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  1. Reviewing information... like the common good idea. Yes Cointopay team is very committed to helping us and Freicoin now that Fed is working closely with them on that gateway. You can now open stores using Freicoin with sicanet and cointopay.
  2. Have you seen the payment gateway set up by Fed? http://www.sicanet.net/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50
  3. http://www.btc38.com/trade_en.html Requested FRC be added in lieu of English translation editing on their site FRC 7/09/14.
  4. I have sent a request to get Poloniex to add Freicoin. This exchange uses a voting system here is current vote list: https://poloniex.com/voting https://poloniex.com/
  5. I have sent an email to get Bittrex to add Freicoin. This exchange is very progressive seems to want to stem overbot usage and culls bad coins frequently from their lists. https://bittrex.com/
  6. I need to understand how a company would even bother with such a system considering so few people hold FRC even fewer mine it. Should our work not be first to build a mining base and to develop more infrastructure (bootstrapping) so the use of the coin is much easier. Given that exchanges and p2pools have difficulty even now just implementing the demurrage and stratum what hope is there if payment gateways developed are not already fully integrated to handle demurrage or continue to have only 1 or 2 pools that dominate the coin. I want projects that have some hope of pushing the coin into
  7. So what would be a good starting point then for your idea Arcurus? 1. We should set a project up here and then get it registered on Freicoin Foundation page. We will need to have a tight clear objective for this though and some timeline to achieve goals. In the past there have been a lot of ideas and little or no follow through on them. Personally willing to invest time and FRC into this project if we have a solid plan and timeline and the team to complete it. As for "donations" going to the project and matching I am not too concerned necessarily with that as we can probably fund everything
  8. Contacted them on August 30th, 2014. Still no response. No voting required. Just put coins up no problem according to posts I read. https://www.palth.net/ Palth Exchange Cryptocurrency Exchange
  9. Like this idea. Do we need to get the Freicoin Alliance set up as a non-profit first? If so please can we do this 'offshore' in some place that is free of US taxation / oversight?
  10. As an Idea initially posted in the Freicoin Community Forums by Arcurus: What would really help to boost Freicoin is if the Alliance would support payments / investments / donations in Freicoin. In the beginning this could look like that: The Freicoin Alliance (or a project to handle this) is registered on the Freicoin web for donation matching. In the beginning instead of directly paying, one pays to this registered project, the project then pays to the payment provider (or shop).After the donation matching (or even before if the project has some reserve Freicoins), the buyer gets the
  11. When helping out exchanges... please refer them to Jorge's github information about demurrage handling. https://github.com/freicoin/freicoin/wiki/How-to-properly-handle-demurrage-in-applications How to properly handle demurrage in applications jtimon Freicoin colored coinsHomeHow to implement a Freicoin exchangeHow to properly handle demurrage in applications
  12. List of Digital Currency Exchanges from Around the World KEY FREICOIN TRADED FREICOIN ALLIANCE HAS ASKED OR WILL ASK THAT FRC BE TRADED FREICOIN NOT TRADED YET Freicoin Added Recently ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FREICOIN TRADED Bitcoin-otc.com – An over-the-counter marketplace for trading with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Freicoin trade at very low volumes. bter.com – Hacked lost 1.75$ Million BTC. Looking to be sold. Cryptsy.com – Our favorite crypto currency excha
  13. [RESERVED NEWS] February 22nd 2015 - BTER is shut down after losing 1.75$ Million USD worth of BTC from a cold wallet. September 2nd 2014 - AskCoin adds Freicoin by vote. Don't forget to get an AskCoin account and get ready to start trading your Kria there. September 3rd 2014 https://www.coins-e.com/ Voting and https://www.palth.net/ Free Registration of Cryptocoins have been contacted.
  14. Situation: We currently have only 3 full time exchanges to convert Freicoin. There are easily manipulated via bots and unscrupulous miners engaged in dump and dump schemes. Vircurex Cryptsy BTER Focus: We need to work on some major exchanges and try to get FRC listed before 2015 as a target. 1. Get Ask Coin to accept FRC. 2. Get BTC-e to accept FRC. 3. Get Kraken to accept FRC. 4. Here is a Complete List of Bitcoin Exchanges so we can target other sites on our own and get FRC spread far and wide. As a group I suggest we work on Ask Coin first as it will be easy enough to get us on
  15. Preamble We are now in a critical juncture of the Kria. One where the coin resides in a limbo world of very few uses and still fewer miners and still fewer hands on the coin. Although value of the coin has dropped to nearly the lowest level ever this community still have strong feelings that this coin has potential. Given the proposal from Mark and Jorge on Freimarkets it would behoove everyone with interests in Freicoin to help fund that crowdsource idea. What we hope to accomplish in the meantime is a "relaunch" or "rebranding" of the coin so that we can ride the wave of discord and bac
  16. fundation Nice... FUN and WORK all rolled into one.
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