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  1. I vote option 1. I will share what I am thinking: I was never very comfortable with the idea of the foundation, because to me the idea of Bitcoin is using clever mathematics to avoid politics. A foundation picking winners and losers is the definition of politics, and I wasn't comfortable with being in that position. There was some thought to use the foundation coin to come up with a provably fair way to distribute the foundation coins with a "faucet". But in my opinion this would take a level of mathematical innovation on the level of Bitcoin itself, and we are very unlikely to solve this problem if it is even possible. Distributing the coin to miners is provably fair, but this is a political decision to reward the miners. Is there any indiciation that Freicoin needs a higher level of security which we would be buying with rewarding the miners at a higher rate? Anyways, please consider opinion from someone who was involved in the release of this coin but not so much now, I apologize for that.
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