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Random Sample Voting

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Cool, interesting project that I had not yet come across ^^ Future looks great since there is obviously many folks out there aiming for more open democracy and ways to vote :)
Reading thru the whitepaper, some questions were left open though, similar what seems to be the same bottleneck for other projects; how do you achieve adoption / experimenters / users ;)

Like this part, we've had discussions pondering the same kind of things:
Desirable characteristics of public-sector election mechanics defining what is here called their “quality”
include: (a) high voter turnout, (b) well informed voters, (c) effectiveness of results in shaping
governance, (d) resistance to manipulation through advertising and electioneering, (e) indisputability of
tally, (f) protection against voter corruption or coercion, (g) ensured access to vote casting, (h)
resistance to voter fraud, (i) decisiveness, and (j) low cost."
Freicoin currently lacks in monkey-wrenchingly bad in some of the bolded areas, and the whitepaper doesnt really offer a solution how to ensure these 'Desirable characteristics' ;)

So, a project to follow in the longterm for sure and maybe they can offer an alternative to something like DASH or IPFS.. or maybe FreiMarkets ;D.. but before there is easy-enough and well explained.. instructions/explainers/guides, I'm more into concentrating on these few short-term achieveable projects with FA :)
(haha though, you proved me wrong with the Blab.im platform.. so if you end up tinkering with it and see it useful, gimme a holla and I'll make time for playing :))

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