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The sybil attacks!

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Here i want to summarize the best ideas to prevent the cheating of individuals by creating multiple accounts for a basic income. The last true frontier if one want to keep identities anonymous.

I found Vitaliks ideas here:


Short: tokens giveaway at random separated chat parties held at the same time for everybody that wants to participate..

I know that grantcoin also has some mechanism but this is for another time.


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Great news! I am active in the Humaniq telegram group and they are working on the authentication of people via an android/ios app. They will use the front camera to track emotions that you have to perform when asked. With this system it is possible to identify persons without having any additional information.

To prevent that somebody use two accounts to receive two basic income. The identification data could be saved and compared when a new account is verified.

Although the Humaniq app doesn't support a functionality like that, the technology is not far from roll out. Plus they will have an api for other platforms/merchants to interact.

This could be a great leap forward i think.. I will stay on it and report.


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Hi Rik, I would use a system of verificators.

For example coin holders elect through donating coins some sentries.

These sentries can assign or unassign caretakers (verificators).

To be verified one need two verifications from two caretakers (verificators). (4 eye Principe)

The verification could be done in person / on verification parties, or through video chat.

The process of verification could also be used to introduce the newcomers to solidar.

After 5 years the verification must be redone (for this time period it is also paid to dead people).


Each verified participant, can invite up to 10 further participants that receive 1 / 10 Of the Universal dividend.


On top of that there could be some bounties to find double accounts. The caretakers would then have to pay the bounty if a double account is found which they verified.

Each caretaker could get one 1 / 10 of a UD for each verified person for one year and pay one year worth UD if he verified a double account (this UD must be hold in security).

If the number of double accounts is high / low the bounty could increase / decrease.


With this in place you have an decentralized and economic system to limit double accounts.

Have fun,


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