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  1. It looks different compared to the Wallet let me grab a screen shot of the wallet in and out
  2. Apologies but it seems That bounty is stuck in Limbo ( for the moment ) this is due to me having an older version. We will investigate the problem and if need be resend tomorrow. Again apologies Mollycat
  3. Bounty Payment Sent Transaction ID: 80c5ac19c6ea4a9d783db0767b6562e552f37586c741419c8b249c320e9b2710
  4. Forgot how 5 S1's can be:) Oh well at least the spare room will be nice and warm this Christmas
  5. time to fire up the old S1's lets make this 2016 the year of Freicoin
  6. Right Time to get back in the swing of things, I dont have any Bitcoins currently and am very low On Frc, so looking to Buy about $50 worth of frc's via paypal, I'll cover the fee's Who's up for a little trade? (Currently still have the black arrows sitting here doiing nothing 1 Is dead and Blackarrow wont contact even reply to my remails or RMA and the other Is sitting here doing nothing as it costs way to much power wise to run now - Not even been plugged in since losing my hosting at work Hopefully in the new year We may get it back - It still scares the life out of me though as h
  7. Hi Mark, At the moment no - But it may change in July / August i just cant promise at the moment. (I had to turn off the other machines and we are still waiting for the access point to be fitted at work). We are having a new phone systems system fitted at the end of July which means we'll be removing some of our mitel servers which may mean I will have rack space but i cant confirm it yet I cant run the machines at home either as they are VERY power hungry. each unit is 1kw and you get 2 units per machine. They are solid machines - Just way to late to be any use unless you have free pow
  8. Hi guys, I've lost the hosting for machine three for the next few weeks at least. The machines have to go on the guest IP range at work so it's not seen on the main network. and we have now run out of IP address' due to some training going on at work. We've asked corp IT to increase our range but its not high priority at the moment . It wont be forever but Need to check what everyone wants to do about it. I can Offer the units for sale on ebay or i can Just throw them back on once we have the new range or the training dies down and let them plod away (we get free power which is great I wou
  9. yeah its gone - first thing i knew about it was when i stopped getting payments for the joint bought miners that he was hosting...Still no idea whats happening with them or the two black arrow machines maaku was getting sent to his for hosting .....but thats probalby not for this thread...
  10. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows whats happening with freico.in I've not been able to get on it now for a few days. Tried several different locations and proxys but cant access it . just worried if I cant reach it no one can down load the wallet for it (apart form here of course) I posted on the Friecoin forums but not heard anything - anyone else having problems with it. Thanks, Mollycat
  11. Thanks Skirmant - It's looking great Joe replied with: "he should be constantly scanning the network for new nodes and demurrage is applied upon send, but the current balance in your account should be tallyed as you go like it does on the qt client" "he should be using the seednode list that is in the core client that will give a ton of peers versus hardcoded ones" I've let him know he shoudl be able to post no problem on the forum
  12. Hi All, had some questions about the wallet rasied by Joe ( he's unable to post - i'll look into that ) so I said i would post here for him He says it" flooding his freicoin nodes and its making it hard for anyone else to connect." "i don't believe the mobile wallet is relaying the blockchain and only soaking it in, but id need to see the source to be aware if ti is or if its using headers only and merkle trees". "It's also It's giving the total balance before demurrage, so lets say i send 10 coins and wait a day, it still says i have 10 coins" Also do we have the source code?
  13. All submitted Couple of things though - I couldnt find a general Email address for us to use so I Added my own one i can change it later if thats okay - Just so i can keep an eye on the addition and make changes I added us in the same category as the foundation is in ( we fall into several so thought best to keep us in that - again we can change it if need be ) I also set us up a bitcoin address which is : 1MWR3nWHrqJyVnGUnAM6xtXxidtSvjcji8
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