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    Creating Envirocoin

    Every model looks naive in the beginning just like any child is born with a millions of questions. Just because the idea has not yet mentioned the details doesn't mean that it won't. Your questions are all very valuable contribution in the process of shaping the coin and it starts with an open discussion before we get closer to settling agreements. I see the complexity of the initial idea and I love the challenge it poses. You are right: should 1 square metre of desolate land be worth the same as 1 square m of fertile agricultural land or forest. I would say yes, because it is not the entry point that creates the value. It is the outcome. In other words: a certain percentage of an Envirocoin would equal 1 square metre of potential rejuvinated, reforested and preserved wildlife. We could perhaps discuss about a difference of value measured up against the cost of preservation, rejuvenation, regeneration and we could also discuss the whether the cost of 1 square m regreened desert would be the same as 1 square m revived farming land with permaculture methods. When the time is right I plan to contact permaculture farmers and teachers to merge their courses and practices with our agenda of reviving wildlife. The permaculture network is big, with many ideological people who care for the earth. They are also in favour of crypto and decentralization so I see that it is a good match. In regard to the topic of ownership I don't see any problem. It might challenge the conventional mind but any green investor would be perfectly fine with knowing that their contribution causes a good impact for the planet. They will own the coin and just as Arcurus mention 2 layers similar to how steem work I see that we could develop two groups. One group working on the part of the value that works more as a commodity and the other layer/group can work more intensively with trade/exchange and promotion so that the second layer of the coin itself becomes appealing to for exchange and trade. The chapter of controlling land use is yet to unfold but a part if the vision. We would invite qualified land managers, ecologists, permaculturists and other relevant qualified people to live on the land. At this point we will need to establish an environmental group that will work with the legal system to protect the land by law. We would need lawyers and I am even open for a kind of forest or field ranger like they have in Canada. Officials that protect the land. At that time the Nature Wise Foundation (the foundation behind Envirocoin) would be established and hopefully presented and gotten our objectives approved by official environmental entities within the gov. sectors within each countries. It's a big and complex job, depending on a lot if people so feel free to join Mr Bicknelski. There is plenty of room for everyone All the best Great questions Antonio