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Draft: Introducing Extended blocks - How the block size could be increased though using a soft fork similar to segwit

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Hi all,

here is a draft, how the current blocksize could be increased though using a soft fork similar to segwit. Please outline my errors if you find some.

All the good,



Introducing extended blocks:

- like with segwit an extended block is used to have extra space

- these extended block is referenced from the normal block

- transactions can be either stored in normal block or the extended block

- the old block plus the extended block is not allowed to be bigger then the new extended block size

- so called extended transactions that can be stored in the extended block, must mark their output to be spent by all according to the logic of the old nodes

- enforced through a soft fork only transactions are allowed to be placed in the normal block that are not conflicting transactions in the extended block

- once activated updated nodes will not propagate conflicting blocks and transactions


With this in place old nodes would only process transactions up to the 1 MB block limit. Updated nodes could use the extended block on top of that to process extended transactions. If the fee is high enough, extended transactions can also be included in the normal block.



- the output of transactions once included in the extended block could only be spent again though using the extended block. With time this will naturally dry out the normal block (if not manifested, see below)

- since transactions in the extended block can be spent by all according to the old nodes, a so called manifestation transaction could be used if needed to manifest what was happening in the extended block

- to be valid according to the old nodes these manifestation transactions would naturally need to include at least the initial transactions, which marks the output to be spent by all according to the old block logic


Introducing a Multi tier block chain:

The same way as outlined in Extended Blocks we could use a multi tier block chain architecture.


More to that you can find here:


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