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MANGOS - Suggestion for Universal Dividend Distribution with Web of Trust

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Hi all,
here are just some ideas about how an universal dividend / basic income could be distributed with an web of trust:
This idea is in an very early stage!

This example is based on the MANGO experiment!

In short in the MANGO experiment each user get 1 MANGO per hour.

To be fair in the long run MANGOS are decaying with 20% per year.

To test it 1 second simulates one min. 1 Month simulates therefor round about 10 years.


Web of Trust:


- people can trust each other analog to friend relationships in social networks


- per donated 24 Mangos (DailyIncome) one can create or renew one trust relationship


- donated mangos are redistibuted to all participants (see below for more details)


- trust relationships must be renewed every 5 years


This would give the first usecase to Mangos and test some alternative verification system :)

- Change distribution of mangos and donated mangos according to their trust:


TRUST(x) = NumberofTrustiesOfParticipant(x)

UniversalDividendFactorForParticipant(x) = (TRUST(X)+TRUST(X)) / (AVERAGETRUST + TRUST(X) )


for example:

that means if one participant has as much trust as the average participant has his universal dividend factor is 1

if one participant has zero trust, his universal dividend factor is 0

if one participant has infinite trust, his universal dividend factor is 2, that means even with infinite trust he will get only two times the amount of the universal dividend

if one participant has halve the trust then the average his universal divdend factor is 2/3

if one participant has 1/3 the trust then the average his universal divdend factor is 1/2


in short:

--> the more friends the more trust

--> the more trust the more universal dividend up to double the amount.


TRUST(x) = NumberofTrustiesOfParticipant(x) + NumberOfTrustiesFromTrustiesFromParticipant(x)


This would encourage to have trust relationships which participants that have already a lot of trusties.



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True words have been spoken :) 
I think any kind of distributed web of trust system will need more time to develop, maybe once things are rolling and a bigger base was established the weboftrust algorithms could take over the centralized version. 

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