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  1. @Rik8119 No concrete idea yet. Most people I talk to have a hard time digesting all the different comcepts. Cryptocurrency, universal dividend and demurrage are not part of everyday life! I thought people would be excited about the idea of 'free money', but most people are just schepitical =/. Maybe because they don't really know what to do with SDR. In my opinion we should do some field work to bring the currency to life. I'm not sure of what yet. There are some vage options in the back of my head: Try to sell something online with solidar. Or set a market place where Solidar is accepted. (Duniter has one kinda working: Organize an event to present Solidar to like minded people and see how many are interested in using it. Make a trial with a relatively small comunity (small university camplus, or village) to find out for what people would use Solidar in the real world. The point is to start trying out different ways of using and learning along the way instead of trying to have as many people as possible registred but not ruse how active they will be.
  2. I've been thinking about a small scale real-world trial. Something like an economicaly active but still strugling vilage, or a small university campus that people can find their own use for Solidar. Let's let the tread open and see if someone comes with a good opportunity in the nearby future!
  3. Before someone hit the BAN button, consider this: I was in a meetup about basic income and crypto currencies that follow that path, and we got to a very interesting point. Money has three caracteristics: 1- It is a store of value against time 2- It is a counting system 3- It is a mean of exchange. So, Bitcoin, a bit like gold, is a great store of value (1), but it is poor in the points 2 and 3 (for several reasons, some do not have to do with bitcoin itself but to its acceptance in the market as money). Euros and dollars try to tackle all the three, but side effects that are not so desirable. On top of my mind, inflation takes wealth from the people and transfer it to the monetary issuer. Solidar is by desing a poor store of value. It depreciates itself 20% a year. It is not so much a counting system because 1. there are no prices in Solidar (yet!), and it may be long before we can buy bread at a random corner with a cryptocurrency. BUT it is a great mean of exchange! It is designed to be so, in fact. You get coins for free , and they desapear over time , the insentives are there for you to expend it. So, what if we have a approach on Solidar more as LIKES on facebook or a voting system and less like money. The difference now is that you can give people LIKES (SDRs) not for a post or a comment, but for any thing that they perform that you think it was of value for society. Or as a voting system when you want to ask a population about something, they will only give you SDRs if they think the proposal is worth it. Now it comes the catch. Because we are not treating it as money, people stop wanting to store it (do you know anyone keeping LIKES for himself?!), and would rather use it somehow. The more people use it, the more intrinsic value Solidar will have. Just like LIKES on facebooks, you get infinite of them for free, but companies pay to have people liking their content! The value of the coin then is not backed up by a exchange, but by people using it. Am I crazy?
  4. Thanks @Rik8119 =) I'll try to do so still this week, the latetst during the weekend.
  5. Hey all, I don't have much hash power (it hasn't been really profitable latetly...), but it can be helpful to keep the network stable. I'm not planning on profiting from the mining, but is it desired at first place? However I'm really a newby so I need some help to get things running. For now I use the Minergate pool, where solidar and Freicoin are not included. I recently tried to get the p2pool running, but I had problems seeting the Freicoin wallet and I have no idea of how to set the Solidar wallet. I'm using a Ubunto 16.11 Thanks fedde for the tutorial:
  6. I got stuck here... I tried to install the freicoin wallet, but I didn't manage to get anything running yet... I've instaleed the Qt4 library, but nothing happens when I run freicoin-qt nor freicoind. (running in ubuntu) I don't even know who to install solidar! though I think I have the files already donwloaded. Some help would be welcome! (Skype maybe? victorzuanazzi)
  7. That is bold! I like it
  8. Translation to portuguese: "Hello, i am your Solidar bot, please type \"info\" for more information." "Olá, eu sou o robô da Solidar, escreva \"info\" para mais informações." "info" "info" "For a detailed description, type \"help\" followed by one of the options: -join -account -balance -send -payout -charge, example: \"help join\". For further questions send us an email to:"; "Para mais detalhes, escreva \"ajuda\" seguido de uma das opções: -afiliar -conta -saldo-enviar -sacar -carregar, por exemplo: \"ajuda afiliar\". Para outras dúvidas entre em contato conosco por email" "help join" "ajuda afiliar" "You can join Solidar basic income and send other facebook users Solidar vouchers within facebook messenger."; "Voce pode se afiliar ao Solidar, receber o dividendo universal e enviar cupons Solidar para outras contas do facebook com o facebook mensagens" "help account" "ajuda conta" "Repeats your account number, where other users can send you Solidar to."; "Eu te direi o número da sua conta, com esse número outras pessoas podem te enviar Solidars pelo facebook." "help balance" "ajuda saldo" "You can check your balance. NOTE: The balance reduces a litte every 10 minutes to fund the basic income. $input"; "Confira seu saldo. Seu saldo diminui a cada 10 minutos para financiar o dividendo universal. $input" "help send" "ajuda enviar" "To send Solidar to other registered users you need the users accountID, example: \"send accountID amount\"."; "Para enviar envar Solidars para outros usuários você precisa do número da conta do usuário, por exemplo: \"enviar nroConta quantia\"." "help payout" "ajuda saque" "To send Solidar out of your facebook messenger to a mobile wallet, type: -payout Solidaraddress amount-."; "Para enviar Solidars para contas fora do facebook, escreva: -saque endereçoSolidar quantia-." "help charge") { "ajuda carregar" "To charge your facebook messenger with Solidar vouchers, type: \"charge\".