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  1. I just checked the bot in portuguese, it seems to be working great! Well Done @Rik8119!
  2. Ahh, Ok! But that may look a bit not natural. I can suggest the world 'confirma': "There is still a pending transaction, please send \"ok\" to try to send the transaction first."; "Existe uma transação pendente, por favor envie \"confirma\" para enviar a transação primeiro." "payout $amount Solidar to: $address? Type \"ok\" to send. To discard, create a new transaction."; "Sacar $amount Solidar para $address? Escreva "\confirma" para enviar. Para cancelar, faça uma nova transação." "Our server is offline, please try again later to send it with \"ok\"
  3. A post only with the portuguese lines you mean?
  4. @Rik8119 No concrete idea yet. Most people I talk to have a hard time digesting all the different comcepts. Cryptocurrency, universal dividend and demurrage are not part of everyday life! I thought people would be excited about the idea of 'free money', but most people are just schepitical =/. Maybe because they don't really know what to do with SDR. In my opinion we should do some field work to bring the currency to life. I'm not sure of what yet. There are some vage options in the back of my head: Try to sell something online with solidar. Or set a market place where Solidar
  5. I've been thinking about a small scale real-world trial. Something like an economicaly active but still strugling vilage, or a small university campus that people can find their own use for Solidar. Let's let the tread open and see if someone comes with a good opportunity in the nearby future!
  6. Before someone hit the BAN button, consider this: I was in a meetup about basic income and crypto currencies that follow that path, and we got to a very interesting point. Money has three caracteristics: 1- It is a store of value against time 2- It is a counting system 3- It is a mean of exchange. So, Bitcoin, a bit like gold, is a great store of value (1), but it is poor in the points 2 and 3 (for several reasons, some do not have to do with bitcoin itself but to its acceptance in the market as money). Euros and dollars try to tackle all the three, but side effec
  7. Thanks @Rik8119 =) I'll try to do so still this week, the latetst during the weekend.
  8. Hey all, I don't have much hash power (it hasn't been really profitable latetly...), but it can be helpful to keep the network stable. I'm not planning on profiting from the mining, but is it desired at first place? However I'm really a newby so I need some help to get things running. For now I use the Minergate pool, where solidar and Freicoin are not included. I recently tried to get the p2pool running, but I had problems seeting the Freicoin wallet and I have no idea of how to set the Solidar wallet. I'm using a Ubunto 16.11 Thanks fedde for the tutorial:
  9. I got stuck here... I tried to install the freicoin wallet, but I didn't manage to get anything running yet... I've instaleed the Qt4 library, but nothing happens when I run freicoin-qt nor freicoind. (running in ubuntu) I don't even know who to install solidar! though I think I have the files already donwloaded. Some help would be welcome! (Skype maybe? victorzuanazzi)
  10. That is bold! I like it
  11. Translation to portuguese: "Hello, i am your Solidar bot, please type \"info\" for more information." "Olá, eu sou o robô da Solidar, escreva \"info\" para mais informações." "info" "info" "For a detailed description, type \"help\" followed by one of the options: -join -account -balance -send -payout -charge, example: \"help join\". For further questions send us an email to: [email protected]."; "Para mais detalhes, escreva \"ajuda\" seguido de uma das opções: -afiliar -conta -saldo-enviar -sacar -carregar, por exemplo: \"ajuda afiliar\". Para outras dúvidas entre
  12. I am missing some info as well: How is the basic income payd? Is it done every day of a month, or every number of mined blocks? Where can I find info about mining the coins solidar and freicoin? I can dedicate some hashpower to it.
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