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As I have learned a lot during hacking down the first mangos prototype and thanks to active testing and great feedback from arcurus, my goal with CO|OPEN - Mangos got a lot clearer. 
See here a first draft of definitions I am suggesting to bring together basic income projects: 

Please don't hesitated with feedback :) 

The main difference:
I am not anymore heading towards creating a new currency, but just basic income pools, sharing a specific set of rules, that define the way a basic income is redistributed or financed. 
So the main goal of the CO | OPEN platform is to define the parameters, of how individuals are being identified and verified as unique persons and enable cooperation on open source projects. CO | OPEN will set for the beginning their own set of rules, (currently i am tending to 10% redistribution per year to each individual) in order to channel competence during the prototyping stage. Once a stable version is reached, we open up for pools with different set of rules. 

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