Draft: Freicoin 2.0 lesson learned - From people for people! - Layer 2 - Freindoes based Budgeting

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Hello Freicoiners,

here is a now a more detailed early draft of how a decentralised budgeting / coin issuing could look like. This proposal is designed that way, that it can be used as second layer on the current Freicoin chain, similar to a soft fork. This draft does not have the Freicoin community consensus yet, and is therefore considered to be treated as my suggestion only.

This proposal is based on the Freinode proposal. Therefore i please you to read this proposal first:

Layer 2 Part 2 – coin issuing to projects:

Decentralized Freinodes based coin issuing

Introducing projects


- layer two has a list of all frei projects


- projects are voted on similar to voting on Freinodes (10 extra votes for projects)


- each project can have a time limit

- each project can have a total payout limit

- each project can have a max payout limit per week (or other time period)

- each can have a min payout amount

- optional: project can have sub projects, which themselves can have further sub projects


Introducing coin issuing to projects

- each stake transaction can assign up to 2% (In total 20%) of the coins to distribute to a project

Introducing project reputation:

- each stake transaction can vote for two projects (at max 1 for each project)

- each stake transaction can flag (negative vote) one project (at max 1 for each project)

- each stake transaction can undo one positive / negative vote

- a positive vote undoes all negative votes from the same Freinode to the same project

- a negative vote undoes all positive votes from the same Freinode to the same project

- the reputation of a project is positive votes – negative votes counted for the last year

- A projects with a negative reputation cannot receive payouts

- A projects with a reputation less then 10 cannot receive payouts

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