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    Hi All How should we deal with that another coin has taken the FRC shortcode? https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1764555.0 It's a premined coin, launced in january 2017. Only listed at cryptopia exchange and is currently making alot of graphs and stats that belong to Freicoin to been taken over by this coin due to the same shortcode. When looking trough their thread on bitcointalk, the coin is dead, probarly due to developer has gotten his cash out from the premine. Looking at the graphs at cryptopia, it's been preatty dead there too for a while. A good example on how they make use of freicoin's history of exchanges : https://cryptocoincharts.info/coins/show/frc Even this after i spoke with people on cryptocoincharts.info about updating with freiexchange/coinmarketcap data so that data is correct, but they favor a scam coin over a established old coin. @Mark Friedenbach
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    A post only with the portuguese lines you mean?