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  1. Freicoiners, Our school is again interested in getting a microloan in Freicoin so 4 students and 1 teacher can go and get a 3-hour morning program with professional chefs in gourmet chocolate making. Here is the email we received today: We are asking for a loan of 5,000,000 Rupiah so that we can pay for the morning class and get some supplies to start making chocolate bars and pralines that we will sell to pay off the loan. We would like to have another 0% interest loan that we can repay by the 3rd term of school. That would give us the 30 weeks to repay the loan through the sales of our chocolate bars and pralines. A loan of 610,000 FRC at that rate quoted in coinmill.
  2. I certainly enjoyed working with the students on this program.
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    New release: Freicoin v10.4-7842

    Noted with thanks.
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    MANNA? I got some manna did you get some manna. Is Manna on our exchange?
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    There are actually many proposals that were made about how a model for a decentralized distribution network could be created. Here are some thoughts on it. 1. Most everyone owns a cell phone on this planet or could be given one so distribution could be effective if phones were used in distribution. 2. The energy costs of mining / maintaining the blockchain are an environmental problem that needs to be addressed in so far as it is unsustainable based on electrical use particularly with Bitcoin (Freicoin). There needs to be a solution to this fundamental problem. 3. Mechanisms for distribution that limit fraud or abuse must be resolved before any implementation can move forward.
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    [FreiExchange] - News and Updates

    Hard to know what you can do with it. When I used it, it was not intuitive.
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    [FreiExchange] - News and Updates

    Manna coin? Sent it in.
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    [FreiExchange] - News and Updates

    Testing it... needs a few more buttons to make it easier to understand and use.
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    I think demurrage is the best way to fund / distribute UBI because it can be decentralized efficiently unlike other systems that require more effort and planning. I wish FRC did exactly that. Maybe the simple solution would be everyone who has a wallet / uses the coin gets UBI a capped or set UBI based on what is available from demurrage. Of course some has to go for transactions / miners but a UBI for users of the Kria makes sense to me. The 80% the foundation holds should also be a UBI if you ask me. But hey that is complicated now given the tax issues.
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    Freicoin Mining Calculator

    Zexy site! Donate: BTC 16BghZgtoh9hmifLskv1Jtec46abQZ1Kp , FRC 1KQ4z7mRxLPhPAzcZTnUPCPHLC67B8h2Hr Dr. Reza Erfani, P Eng. Dr. Erfani is a professional engineer with 11 years experience in design and management of heavy civil engineering works as well as a specialist in applied statistics. Primarily from his PhD work, Dr. Erfani has expertise in advanced probabilistic modelling: cluster analysis, multivariate statistics, Monte-Carlo simulations, reliability analysis, and extreme value estimation. Dr. Erfani founded Stats-Tec to continue his passion of studying the world through modelling and analytics. He has also contributed to the crypto-currency community and won the Freicoin Alliance Bounty for implementing the demurrage fee in a Freicoin block explorer. With an analytical mind, a strong background in computers and mathematics, and years of professional engineering experience, Dr. Erfani can deliver innovative technical projects on time and on budget. "The beauty of statistics is in elucidating underlying phenomena" Stats-Tec provides services in: blockchain analysis engineering climatolog
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    Development update

    I think this is something that can be an Freicoin Alliance bounty if required.
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    Merry Xmas

    Apy New Yearss.
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    Development update

    Freicoin-Qt going forward Anyone... anyone... BUHLER BUHLER? So is anyone looking at taking on the Frecoin-Qt?
  14. A user on Facebook asked me in the Freicoin page about trading on Facebook. Is it possible?
  15. Is anyone else here in the Freicoin community mining or using Ethereum? If you are it be great if we can work together on testing and using Ethereum personally I want to play with and learn more about Ethereum but use it to help improve FRC. Maybe it would be good to somehow get add on to Ethereum wallet for FRC direct exchange.
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    Getting my Wallet... Will mine.

    Yup Arc that must be the way... but I always love to have the blockchain.
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    Creating Envirocoin

    I like the idea of 1m square being the unit for the Envirocoin. I would ask can the land be valued without looking at each meter and it's use? Is a strip coal mine the same value as a regenerative agriculture? Or 1 m square of the desert versus 1 m square of rainforest? Also if you do not 'own' the land how is the value of the coin tied to that piece of land? I don't see where there is any substantive connection between the environment the land and the coin. It could just as easily be a Mars or Moon coin based. How do you see spending 80% on establishing a better environment for entities that might turn around in 40 years and sell off the logging right to that piece of land? If you do not have any control over land use this seems like a very naive model moving forward.
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    New logos for Solidar

    KRIA!!!!!!!! FOR LIFE!
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    Welcome to Envirocoin

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    FAZ, Demurrage and Basic Income

    Why FAZ when we already have the Freicoin?
  21. Project Idea: We are looking at getting a loan / donations to start a precious plastic workspace run by our older students and supported by a local community near our school. I am posting here to give notice to everyone about our intentions to do this in 2017 / 2018. We will try and release a more detailed plan with stakeholders in the community over the coming months. Workspace: I will start with our high school students to budget out a location (rent) machines (purchase). The idea would be to help start a community recycling center that is run by a local community team with the help of our students and school. Ideally the operation would then be self sufficient and the money generated from upcycled materials would be used to pay off our loans and cover the costs of operation and salary for a few full time people in the community. Products:
  22. We would love to use WNC input on this. I will be taking some time with students probably until March 2018 to plan this out. I'm looking at getting a small box truck to hold all the equipment so this could be a rolling Precious Plastic workspace so we can go to other communities and schools to do recycling.
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    Future of Freicoin

    Gobsmacked. You really buried the lead for the most interesting possible updates. This is most interesting aspect of what you are planning for FRC. If you can help crack that and get FRC in that arena and at the forefront maybe there is hope for wider adoption. Personally when I first came to bitcoin it was a huge liability I saw where those with technical skills, resources, lower power costs would eventually 'control the coin'. Centralized mining in the hands of only a few corporations or organizations and a lot fraud has happened as a direct result of this race to centralization. Everyone has a phone. Everyone. I always hoped to see something where POW mining was on every hand-phone on the planet and it was not a massive warehouse requiring coal fired plants being fired up in Inner Mongolia securing the network. I will be following that thread closely and I hope there is a potential to bring mining back to the small scale really individuals rather than a collective entity with massive resources. I will read up on the link you posted.
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    The end of the foundation

    Okay glad to get some important background on why the foundation needs to go bye bye. Thanks for sharing the road forward I am looking forward to the changes and further discussions as to pegging and moving old chain to new chain idea. I think a grand display of the destruction and the plan moving forward should be posted. Do a live stream ending the foundation coins perhaps?