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Black Arrow machine 3

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Hi guys,

 I've lost the hosting for machine three for the next few weeks at least. The machines have to go on the guest  IP range at work so it's not seen on the main network. and we have now run out of IP address' due to some training going on at work. We've asked corp IT to increase our range but its not high priority at the moment :(.


It wont be forever but Need to check what everyone wants to do about it. I can Offer the units for sale on ebay or i can Just throw them back on once we have the new range or the training dies down and let them plod away (we get free power which is great I would'nt want these noisy, power hingry units at home)



Let me know. I'll be checking the forums or you can email / facebook me direct. I might take a few hours to answer as we have a family member in hospital at the moment. dont worry i will answer :)





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