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  1. Thanks fedde. The main thing left to do is put in the difficulty target check. Freicoin uses a pretty unique algorithm for that. So what I'm doing is trying to find a balance between Calculating the target for/verifying the difficulty of every header, which requires saving every header to a file as soon as it's been verified (so that header can be read from the file in the next header's target calculation)Not calculating difficulty targets.The first option adds the most security at the cost of dramatically increasing resource usage (File read/writes happen for every block header, and the retar
  2. https://github.com/Kefkius/electrum-frc The latest code works; you can send and receive coins. Currently, the displayed balance only adjusts for demurrage on confirmed transactions, but the wallet will still ensure that you actually have the demurrage-adjusted balance you're trying to send before sending a transaction. (e.g. Your balance may show "1 FRC" but you will not be able to send 1 FRC, if you use the shortcut for 'send all balance' (an exclamation point), your demurrage-adjusted balance will be used.) Also, thanks Bicknellski.
  3. Thanks fedde, I'm getting close. Correct me if I'm wrong here: When making a transaction, you have to put in a refheight field. I'm trying to find the serialization format for this refheight field. i.e. Where does it go and how many bytes is it?
  4. Well, the client sends subscriptions to electrum-frc servers saying "these are my addresses, tell me if there are any txs involving them." The client can send txs, like in Bitcoin; if there's something erroneous, like: If demurrage has changed how many coins the client has, and the client tries to send those coins it still thinks that it owns, the transaction will still be transmitted to an electrum-frc server which will use the "sendrawtransaction" RPC command, which will return an error because the tx is invalid. Whether this will be reflected in the client, I'm not sure of ATM. I need to
  5. Thanks a lot for the server! Looks like I missed an import statement. Pulling the latest code should fix that.
  6. I intend to make an electrum fork for FRC. I'll be working on that actively. EDIT: I have a working electrum-frc-server and electrum-frc. It's not quite complete. There are no reliable places that run electrum-frc-server so currently you have to run one on localhost. (Kind of defeats the purpose but hopefully someone with an available server will pop up.) Currently electrum-frc is incomplete in that: 1.) It doesn't know anything about demurrage.2.) It doesn't check the difficulty of headers it's given. (Though honestly, the amount of security that the difficulty check adds is debatable,
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