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'ola Bicknellski :) Hope you've had a nice and beautiful few months :)

Time flies by when you're having fun and busybeeing around. Summer season is making its way slowly here in Finland, so been tied with gardening and some community work, and of course.. following the ever increasing advancements in blockchain tech. Also attending the MOOC 3.0 by University of Nicosia and trying to complete the course ^^ 
(https://mooc.universityofnicosia-online.com || https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyvZmoFtBsYOiXtAj7nVu0w)
We had some setbacks with the local towns FRC adoption.. the only shop&bar in the town wont be opening this year due to health issues of the owners. However, the plan for the farmers market to adopt Bitcoin and Freicoin is still in the plans :) The farmers market will be opening in June.
Also have discussed with number of shops in the nearby small city to start accepting Bitcoin and Freicoin and few of them are very into it and will be testing them out ^^ 

Signed up as a volunteer for one of the biggest outdoor weekend parties here in Finland too, and will be trying to establish some use cases for FRC during the event :)
Some interesting artists and guests there :) Graham Hancock on the participants! ^^
If anyone here would be interested in going there, I can offer to house you for the weekend.

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Hi all,

yea the last month have been very busy :)


Also I didnt get messages From the Forum, so I saw this post very late.


Wound be nice if we could start one of the experiments, like the basic income or the common good ecnomy excepriment.

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