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  1. MANGOS is changing strategy and now actively seeking for professional team members, that have the skills and competence to create a world wide basic income with cryptocurrencies. Help us with spreading the word: http://coopen.io & http://thechanger.org/jobs/coopen-global-basic-income-co-founder-and-project-maintainer All the best Samuel
  2. WLC, a fork of freicoin, is missing as well: http://winc-ev.org/
  3. As I have learned a lot during hacking down the first mangos prototype and thanks to active testing and great feedback from arcurus, my goal with CO|OPEN - Mangos got a lot clearer. See here a first draft of definitions I am suggesting to bring together basic income projects: https://hackpad.com/Definitions-KthZlp6AJWZ Please don't hesitated with feedback The main difference: I am not anymore heading towards creating a new currency, but just basic income pools, sharing a specific set of rules, that define the way a basic income is redistributed or financed. So the main goal of the CO | O
  4. I have removed the discussion platform Will integrate communication into my prototype directly
  5. CO | OPEN and mangos is missing (www.liv.io)
  6. There is another basic income working group, who is about to implement something with groups: https://ourbasicincome.wordpress.com/2015/06/18/circles-universal-basic-income/
  7. Here is the uCoin equivalent to the topic of WebOfTrust algorithms combing it with Universal Dividend, I suggest you to get engaged in the discussion there: http://forum.ucoin.io/t/web-of-trust-algorithms/13
  8. True words have been spoken I think any kind of distributed web of trust system will need more time to develop, maybe once things are rolling and a bigger base was established the weboftrust algorithms could take over the centralized version.
  9. Because there is always a reason for a transaction. If two people come together to make a deal you will have room/place/project to make that transaction.
  10. Transfer is only via project page
  11. or you start a donation project with helping you get enough mangos to pay for your massage
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