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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all Freicoin 0.9 compiled ok on Lubuntu 17.04 with QT5. There was a problem with compile flags (CXX_FLAGS) for the QT wallet, once that was corrected it compiled ok. How are these set in the Makefile when autogen/configure is run? Cheers.
  2. This is quick guide to get started with own p2pool node that you can merge mine Solidar coin with. I mostly use debian, should work on Ubuntu also. Be aware that you might need to run a version 8 of debian. Make sure you have Git installed ( sudo apt-get install git) git clone https://github.com/wincev/p2pool.git p2pool This will put the p2pool code for Freicoin in p2pool directory. Install requirements for running p2pool. sudo apt-get install python-zope.interface python-twisted python-twisted-web Now, grab your coin daemon from freico.in and solidar.it, install them and get them running. Make sure you set the config files. nano .freicoin/freicoin.conf This is minimal config server=1 daemon=1 rpcuser=freicoinrpc rpcpassword=yournastypassword rpcallowip= Similar for the merge mining, create a equal file with another rpcuser and password. Fire up the daemons freicoind -daemon solidard -daemon Let them sync fully, you will not be able to mine before they are fully synced. Then go to the p2pool directory and create a start.sh (nano start.sh) #!/bin/sh /usr/bin/python /home/p2pool/p2pool/run_p2pool.py --net freicoin --give-author 0 freicoinrpc yournastypassword \ --merged http://solidarrpc:[email protected]:55888 Make it executable with chmod 755 start.sh When wallets are synced, you can start the p2pool with merge mining by entering ./start.sh It should now fire up. Point your miners to stratum+tcp://your_ip_of_server:9638 with your freicoin address as username, password can be anything. Whenever a freicoin block is found, it will try and submit it on the solidar wallet also. solidard getinfo To see if you get any solidar coins also into the solidar wallet. (i will clean it up this thread, but this is basicly how it's done)
  3. Item: Anne (red conté on paper 600x450)
  4. Hi Freicoiners, here is a draft for a Freicoin roadmap. As always feel free to give your feedback, Martin Main Goals: - encouraging fair distribution and access to money - encouraging a Frei Economy based on the common good Short term: - Get started with the Freicoin giveaway - having p2p pool work - Having updated Freicoin clients - Restructuring Freiexchange as easy to use wallet (sending coins internally per name or per address) - Moving the Alliance Funds to somebody who wants to take care of it. I would nominate Skaro or Rik.- having updated Freicoin websites Mid term: - having a simple Freicoin web store to sell things - extending the Freicoin giveaway - outlining a clear concept for decentralising the coin issuing and moving towards proof of stake / proof of member - outlining what is to be done with the current Foundation coins - considering a soft fork to issue some part of the demurrage in other ways - considering switching to a Freicoin unique mining ALG Long term: - switch to proof of work / proof of stake combination or implement second masternode layer - implement budget / voting structure Long long term: - implement proof of member (one verified active member one vote) Done: - setting up FreiExchange - Blockexplorer calculating demurrage
  5. Hi All, here are some ideas how we could decentralize the Freicoin Alliance / Freicoin Foundation. Currently the ideas are in a very early draft state, so please feel free to participate: UPDATE: Are more updated suggestion you can find here:
  6. Anyone interested in purchasing Freicoin from me via PayPal (or any other appropriate method), please email me at: [email protected]
  7. There's a new release of the Freicoin client for Linux and Windows, version 0.8.6-2, hosted on the official website: http://freico.in/download/ Note that there was a problem in trying to update the Ubuntu PPA, which I am working to resolve. The recommended solution is to use the gitian-built, statically linked binaries on the website. The new release contains TWO soft-forks. One is a security update to the consensus rules documented in BIP 66 (strict DER signatures). The other is freicoin-specific: truncation of input amounts. This greatly simplifies the code diff between Bitcoin and Freicoin, making the client easier to maintain and hopefully allow us to bring back regular supported releases in a cadence matching Bitcoin Core: Freicoin releases shortly after Bitcoin's. The next release of Freicoin will be based on Bitcoin 0.13.x, and is currently being worked on. Because of the changes in the accounting rules, a 0.13 release will be conditional on successful activation of the input truncation soft-fork. So miners & mining pools, please upgrade!
  8. Just for fun, i have released the freicoinpoker.com script we had some fun some years ago. If anybody want to take it further, please do I am cleaning up on the servers and releasing the things that has been there for a while and not in use. Install help here as usual if needed https://github.com/eddef/freicoinpoker Cheers!
  9. Hi All, to make it more simple what do you think about starting an Freicoingiveaway to get some thinks started? I would suggest to give up to 500.000 Freicoins away, so that the giveaway gets some attention. The giveaway addresses individuals as equal as organisations (projects / enterprises) Everybody can apply through posting in the liquid democracy Adhocracy plattform why he / she is eligible to take part in the giveawy. Everybody is encouraged to comment on applications, as long as the comments stay polite. Applications from verified / known individuals / organizations naturally will have an higher priority. Applications can get follow up grants / giveaways in the future. The more an application fits to the goal of the Freicoin Alliance the more likely an giveaway will be given. The goal is to encourage cooperation, sharing of knowledge and a non harming fair economy. In short: - Encourage an fair economy - Encourage cooperation. - Encourage moving from harming to an non harming economy! - Encourage transparency - Encourage sharing of knowledge - Encourage decentralization - Encourage proagation of Freicoin ... Feel free to add Examples could be: - helping somebody - Installing / testing or programming some free / open source software - growing own food - donating some time or money to charities / common good projects - educate oneself, or help to educate others - help to propagate Freicoin - using Freicoin to buy some thing - verifying their account per video chat / local meeting - donging something, what you never did - encourage decentralization - buy / propagate ecological products - donate to common good projects and organizations - helping the underprivileged ... What do you think? All the good, MArtin
  10. Hi all We released a Faucet today as all other coins has it, why don't we have one too. http://freicoinfaucet.com/ Donation Address : 16fkaCJ7vzsmLywtndbuuMHdGW5Sy6yaiL Cheers! Fedde
  11. Hi Freicoiners, recently it happened that my nice topic about the Freipay Gateway was "spammed" up with how we could encourage the development of the Freicoin infrastructure.(dont't take it personal, it happens as it happens ). So I thought, ok better to make an own topic for that, I think the Freicoin Alliance would be perfect to boost the development so I post this topic here.. Here we go, feel free to post all your ideas about "How we could encourage the development of the Freicoin infrastructure"! To get an idea what projects we want to boost, feel free to post your most wanted projects. In the current state this is meant to be a kind of freistorm, so feel free! Best regards and happy freistorming, Arcurus
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