brighter color. Add the new handshake in the background and drop the blue and red swirl around the outer ring. Drop 3d and shadow on the ring too. I would keep the S just a teeny bit more elegant ( like as if it drawn with an ink pen or a quill . It brings movement to it). Use black outline but drop black background. Consider light colours and outline with darker ones. Thank you!
  2. Perhaps we at Freicoin should turn the trend of alt coins asking for ICO and be the first to provide it to new alt coins who are committed to common good and socio economical change. It could be a great way of promoting Freicoin with a big feelgood wave after a long Freicoin hibernation time
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