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Found 1 result

  1. Fabrizio

    Viking Shop!

    For all you savages and earthly ladies out there, I offer you these traditional Viking goods from Land of Giants, the country of thousand lakes; Finland * * * * * * * * * New / 2018 [item] Chillie sauce Fatalii Jigsaw x Carolina Reaper [Description] If ye dont know these strains and expect a nice little kick for ya' cookinn's, dont order these [Comments] Wanna punish ya'sself? Or maybe torture your friend? This schitt be good for that. Either eat this schitt or apply to ya'h ballz. [special Notes] Don't order this unless ye know what ye be doing... Or, if you wish, I can dilute the sauce for ya if ye wish.. request herbs / ingredients to do it with and I'll see what I can do! (currently available local "organic" herbs: dandelion flower, dandelion root, basil, lemon balm, hemp (finola)... ugh... just check herbs grown in Finland and ask me if I have it ;)) * * * * * * * * * Old: [item] Vihta / Vasta [Description] Hand made Birch vihta. Consists of branches from Betula pendula and Betula pubescens species. Made during this past summer, under the instruction of an oldschool viking spirited geezer The leaves are firmly attached to branches, so should be good for couple of sauna sessions for one brute Collected from forests of Etelä-Savo, where nearest "big" city is 35 km away. [Comments] What is a vihta you ask? Well, as already tipped in the description, its something used in sauna Vihta is a collection of dozens of birch branches, with leaves still attached, tied together.. kinda like a collection of flowers This stick bouquet though, is used during sauna sessions to whack yourself all over the body, while shouting PERKELE!!! ... The yelling part is optional though, but proper vikings put their soul into it, hehehe If you dont know what sauna is... you're missing out on some good enjoyment! Educate yourself on wikipedia: Finnish Sauna Using a vihta in sauna can boost your blood circulation and clean your skin. Birch leaves also have beneficial properties and are used in traditional healing and aroma therapy. [special Notes] A little bit of a sales pitch here, but the viking spirited geezer who showed and instructed me how to make these vihtas properly, suffered some health issues and is currently in hospital care. I will dedicate the funds from the sale of these vihtas towards his care If you havent had a sauna session with a vihta, I would really appreciate if you'd try once with one of these ^^ [Quantity available] *ugh*... ? [Min. order] 1 vihta [Price] Half a bottle of spirits, maybe? * * * * * * * * *
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