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Freicoin Mining Calculator

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So I got a website on crypto currencies that has 3 pages dedicated to Freicoin. Or maybe its a Freicoin website with a couple extra other  pages. It's my first foray in website programming, so its could use some improvements over time. it features:

1) News feed

2) Cryto-currency interactive statistics

3) Multicoin coin trade optimizer

4) a Freicoin mining calculator

5) grouping of Freicoin public keys

6) Summary of Freicoin Foundation transactions

Currently, the Freicoin database is not updated automatically, but with MYSQL dumps. The website is here:



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Zexy site! 


Donate: BTC 16BghZgtoh9hmifLskv1Jtec46abQZ1Kp , FRC 1KQ4z7mRxLPhPAzcZTnUPCPHLC67B8h2Hr

Dr. Reza Erfani, P Eng.

Dr. Erfani is a professional engineer with 11 years experience in design and management of heavy civil engineering works as well as a specialist in applied statistics. Primarily from his PhD work, Dr. Erfani has  expertise in advanced probabilistic modelling: cluster analysis, multivariate statistics, Monte-Carlo simulations, reliability analysis, and extreme value estimation.

Dr. Erfani founded Stats-Tec to continue his passion of studying the world through modelling and analytics. He has also contributed to the crypto-currency community and won the Freicoin Alliance Bounty for implementing the demurrage fee in a Freicoin block explorer. With an analytical mind, a strong background in computers and mathematics, and years of professional engineering experience, Dr. Erfani can deliver innovative technical projects on time and on budget.

"The beauty of statistics is in elucidating underlying phenomena"

Stats-Tec provides services in:

  • blockchain analysis
  • engineering
  • climatolog
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