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Transactions not confirming

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Hi Freicoin community!

I sent a transaction on 5/21/2018 at block reference Height: 228810  and it still has no confirmations either on wallet or blockexplorer.I have sent a few more since and still no confirmations.I am on block 228818 and am using v0.8.6.0 downloaded from freicoin website.Coins spent have been deducted from balance.

Wallet was always functioning and syncing without any issues however over last few days after it being closed for a while I was 3 days behind with no movement for a day or so until it then confirmed eventually.

Any advise appreciated

Thank you


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Update:I have 1 confirmation (Status: 1/unconfirmed) on old and recent transactions and am on block 228819.Not sure why transactions a few days old have same amount of confirmations (1 confirmation) as the most recent ones but at least something is happening now.Haven't seen this happen before so maybe its something due to the recent fork/update.

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