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[Fabrizio]'s Organing Farming + Mining Co-Op (#0 - OrganicsAlpha))

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@Fabrizio's Organic Farming + Mining Co-Operative
*** *** ***
Freicoin Foundation 'Donations' list ID & enty: ID:33 & http://foundation.freicoin.org/#/donations/detail/33
 - [FreiHemp]s Freicoin Foundation registered wallet address: 1Pw9knpf8YPhQNJUMPerVACamNHU6bh88L
 - Freicoin Foundation donation address for [FreiHemp]: (not yet granted)
Freicoin Alliance entry:
Project website:
*** *** ***

Project Info:
*project done for summer 2016 // possible winter project coming later*

The basic idea is to use the heat generated by ASIC miners to some productive activity; farming for food/base materials in this case, to allow to have saving in the electricity bill.
This project #0 is also serving to be another example of usecase for Freicoin / cryptocurrencies in general by aiming to use community oriented and decentralization aiming tools. I will try to aim to keep this project as "low-entry" to participate as possi

- Growing Setup
TBD for Winter 2016

- Plant Selection
TBD for Winter 2016

- Miner & Share Details:
TBD for Winter 2016

Miners will be pointed to: -TBD for Winter 2016-

Share System in use: FreiDC.com

1. Send FREICOINAMOUNT or BITCOINAMOUNT with to following address(es):
2. Register to: FreiDC ShareSystem (https://www.FreiDC.com) and set your FRC (&BTC?) wallet address to receive the mining income to
3. Leave a message with your FreiDC ShareSystem username and the hash/block explorer address link to the payment on this thread (or forum PM, IRC (Fabrizio @freenode), SILC (Fabrizio @freicoinalliance))
(4. Optional) If you DONT want your name in the participants list on this thread, mention this in PM :)

- Project Participants:

*edit: To be finished :) dont post on this thread yet, lets use the old thread for discussing:


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