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  1. Na. Odd or even number 28 mil is many times better 100 mil. Dont set the price down to one satoshi
  2. I agree on alternative 4 as the community choice. I vote YAY for alternative 4.
  3. Adilado


    Yes a website upgrade would be cool but will it be used and accepted
  4. Isnt that option 3? Could mean a big selloff if that happened but im ok with distributing evenly too
  5. Adilado


    Fedde mentioned a Freicoin lottery, what if all demurrage went to the lottery pool instead of to miners, this could be fun for speculators/investors/holders and could raise interest in the coin
  6. I agree that proof of stake would be best, i love proof of stake so i hope dev can reconsider
  7. Sounds good, I have faith in the devs. I think we indeed should keep working and developing.
  8. Definitely dont let the coin die, that would not be fair for anyone. We now have a nice exchange and some volume. Lets work from here. And burn the foundation coins to start with. Then we have been discussing a new website and Fedde says he could help out with that. That is a good start.
  9. > So basically remove the demurrage feature that inspired freicoin in the first place and makes it unique. I strongly oppose this. Yes, I believe that the current system will keep us from growing, it is not a coincidence that we are among the smallest coins out there. And the reason I believe that the 100 mil coins is a bad idea is that i dont want to see Freicoin priced at 1 satoshi, comeon lets make this coin grow with some new thinking, there must be a way that we all can agree.
  10. Of the proposed options i say 1 or 4. The coins should be destroyed, and that it takes time to reach 100 mil is good. To be honest i think 100 mil is too much either way and its not a good number. 28 or close to is much better and closer to Bitcoin. But it has to work for the miners too.
  11. We are now many forum contributors and long time supporters that strongly believe that the foundations coins should not be released into circulation and the miners, if the timeframe is 10-100 years then fine but not in a quick pace as it will just crash the price, we dont need freicoin priced at 1 satoshi and it would not be fair to current holders of Freicoin. What freicoin need is something to support growth of price and to be very attractive to their speculators. My personal opinion is that the foundations coins of 80% should be locked in a blockchain time contract and that demur
  12. Yes, the error was on my end. Quickest withdrawal I have ever seen, five out of five stars
  13. Sounds good BUT this need to be a proper lock on the blockchain. Not just "locked" until moved. So its very good that the demurrage is largely paid by foundation. Now we timelock those funds forever and demurrage gets drawn from there and nowhere else.
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