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[Freirepublic] - The Freimining Project - Support common good projects (suggestion)

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"The Freimining Project" is an non profit Freicoin Community driven project.

The main goal of the The Freimining Project is to propagate a "Common Good Based Economy" through encouraging cooperation, dezentralisation, sharing of knowledge and supporting an non harming fair economy through Freicoin mining.

In short:

Participants of The Freimining Project can get up to one* extra Freicoin for each Freicoin they mined. The extra Freicoins can be spent for verified common good** / non profit projects on the participants choice

The Freimining Project is agnostic to which kind of pool is used, nevertheless it tries to encourage decentralized open source solutions.  
Verified projects can be found here: Freicoin Foundation Web or Freicoin Alliance specific here: Freicoin Alliance.

The The Freimining Project itself is purely donation based and therefore dependent on your donations. Therefore please consider to donate some Freicoins also to The Freimining Project itself if you want the service The Freimining Project can offer to advance.   

* To guarantee fairness the given out amount per participant / participant Group can be limited.
The exact percentage is dependent on the Freicoin Foundation coin issuing and therefore not in the hand of The Freimining Project .
The only Freimining Project costs that are covered from the coin matching, an therefore can slightly reduce the matching, are: Freicoin Network Transaction Fees and Freicoin demurrage costs. Time and resource costs from The The Freimining Project are not covered and therefore are purely dependent on your donations to the The Freimining Project

* * The goal is to encourage cooperation, sharing of knowledge and a non harming fair economy. Therefore only projects which fit to this ethical rules are supported. 
Current caretaker of this project is Martin(Arcurus).
If you want to join or help this Project or just have some suggestions, please feel free to send a message!
Best regards,

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