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  1. The thing about Nano is it does one thing (fast fee-less transactions) and does it well but I don't know what will happen if we keep adding more features. I think that different parts of this UBI/blockchain public funding/negative rent proposal should be done by different blockchains. For example UBI enrollments should be handled by a purpose built identity management blockchain. The negative rent should be done by a real-estate management blockchain. The multiple blockchains could communicate via Polkadot or Aion. I think the nano community would welcome a fork with demurrage but t
  2. Hello, I'm looking at making a new UBI (universal basic income) coin. I was inspired by Mannabase but I want to make something quite a bit more ballsy in that we convince a bank or credit union to handle enrollments as a service to their verified customers. This is because we hope to be ready to integrate into the financial system incase of a Von Mises' crackup-boom. This would stop society from falling apart long enough for us to rationally decide what comes next. We can take a lot of code and tech from existing coins and port it into a UBI. For example I want to make a variation on
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