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  1. So, regarding releases...should we keep working on 0.9 for the next release and also start working on a 0.15 rebase for the next after that one?
  2. Well, first of all if one chain is planned to be abandoned after some 1wp period, some coins will get lost there. I don't see the point in doing any kind of peg between 2 currencies with different subsidies (money creation) in different chains. The 2:1 up to 50 M also seems pointless. I don't think another chain helps with the foundation problem in any way. Apart from that, I would prefer a hf to elements features or a spin-off (if we really want a new genesis block) than a one way peg. But I guess we can leave that for other threads.
  3. > allow pegs into this sidechain to be doubled in quantity 2:1 so that up to 50M freicoins can be moved from the old chain to the new chain, resulting in 100M on the other side. The new chain would also have its own subsidy so, if all goes well, there is a period of coexistence where both chains are used, until the peg pool is exhausted and the old chain is archived. This sounds, in principle, as a very bad idea to me.
  4. My intention is not to "abandon the coin and let it die" but that doesn't mean maaku, me or any other voluntary should be bullied for using (or not) their time as a voluntary however they want. Please, @Arcurus stop telling other volunteers how they should spend their time. You are free to spend your own time however you want. When things don't happen as fast as you wanted them to happen (or just don't happen at all), don't blame other volunteers for not having done them: blame yourself for not having done more to make them happen. @Bicknellski volunteers that are developers don't have spe
  5. It is to be expected that with a higher reward we just get an increase in hashrate and difficulty, and thus an increase in security (which currently isn't great due to the tiny reward), but not necessarily to miners' profits. This may have a temporary effect on the price, but I don't think it will be greater than with option 3. Option 3 also doubles the utxo size (well, more or less, discounting reused addresses). Again, option 4 (reducing block subsidy and thus the total 100 M supply) is not a hardfork, but a softfork.
  6. > doesn't sound that great to me. its basically Bitcoin with demurrage for eternity to miners what @jtimon suggested. Yes, that was basically freicoin's design from the beginning. The foundation was a later mistake. > i strongly oppose not to look into proof of stake security I did look into pos, and I think it's flawed. But you are free to keep looking into it. > to the soft fork, that could be easy to implement, just add one address where some part of the block reward goes if less than 100K coins are on that and give control of the address to someone who does the
  7. > So what is your vision for the coin moving forward Developers? My priority regarding Freicoin is starting to do rebases much faster and continuously, getting all the new improvements, bugfixes and features. As for new consensus changes features, apart from those included in more modern versions of bitcoin (cltv[bip65], csv[bip68/bip112], segwit[bip141]), it would be nice to get features from https://elementsproject.org/ which now also rebases periodically. Specially I would like to have confidential transactions https://elementsproject.org/elements/confidential-transactions/ and conf
  8. > with the BTC from the ico, you pay the developers to work full-time on FRC and do promotion Which developers are interested in doing that? I'm not interested in beig paid by an ICO and I'm pretty sure maaku doesn't want that either. > Certainly, you know the issues surrounding coming regulation better than most. No, actually, I don't. But I never wanted to be paid from money collected through an "ICO" precisely because I don't know and I don't want to find out the hard way.
  9. Re: ICO: no, as said icos are part of the motivation for destroying the foundation. You make an ico of frc for btc and then what you do with the btc? > a softfork that makes sure that some part of the block reward is used for Freicoin related projects. If we had the technology to do that we wouldn't need to destroy the foundation's coins. But we don't. > that demurrage should be drawn from there only and not from speculators/normal wallets. So basically remove the demurrage feature that inspired freicoin in the first place and makes it unique. I strongly oppose this. &g
  10. Thanks everyone for sharing your views! > Woergl f.e. was the most successful freigeld currency and they used it to pay for social infrastructure. And IMHO it is the only reasonable purpose to redistribute money to the poor. The purpose of freigeld is not to redistribute money to the poor, but rather remove the existence of poverty under the assumption that is caused by chronic interest and cyclic monetary velocity. > option 2 is not fair to investors. I don't see why not. The coins were planned to be put in circulation either way. As "investor" I don't consider it unfair.
  11. When Freicoin was launched, we thought the Freicoin Foundation could be a good way to use "excesive rewards to miners" for good causes and to promote Freicoin adoption. Since then, 3 of the people initially in the foundation have distanced themselves from the project (in part, because of the foundation), we haven't been able to keep up even with the matched donations distribution program, which also hasn't move towards a more decentralized implementation (like republicoin) and no other distribution programs have been implemented. I haven't been maintaining the website properly and
  12. If I was to re-design Freicoin from the beginning I would change some small things, but it wouldn't look like this proposal at all.
