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Deception is seems like a good strategy to keep people confused, searching for non-existent patterns in randomness. The problem is that reality is often too complicated for the average person's attention span and life isn't white and black where everything gets fixed by targeting a specific evil entity, party or ideology. Were all apart of the system so the best way to solve these issues is to try repairing our broken societies from the ground up, focusing on the individual, not politics. But that's just my opinion :)

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Oh dear indeed..
Like Skirmant says, deception is an effective way to keep people misguided. It has been a strategy by "the powers that be" for centuries, if not millenniums, and for a good reason; it works.

Divide and conquer, like they say.


So.. the thing that raises the "Oh dear" feeling for me in that clip.. is the portrayal of the media manipulation as a new phenomena. Theres some other manipulative wordings and phrases in it too :/ 

Haha, though, then again its no wonder theres misguiding there when you check the broadcasting company behind the serie... BBC :D

Controlled opposition..

I also kinda agree with Arcurus, but kinda not. Politics can be understood broadly, so I guess it depends how one defines "politics". I'd like to think people can live together without the need for politics, just by agreeing to live by certain rules in that certain area/community where they are located :) 

But then! When you think about what makes these kinds of broad deceptions possible, is indeed the fact that its too complicated and time consuming for common folks to find out "the truth" about something done behind ~closed doors. Blockchain technology is starting to offer solutions to this, which is really exciting! ^^ 

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