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Yes, and thanks a lot, it's not that I am not grateful, and I really wish I could help, but I am basically legally insane in periods, and you can't trust me in things like keeping an ordered schedule, much less have responsibility for a class and kids' education. I am just the worst teacher ever. I honestly think the world is best served without me teaching anything. But I can help you out researching and like I said, I can put together an Illustrator cheat sheet and something, but teaching? Can't teach an old dog new tricks I'm afraid. I've tried teaching and instructing in various settings. And I hated every second of it. Sorry, I'm just not wired for it. But like I said, I'll see what I can cough up. I'll see if I can put together an old-school dedicated Adobe windozer here too. I actually have a box gathering dust here that used to run xp. Wanted to do it for ages. Perhaps I'd buy a disk and an xp-licence one of these days and get cooking. 

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