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I'm looking at making a new UBI (universal basic income) coin. I was inspired by Mannabase but I want to make something quite a bit more ballsy in that we convince a bank or credit union to handle enrollments as a service to their verified customers. This is because we hope to be ready to integrate into the financial system incase of a Von Mises' crackup-boom. This would stop society from falling apart long enough for us to rationally decide what comes next.

We can take a lot of code and tech from existing coins and port it into a UBI. For example I want to make a variation on masternode tech and bonds that encourages people to invest their UBI coins in public services. One of the public services I created can be seen here: http://www.bioeme.com/osticket. There is a very long story behind it but it turns out that mould is a much bigger issue than anyone realises. I hope to be able to fund this public service through blockchain capital raising.

Other tech I want to use includes the demurrage from Friecoin as this would incourage people to spend or invest their UBI income rather than hoard it. I also want to look at other things like making an ATM machine that prints out crypto-notes with a private key that can be revealed by scraching away the protective coating, a printed hologram and other anti-counterfiet measures. This way people without smart-phones or even the techsavvyness of being about to use a digital coin wallet can get physical notes using a crypto smart card or NFC chip. This will also help win people to the technology by making it look more physical.

Another concept I want to introduce is "negative rent".

This is discussed on github pages for the coin as well as the other features of the coin I haven't mentioned yet.


The first coin I forked on github for this purpose was Nano but I have forked a few others including Friecoin.

I am hoping to find people to volunteer to help with this project. I feel that UBI coins will take off soon and there will be many different ones with different approaches. We need to test them to find out what works to finally bring the era of central banking to an end and create a much fairer money system for all.

Please let me know your suggestions.




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The thing about Nano is it does one thing (fast fee-less transactions) and does it well but I don't know what will happen if we keep adding more features. I think that different parts of this UBI/blockchain public funding/negative rent proposal should be done by different blockchains. For example UBI enrollments should be handled by a purpose built identity management blockchain. The negative rent should be done by a real-estate management blockchain. 

The multiple blockchains could communicate via Polkadot or Aion.

I think the nano community would welcome a fork with demurrage but they (and probably half the crypto-sphere) would go absolutely nuts over a Nano UBI fork. If it's possible to implement demurrage  in Nano we should try that first but stay low-key about it for now.

I would be interested in finding out what or how much work would be involved to do something like that.


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