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Bitcoin block 503460?

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Thanks for your reply, @Mark Friedenbach

Sorry, I didn't see that anyone replied and I had put this problem aside for a while because it was annoying.

So, I am trying to use Bitcoin Database Generator. We had rebuilt it with a pull request that was compatible with Segwit. Then it worked but failed parsing after first transaction of blk01133.dat., block 503460. The error is here:

After trying a number of things, I finally decided to delete blk01133.dat and reload and reindex. Now it fails at blk01132.dat, block 503370. I thought maybe I should delete all the blockchain and start again, but that takes a week for my laptop to do. So I gave up. Temporarily. 

Do you see the logic in this error?



(PS could you update your bio on a gentle reminder)

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