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Wow, we have a Manna (Grantcoin) Community - Forum

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Wow, we have a Manna (Grantcoin) Community - Forum!

So lets write the first post here!

As you know i like very much the idea of a universal dividend and advocated for it even before we started Freicoin. Therefore i happen to support also Manna (Grandcoin) one of the first universal dividend community.

How does it function? 

¨Each year, we (the Manna Foundation) plan to add 3.5% to the Manna already in circulation. This will be given as Basic Income grants to everyone in the world who chooses to participate, growing the money supply in a way that provides equal access to all.¨


  • You will get a bonus of 100% extra Manna(Grantcoin) the first year for each person who signs up with your code. (Example: You persuade 10 people to sign up, and all of them use your code when they get verified. Instead of getting X amount of Manna (Grantcoin) Basic Income your first year in the program, you will get 11 times X.)
  • They will get a bonus of 50% extra Manna (Grantcoin) their first year in the program, just for remembering to use your referral code. We will also give them a code of their own, to give to people that they invite to sign up. (This is not multi-level marketing. You only get a bonus for signups one level down from yourself.)¨

If you want you can use this referral code to sign up and post here that you signed up using this code:


We can then use the coins to fund some projects!

I think it's also good to learn from them in case we want to make you own Freicoin based giveaway! 

See you hand most important have fun!



I forgot the most important, the signup link:


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