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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Freicoiners, currently we plan to make a Freicoin giveaway thorough using the Alliance Forum infrastructure. To speed up the registration without increasing much the danger of fraudulent accounts the following draft for an universal dividend project is invitation based and designed with three different registration levels. The intention of the first level is, that people can easily join through an invitation so that people can get easily some experience with Freicoin. The verification for the second level is more harder to get and receives the full dividend. The third level is very hard to get. Its use case is mainly to limit abuse of accounts through requiring invitations. This draft also includes the concept of giving interest on Freicoins hold for security. To encourage a fair distribution of Freicoins the maximal interest is limited per person. The intention behind giving interest on Freicoins hold in security is that each person has an incentive to hold some Freicoins and therefore the Freicoins are more evenly distributed among the Freicoiners. Also the interest on the security encourages not just to dump the Freicoins. The security itself encourages to stay honest. Please feel welcome to give your feedback! Arcurus Three factor verification: - Applicant: Level 1: just name and email plus invitation from level 2 or higher - Member: Level 2: SMS verification plus invitation from level 3 or higher - Full Member: Level 3: Video chat, personal meeting or well known in the community Invitations: Level 2: Can make 10 invitations for level 1 accounts Level 3: Can make 10 invitations for level 1 accounts plus can make 1 level 2 invitation for every 1000* Freicoin deposited (100 days universal dividend) To be eligible to receive a universal dividend: - must be active, or must have shown through his actions his eligibility (Life time member) - Must be verified at least at 2 or higher - Level 1 receives 1/10 of the universal dividend Universal dividend: 1* coins per day Level1 10* coins per day Level2 100* coins (100 days of universal dividend level 1) for welcoming Level 1 1000* coins (100 days of universal dividend level 2) for welcoming Level 2 0,1* extra coins for each 100 coins (36,525 % interest p. year) in total max 5* coins per day for level 1 in total max 50* coins per day for level 2 * the exact number depends on how much active level 2 or above accounts are there. Therefore the exact dividend per day for level 2 or higher equals: (available funds / active level 2 or above members) / 2** / 5*** ** 2 because each level 2 can have 10 level 1 account invitations. with level 1 getting 10% of the universal dividend of level 2 *** 5 because 20% is given as direct dividend 80% as interest for the Freicoins hold as security Information required for Level 1: Email, Full Name Must agree to the Freicoin mission statement. Information required for level 2: Level 1 + Birth year, birth city, picture, verification information like telephone number Text field, why he should be eligible for Universal dividend. Text field what he can give for the movement. Information required for Level 3: Same as Level 2
  2. Hi all, here are just some ideas about how an universal dividend / basic income could be distributed with using groups: This idea is in an very early stage! This example is based on the MANGO experiment! In short in the MANGO experiment each user get 1 MANGO per hour. To be fair in the long run MANGOS are decaying with 20% per year. To test it 1 second simulates one min. 1 Month simulates therefor round about 5 years. Group Trust: This example is designed, so that it needs no central authority. Groups need Mangos to be created to limit the creation of groups, give incentives to join groups and to stay honest. - to get the daily mangos one must be member of a Group / Team - each goup can have at max 30 members - per donated 10.000 Mangos (Little bit more then the Mango Income of one year (8640 Mangos) one can create or renew one group - donated mangos are redistibuted to all participants - groups must be renewed every year This would give first usecase to Mangos and test some alternative verification system Second: - if enough groups are there (for example) 10, then groups must themselves be member of a super group (clans) - each super group can have at max 10 groups - per donated 100.000 Mangos (Little bit more then the Mango Income of one 10 years (8640 Mangos) one can create or renew one super group - donated mangos are redistibuted to all participants - super groups must be renewed every year Third: - if enough super groups are there (for example) 10, then supergroups must themselves be member of a super super group (federations) - the rest is same like super groups, but with 10 times of the needed mangos And so on and so on. Optional: To support finance itself, per participant another maximal 24 mangos are generated per day. the group becomes 50% the super group 25% super super groups 12.5% and so on. Groups are required to make their use of funds transparent. Internally groups are free how to mange their members. Externally, all kind of goups can be voted in and out with 2/3 majority. In the begining this could be done with liquid democracy platforms like Adhocracy In short each participant is free to delegate his voting power to another participant or group, or is free to vote himself. per default each participant delegates his voting power to his member group. each group to their super group and so on. All the good, Martin
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