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  1. What? Is the pump broke? The pit seem flooded. Or is it cooling liquid?
  2. Everyone!!! It's a robot! His name is Bot-Bot and he has been sent down here to preach to mankind that multi-pool sucks and that he will destroy all auto-trader-bots that ruin the day for all of us. He has this insignia on his chest ==> <== I'm sure I've seen it before somewhere....
  3. Prometheus


    Would it be an idea to have a thread or subforum called Website Suggestions or similar? I just had a hard time figuring out a proper thread to suggest making the main navigation into a 'sticky menu' that remains on top of the page as you scroll down. I don't remember if this is an option in IPBoard, but WP has it as an option I think, at least the theme I used. Is there some system of widgets or similar?
  4. At the moment I don't have much of a time horizon established, but by structuring my thoughts a bit I can sketch up the following template of progress based on my ideas and intentions. This is just a sketch, but you get the idea. Level of Formation - This is present. To shape an Abstract for a Conceptual Framework designed to be the Nucleus of Intent of the site which the whole site will rest on for the rest of its existence. At this level no code will be written, save perhaps a mock-up prototype of the site to be used for reference on the next level. Also at this level, an estimate of funding needed must be produced-- Level of Investment - To make a Prospect meant for investors to build capital needed to build the site based on the Nucleus of Intent, Budget and the Prototype produced while on level 1-- Level of Animation - When the investment goal is reached it is time to produce the code for the site itself and notch up to Beta mode. All real coding and design will happen here, based on the requirements and plans produced-- Level of Enlightenment - The Grand Release, the Prometheus serves the flame of the gods and posts a request for "Finding Hercules"-- The greatest mistakes sites like Wikipedia are struggling from today were made in the very foundation and done-never-to-be-undone already long before the site was launched. Funding. With an intent of being non-profit they forgot that running such a site costs quite a bit of sterling from one day to the next. So the first thing that has to be certain even before anything else, is that people who will eventually run this site will have their salaries paid in full, and investors be paid back generously, from earnings produced by the site itself. The site must be self-sustainable. Anyone can fly, it's really simple, just ask Ikaros, there are just some in many cases, extremely important and often expensive things you need to sort out first. Wikipedia is the IRL equivalent to D Adam's 'Hitchhikers Guide', but still, they are unable to pay the rent and vital things like allowing for butter on its workers' bread. Why don't they make a $10 low-enty-level disposable device to feed information-hungry people all over the globe or something? If this site is to rely on charity alone it wouldn't last long I'm afraid (glance back to Wikipedia), people will have to pay for it, and this is where the extremely low threshold of cryptocoins comes to play. I believe people would gladly pay a 100th of a pence to access millions of educational shorts, if they knew it was possible, and wouldn't mind the transactions happening by themselves as long as they could trust the security and simplicity of the system-- IF the product they get in return holds proper standard and meets their needs. And some. So much for now.
  5. Indeed. I like the French word for gold, 'Or' I believe although it's an Indo-European language, is related to the Hebrew word for light אור or "Owr" (compare to Eng. Hour, and Ger. Uhr) and the Sumerian city Urim or Ur (in Babylonian Ur simply means City as far as I can see), where they are credited for having standardised and systemised the same units for time and space we still use today, based on the geometric base-60 system, the square and compass, and what they saw as a direct proportional relationship between the human body and the cosmos (no less), as if to chant the ancient mantra «As above so below». The perimeter of circles and the horizon was divided into 360 degrees, and further into arc minutes and seconds. The proto-calendar for the Sumerian year was divided into twelve months of equal length relating to the lunar month, with intercalary months shot in from time to time to make up for the missing days of the full solar year. And further reflecting the seven astrological "planets" visible to the naked eye-- in a week of seven days named after the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn respectfully. Each day was further divided into 24 hours. In ancient Mesopotamia time meant money, just like today, and the clocks they used were the solar clock, so the link between the Sun and Gold is far from superficial, these guys didn't do anything half-witted. And this whole thing started some 6000 years ago. Things were valued for a given weight in gold and other useless-but-precious metals. Well, copper can be turned into bronze and brass, and silver can be used for mirrors and primitive photography and for cutlery and jewellery.
