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Templates for Local Service Threads

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Please use these guidelines/templates when posting new threads in this forum section:


_Title formatting_
[Country/area] [service] title for your service

Replace the "Country/aread" with:
- The locality your service is available to / at

Replace the "Service" inside the second [ ] with one of the following:
- Guide
- Apartment
- Common

_Content formatting_
Introduction: [short introduction of you and/or your service]

Description: [detailed information of your service]

Requirements: [essential requirements needed before requesting / for participating in your service]

Recommendations: [recommendations to be met before requesting your service]

Availability/Schedule: [dates and times when your service is available]

Sessions: [number of sessions included/available in the service]

Attendees: [min/max amount of attendees for one session]

Price(s): [price for your service]

Special notes: [Exceptions and special notes]

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