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February 24th SOLAR BMS Kickstarter.

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Solar BMS (Solar Battery Management System) is a solar charge controller designed to replace the Lead Acid solar charge controllers most people use today in Offgrid, RV, Boats and multiple other applications with 12V and 24V systems.

Solar BMS can be used with 3 up to 8 Lithium cells (any type) or supercapacitors.

The new SBMS100 will have multiple improvements over the first generation SBMS4080 see further for details. 




Simplified circuit diagram for the SBMS100 with max configuration. 
(Two PV arrays each with 6x 250W PV panels for a total of 3kW of PV panels). 




Support Open Hardware!

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This system will definitely be much more economical now with this SBMS and LiFePo4 batteries. These systems can with batteries can last as long as the solar panels over 10 years and up to 25 years if you use a good SBMS. The engineer building this is really doing a phenomenal job and these are OPEN source units. Something our Freicoin Alliance might want to look into.

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Anyone have experience with on grid system with battery.


Problem with these is that battery is usually a backup. What if it could be runned until battery is empty, then the grid power kicks in and suppment the nightly. This would be great as in a few years the power companies start to install smart power meters. This means the power company can charge you more in certian time periods (they claim it will be cheaper but they would not install it if they would not benefit from it). So let's say from 15.00 - 18.00 they wind up the price as everybody is cooking, it would be good to use battery power then.


Will be a few cycluses on the batteries, as here it would empty daily, so 365 charge/discharge a year. 


But things can be altered alot. In combination with solar panels, i could use water heating from the sun with some larger storage tanks + supplement of heating source to get power even lower.



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 If you email the engineer he will get back to you.



Dacian Todea

Regina, Canada

I'm an Electrical Engineer that worked for a bit more than 6 years for Siemens Automotive in the safety electronics division designing airbag electronic control unit for cars. 
Now I live offgrid in a solar and wind powered house that I built together with my wife. 
The best place to find more about me is my youtube channel. 

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