  6. Hopefully now it's fine, and yes, as soon as I can agree with myself as to exactly what it is this site should be, I will hopefully manage to put together some working prototype to launch at some point in time not too distant. I will have to work out exactly what code is needed and I will have to find a solution as to how to produce this code. Thorough analyses of economic issues and a sound budget and prospect of some kind. Man, I am like a mermaid with a bicycle in all nearly these issues. But yeah, I will have to produce a working prototype sooner rather than later.
  7. Some have actually experienced that as far as I know. And yes, it was earnings from mining that was the issue. Can't remember exactly where I read it. Probably on CoinDesk, my main source of bitcoin news. Another approach was made from the head of the Danish national bank; he compared bitcoins to the glass pearls that were widely used to pay off indigenous Americans during the European takeover of the Americas. The good Dane may have a point, however, if this is the "reality" the lawmakers live in. Lately, things have notched up a step, obviously the lobby has been working hard, with comparison going from glass pearls to gold. Another such, in it self, useless material used for payment. Gold's only real value is its seemingly obvious and truly intrinsic-- but highly artificially defined-- value. It's like with history, of which Napoleon Bonaparte, a grand trader in the field-- once said: «What is history but a fable agreed upon?» Comparing bitcoin to gold is more interesting than glass pearls. Not because of dollar value, remember that gold in itself is nearly useless for just about anything. But gold, like the Rai stones of Palau in Micronesia-- is a limited resource, it must be mined, weighed, and its value cultivated, just like Bitcoin and most other such digital coin payment instruments I normally just refer to as «coins». There is by far agreement on the value and availability of gold, and much the same can be said about most cryptocoins. Well, if it is a commodity there is VAT involved. If it's currency there is not. If it's lottery winnings there are special taxes for that. Thing is there are virtually no laws defining what coins are. They can't even agree on what to call them, digital currency or alternate payment, crypto- or bit-payment; glass pearls anyone? Confusing to say the least, but at the same time it's interesting from a bystander's perspective, witnessing the development, and see what it all ends with in the, hopefully, near future.
  8. I'll do. Haven't been giving this thing much thought lately I'm afraid, but I still think it's a viable idea that I wish to follow up. But with no money and lacking necessary skills and not much time to work on it, well, it takes time. I'll fix the opening post again and try not to leave out anything that is referred to in the the thread. Think I'll just shorten the title and add a sort of abstract at the bottom of the head post. -- Perhaps it would be an idea to make a sticky thread with a 'starting post template' or some basic formatting demands for posting new threads/projects? Sort of a disposition. PS: Reworked the thread opening post, any better?
  9. I have no idea, its a, eh, a thing. It doesn't show up properly on the ultrasound. Stealth perhaps? Anyway, my tummy has been growing and there is a voice inside my head going on about me having to eat more fibre and carbs. That's why my internet went down the other day. Spagetti on the menu. And my car's broke. Turns out I only found one carb in one of all the cars in my street. Mine and most of the others had something called injection. Now what?!?
  10. I'm telling you, it's a fake, a dummy, doll, decoy puppet! Shambles! Look at that instrument on that orange hat, it's the thing they use to make it move. Why didn't anyone notice anything at the meeting? Talking of which, all I remember from the meeting is a flash of light, a probe, and now it turns out I'm pregnant! Blast!
  11. These guys make some really nice hemp products ==> http://www.hempys.com/— the below is from their about page:
  12. I'm not sure, but I believe the 9th one is a dummy! Look closely. It has clothes, obviously in order to hide something.... Outrageous!!!
  13. I am thinking of pick up Tai Chi again in the new year, and hopefully 2015 can bring some natural element that lives and loves-- to get my feet back on solid ground. There is a new chi-gong master in town apparently, and hopefully I can afford it. That's earthing right there. They advertise with yoga and tai chi classes starting January 2015, I can hardly wait to get started. Also I received a new job today, another CD cover. Same record label, and just about the same workload it seems. The manager called just hours after I finished the album that I've been working on over the last couple of days. Plan is to start sketching next week, and that leaves me with a couple of days to finish the paper wallet and a few other things. — Sweet ground, here I come, please, let it be a soft landing this time around
  14. Better hope they never both show up at the same time in the same place then O_o
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