  13. I haven't read the whole post but I must say it is unlikely I will ever use, support or contribute in any way to an altcoin based on PoS. I also think that 1 min blocks and moving from demurrage to inflation are bad ideas. Since it seems to be based on different ideas and priorities I ask that please don't call this altcoin freicoin 2 and call it something else instead.
  14. > i like freicoin but I don't see movements. When starts the party? anothers coins with + 3000%. Forget about the price. Freicoin is not about speculation.
  15. I don't have a node now (shame on me, I wasn't able to compile the other day). From what Rik8119 says, it seems that the longest chain is invalid, because the blocks have nVersion=2 > I can only run version x.8.3. There's your problem then, once bip66 was activated, all miners need to validate it and produce nVersion=3 blocks. From what it's in the release notes you need, see https://github.com/freicoin/freicoin/commit/808ee0ecab1e075c0835e74cd85627d3e5b1dd1d
  16. The last sentence of the paper: "We showed that by depending only on resources within the system, proof of stake cannot be used to form a distributed consensus, since it depends on the very history it is trying to form to enforce loss of value." That doesn't mean that proof of stake cannot be useful for other things different from securing the chain (for example, republicoin). About rebasing...it's not just about getting "neat features" from bitcoin upstream. It is also about getting important security and privacy improvements. For circulation, we have demurrage: the donation matching is onl
  17. 1) Yes, having the android wallet in freico.in downloads is probably a good idea. Please someone code the change (should be really simple) for https://github.com/freicoin/freico.in 2) freicoin.org is managed by Roman Mindalev (r000n). Not sure what bitcointalk.org has to do with this... I think this forum is nice for the main point of communication, but it would be nice to use the mailing list for developement and testing. 3) It would be as simple as adding a 0 if it wasn't because we want to apply it retroactively (ie the donations that where matched only with 10% will be completed with th
  18. Hello Rik! We desperately need help with testing. Development and trouble-shooting things are usually discussed on IRC (server: freenode channel: #freicoin ) We don't really use it much, but there's also a mailing list for announcements that I think we could recycle into a dev mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/freicoin We used to use http://freicoin.freeforums.org/technical-f17.htmlfor that, but we prefer to use the freicoin alliance forums now for several reasons. I'm sorry that I cannot be very responsive on the alliance forums, but I now would like to focus on developme
  19. Yes, voting with coins could be a first prototype for a future "republicoin" (even if t's centralized at first) in case we need it in the future. Of course, yes, we should fix https://github.com/maaku/coinmatchto retroactively give a higher percentage than 10% first (which is also much simpler). The voluntary computation subsidy (ala curecoin) should be simpler than a republicoin draft as well. Unfortunately we don't have that many developers around to do all these things and my time has been more focused lately on bitcoin development (which will directly benefit Freicoin as we rebase), sidec
  20. Sounds reasonable to me. I'm not even sure why you think it's not ideal, I think I prefer separated projects so can donors have more freedom to chose. @Bicknellski , the goal of distributing everything in 3 years was ambitious and we admittedly failed at it. Although that doesn't necessarily mean we have to destroy the coins, destroying the remaining foundation coins is always a possibility at any point if we think it's necessary. In fact, miners could do it against the freicoin foundation wishes with a relatively simple softfork (spending from foundation addresses is no longer permitted aft
  21. Bravo Arcurus! The unit of the future is a global index rather than an actual currency. And Freicoin doesn't need to be a good unit of account to be a great medium of exchange and cheap currency in lending terms. We've talked about similar concepts before under names like GRU (Global Reference Unit) or TRU (Trade Reference Unit, inspired in Bernard Lietaer's Terra or Trade Reference Currency). I talked to Thomas Greco (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_H._Greco,_Jr. ) about this and he had the same idea long ago, and tried to convince Lietaer that an index rather than an actual "backed" curr
  22. Thanks, I edited the email and validated the organization. I'm not sure about the description, but you can edit the description if you change your mind.
  23. Just checking here before validating the freicoin alliance to receive donations as nonprofit. Is everything correct? The Bitcoin address is just in case people donate bitcoins to you (by mistake): we would just forward them to the bitcoin address without matching. Name: Freicoin Alliance Website: http://freicoinalliance.com Email: [email protected] Freicoin address: 1EcMiqBNfVi5SfSaCu8GAEwcnz1ArXyoaC Bitcoin address: 1MWR3nWHrqJyVnGUnAM6xtXxidtSvjcji8 Short description: Help the Freicoin Community to create a w
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