\n You will receive a message with further instructions."; "Para carregar o seu facebook messager com cupons Solidar encreva \"carregar\". \n Você receberá uma mensagem com os próximos passos." "You are not registered, please type \"join\" to open an account."; "Você não esta registrado, escreva \"afiliar" para abrir uma conta." "Your account ID is: $accountID";} "O número da sua conta é: $accountID"; "Nice to have you. You now receive a basic income in Solidar and users can send you Solidar by typing: -send $accountID amount-"; "Muito bom ter você conosco. A partir de agora você recebe dividendo universal em Solidars e outros usuários podem te enviar Solidars escrevendo: -enviar $accoundID quantia-" "You are already a member, your account ID is: $accountID. Please type -info- for more options."; "Você ja é um membro, o número da sua conta é: $accountID. Para mais informação, escreva -info-." "You are not registered, please type \"join\" to join Solidar for facebook messenger."; "Você não esta registrado, escreva \"afiliar" para afiliar-se ao Solidar no facebook." "Your available balance is: $shortBalance Solidar."; "Seu saldo é: $shortBalance Solidar." "send" "enviar" "Please use an account ID to send Solidar. IDs consist of numbers and abcdef. Example: \"send 29098fa3afe65b 2.5\""; "Por favor use um número de conta válido para enviar Solidars. Ele consiste de números e as letras abcedf. Por exemplo: \"enviar 29098fa3afe65b 2.5\"" "Unable to read the amount. Please enter a correct amount. Example: \"send 29098fa3afe65b 2.5\""; "Desculpe, essa quantia não faz sentido. Por favor use o formato correto. por exemplo \"enviar 29098fa3afe65b 2.5\"" "Your account ID $accountID does not match your user ID please contact with your account ID."; "O número da sua conta e eu número de usuario não correspondem. Por favor entre em contanto um humano que pode te ajudar por email com o número da sua conta" "You can not send Solidar to yourself. Please use another account."; Você não pode enviar Solidars para você mesmo, por favor use outra conta." "send $shortAmount Solidar to $recipientAID? Type \"ok\" to send. To discard, create a new transaction ."; "Deseja enviar $shortAmount Solidar para #recipientAID? Escreva \"ok\" para confirmar. Para cancelar faça outra transação." "ok" "ok" "There are no open transactions at the moment, please create a new transaction."; "Não há transações em aberto no momento, por favor faça uma nova transação." "The Pending transaction was send TxID: $message"; "A transação pendente foi enviada TxID: $message" "The pending transaction could not be send, if the error persists, please contact with the MID: \"$rowPending[0]\" and the error: $error."; "Houve um erro com a sua transação, por favor tente novamente. Caso este erro ocorra novamente entre em contanto com lembre de mensionar o MID: \"$rowPending[0]\" e o erro $error." "There is no open transaction, please type \"send (account ID) (amount)\" to create a transaction."; "Não há nenhuma transação em aberto, por favor escreva \"enviar (numero da conta) (quantia)\" para fazer uma transação." "Not enough Solidar, the abailable balance is: $shortBalSen Solidar. Please use send to create another transaction."; "Saldo insuficiente, seu saldo é: $shortBalSen Solidar. Por favor use enviar para fazer outra transação." "The accountID $recipient is not registered. Please check your spelling or contact for questions."; "Esse número de conta não existe, por favor reveja a conta ou contate para mais dúvidas." "You did send $amount Solidar to $rowBooked[1]. Your remaining balance is: $finBalSender." "Você enviou $amount Solidar para $rowBooked[1]. Seu saldo agora é: #finBalSender." "User $accountID send you $amount Solidar. Your available balance is: $finBalReceiver."; "O usuario $accountID te enviou $amount Solidar. Seu novo saldo é: $finBalReceiver." "TxID = $txid. Your remaining balance is: $finBalSender."; "TxID $txid. Seu saldo é $finBalSender." "Our server is offline, please try again later to send it with \"ok\". If the error persists contact us at"; "Infelizmente nossos servidores estão offline, por favor tente novamente mais terde usando \"ok\", se o erro persistir, nos contate:" "Error: \"$error\", the transaction cannot be send, please create a new transaction. If the problem cannot be solved contact us ( with the error and the MID: \"$rowBooked[3]\". $txid"; "Erro: \"$error\" a transação não foi finalizada, por favor faça outra transação. Se o problema persistir, entre em contato (, lembre de mensionar o erro e o MID: \"$rowBooked[3]\". $txid" "That should never happen, please contact if the error persist"; "Isso não deveria acontacer, contate se o erro persistir". "There are no open transactions at the moment, please create a new transaction." "Não há transações em aberto no momento, por favor faça uma nova transação.""payout" "Unable to read the amount. Please enter a correct amount. Example: \"payout Solidaraddress 2.5\""; "Desculpe, essa quantia não faz sentido. Por favor use o formato correto. por exemplo \"sacar endereçoSolidar 2.5\"" "There is still a pending transaction, please send \"ok\" to try to send the transaction first."; "Existe uma transação pendente, por favor envie \"ok\" para enviar a transação primeiro." "payout $amount Solidar to: $address? Type \"ok\" to send. To discard, create a new transaction."; "Sacar $amount Solidar para $address? Escreva "\ok" para enviar. Para cancelar, faça uma nova transação." "deposit" "depósito" "charge is not opperational at the moment, please follow our twitter account WINC_ev for updates."; "carregar ainda não esta operacional, por favor nos siga no twitter WINC_ev para receber as novidades." Hope it helps =)
  9. I am missing some info as well: How is the basic income payd? Is it done every day of a month, or every number of mined blocks? Where can I find info about mining the coins solidar and freicoin? I can dedicate some hashpower to it.
  10. Hellow everyone! I'd just like to present myself to the community. I still quite new to cryptos, but I'm facinated by them. I'm also very interested on universal income. It was a mind blow for me to mix both into one faierer economic system! By chance I got to Solidar with that, and Solidar brought me to Freicoin as well. I hope to learn a lot here and hopefully be of some good use =)