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Referrals Program - Get active users, earn Freicoins

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As some of you maby have noticed, there has been implented a referral system so it's time to make it active.


This system is based on points so i will let people exchange their points into Freicoin. When you have some points and want to cash out, send me a PM with wallet address and i pay out your points in Freicoin  and resets your score to 0.


You will be credited 3 Points if the user does the following task.


- Registers via your referral link

- When user has been active and posted at least 2 posts.


I will manually check the registrations before any payouts are done to prevent spam and bogus users.


Notice: You don't get paid out automaticly, i am doing this manually as quickly as possible so be aware there may be a delay in payouts after you have sendt me a PM with payout wanted.



You will see your last 5 referrals in the forum index. The link shown is the referal link to give out to new users.





Click on "Manage Invitations"

Here you can send invitations out by entering users email, up to 10 a day.



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