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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Freicoiners, currently we plan to make a Freicoin giveaway thorough using the Alliance Forum infrastructure. To speed up the registration without increasing much the danger of fraudulent accounts the following draft for an universal dividend project is invitation based and designed with three different registration levels. The intention of the first level is, that people can easily join through an invitation so that people can get easily some experience with Freicoin. The verification for the second level is more harder to get and receives the full dividend. The third
  2. Hi all, I'm new here and is interested in UBI as tool to create a new economy with a cryptocurrency like freicoin/grantcoin. I'm quite against the idea of bitcoin or friecoin using a fixed amount of currency and let market decide the value. Especially its very prompt for founders/investor to hog huge % of the currency, or mining to create new coins. Is there possibility to based create based on per person instead? I made the following assumption: -objective is to eliminate poverty and supplement low income to provide basic need (housing, food, water, education, medical) - t
  3. Hi all, here an Link to an project, that tries also give out an Universal Dividend. Maybe we can learn from them or cooperate with them. Main futures are a PGP web ob trust for giving out the universal dividend. And alternative mining. Proof of Work combined with web of trust (proof of human). In short to take part in mining you must take part in the web of trust. Each member has the same chance to find a block. Once you found a block your chance gets smaller. Have fun, Arcurus Universal Dividend Every member regularly receives a Universal Dividend (i.e. monetary Basic Income) co
  4. Hi All, here a first example sign up for for the suggested Basic Income / Word Citizens Project as described here: https://freicoinalliance.com/topic/127-freirepublic-freicoin-alliance-basic-income-world-citizens-dividend-project-suggestion/ To take part you must do the following steps: 1. Sign up: For each basic income circle (group) make a new topic here an post: (a group should have at least 5 members and at maximum 30 members) Group name: Name, birth year, birth country, some sentences about the dream(s) you / the group has. (in case of a group, just add more...) Attach an
  5. Hi all, here are just some ideas about how an universal dividend / basic income could be distributed with using groups: This idea is in an very early stage! This example is based on the MANGO experiment! In short in the MANGO experiment each user get 1 MANGO per hour. To be fair in the long run MANGOS are decaying with 20% per year. To test it 1 second simulates one min. 1 Month simulates therefor round about 5 years. Group Trust: This example is designed, so that it needs no central authority. Groups need Mangos to be created to limit the creation of groups, give incentives to join gro
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